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Added: Saturday, September 7th 2019 at 8:08pm by Oakie2012

Kholat is a new highly atmospheric video game inspired by the tragic story of nine Russian students who died mysteriously in 1959 in the Ural Mountains, at Dyatlov Pass.

Explanations of what happened to the young adults range from natural causes to avalanches, to being attacked by the Russian Yeti. In the 1970s the official Soviet files on the case were made available to the public. Despite the sensationalism of many of the theories, by far the most plausable, and extensive, is illustrated in the video below. (Warning, the video contains images of the deceased students).

The video above is factually accurate, apart from one detail. It states that all nine students had suffered extreme internal injuries. This is not true. Two died in that way, one died from a fractured skull and the other six died from hypothermia.



Laylout of the tragic scene


Whilst the above explanation makes a lot of sense, seemingly tying everything together very neatly, I have one major problem with it.

Something awoke them in the middle of the night, they quickly evacuated the tent, then,leaving clothing, boots, sleeping bags behind, they headed for the woods knowing that they were taking a terrible risk. Whilst four of them were alledgedly drunk, five of them were not, and I find it highly infeasible that they would not attempt to cover the tent and stove with surrounding snow that would cool everything down and put out any potential flames. There were nine of them. They could have done this rather quickly, then retrieved life saving clothing from the tent. Instead, they abandoned it all. Why?

I think the makers of the video game are probably on the right track. Previews of it indicate a military element to what happened. 

Here's a quote from Wiki (what would we do without it?)

Lev Ivanov's boss, Evgeny Okishev (Deputy Head of the Investigative Department of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Prosecution Office), was still alive in 2015 and had given an interview to former Kemerovo prosecutor Leonid Proshkin in which Okishev stated that he was arranging another trip to the Pass to fully investigate the strange deaths of the last four bodies when Deputy Prosecutor General Urakov arrived from Moscow and ordered the case shut down.

Evgeny Okishev also stated in his interview with Leonid Proshkin that Klinov, head of the Sverdlovsk Prosecutor's Office, was present at the first post mortems in the morgue and spent three days there, something Okishev regarded as highly unusual and the only time, in his experience, it had happened

 Two unusual official responses to the incident. 

And what of the mysterious lights in the sky on the night of the incident? According to Wiki, it has been officially acknowledged that there were military activities occuring in that approximate area on the night the students died. 

They were using parachute mines, which explode in the air causing fatal internal injuries to ground troops below. Were the lights burning remnants of such mines? There were several independant witnesses to those lights.

It is not likely that the two hikers who had internal injuries sustained them from the effects of such mines. Two others were in the same area and would also have been affected in that way. But what if such weaponry began to explode near enough to the party to wake them and cause them real panic?

Perhaps, not knowing what was happening, and fearing for the lives. They left the tent and headed for the shelter of the woods. Maybe the snow was icey, making it hard to run, maybe the zip jammed on the tent and they had to cut their way out. Zips tend to jam most when hastily misused. Or the stove may have been rigged up in such a way that it obscured their quick exit.

With loud bangs all around them, bright lights and with them in a drousy state, they simply left their vital equipment as they needed to get away straight away. This would explain why three of the party attempted to return to the tent later when such explosions may have ceased.

Every photo in the team's cameras was clear and of members of the group. Apart from the very last one. That strange bright blurred image on a dark background.

Earlier this year the Russian police re-opened the case. They stated that they believed that the Russian government had nothing to do with the deaths and that it was believed by investigators (who had yet to investigate) that the tragedy had been caused by natural phenomenom. An avalance, or a storm. Relatives of the students have made it very clear that they are unhappy with previous official lines.  And it sounds like the police have already made up their minds about what happened.


In tribute to the students, who were aged between 20 and 24, the pass was named after the group's leader, Igor Dyatlov. 

User Comments

After all this time, I doubt we will ever know the full truth.  

Hey, they found DNA of one of the suspects in the Jack the Ripper case on the shawl of one of the victims not so long ago. After 120 years. 

I think both the fire explanation and the military explanation to this case are plausible.

The key to the mystery is why they speedily cut their way out of the tent.  They really seemed to want to get out of that tent fast, yet didn't seem to be in a hurry after that as their footprints suggested they calmly walked away after.

The vid mentions the stove going wrong and forcing them out.  Or a snow avalanche could have trapped them in.  

Then the elements took them.

I acknowledge your bannary assessment.

The video was excellent work from its author. 

But why did they go against all reason by leaving the very equipment that would keep them alive? 

As usual Pokes, you lend a fighting theory to anything.

But once out of the tent, if there was a fire, they were SAFE. At that point it was worth pawing into the tent to recruit life saving clothing and equipment.

They didn't do that.

Instead they risked certain death to leave the area. 

Three of them seemed to try and make it back to te tent, but died on the way.  It was dark, there was a storm and it was -40c.  I think they just got lost and froze to death.  

There's always a small chance something nefarious happened, a military thing.  But we can't figure that out as we have no evidence other than wild theories.

If you like mysteries, you may like to read about the Yuba County 5.  Pretty mysterious stuff there, too.

Yuba County 5? Is that by Enid Blyton?

I'll have a squizz.

Alrighty! Looks like someone maybe forced them up the mountain road, the car got stuck and everyone left the vehicle. The lads then pressed on up the road and four of them met their various recorded deaths over time. Mathias completely disappeard. 

Why did the four die? They were incapable dudes who couldn't cope with the situation they found themselves in. Mathias was not incapable due to his army training so her survived longer. 

Without his medication he would have become profoundly paranoid very quickly and may well have lost control of himself. In such a state he would attract attention and the police would have arrived and arrested him.

The fact that this didn't happen makes me think that he died not long after leaving his deceased friends. How? Some sort of accident, suicide, or he picked a fight with wrong dude and is dead and buried.

He might even be at the bottom of the ocean.

He's dead for sure. Suicide is a real possibility. His four friends had died.

Without his meds he would have stuck out like a saw thumb.

Yeah, Mathias probably went a bit mental, the other four, being slow types, were whipped up into a frenzy and panicked when they got lost.  Two split up and died int he cold woods, the other three went to the trailer park.  Mathias and the other guy left to get help and died of hypothermia like the earlier two.

The saddest case is the one who stayed in the trailer park.  Apparently he was there for 13 weeks and slowly starved to death as he didn't want to take the food because he was worried about stealing.

A group of 5 normal folk would have survived that night quite easily.

He was the one who laid in his bed at home with his ceiling on fire. They all stayed at home because four of them were probably incapable of living by themselves. 

I checked out the map. 8 miles further up the road that the car was on and where the trailer and bodies were found is Bucks Lake. Its the only area of water within reasonable walking distance. I reckon Mathias used something to wheigh himself down and went in. Had he died on land his body/bones would have eventually been found. Or his clothing, a watch, something. It seems unlikely someone with his medical condition could have comfortably restarted his life elsewhere. 

The mention by a witness of a woman with a baby and a group of people near the car the night could explain why they went so far off route. Maybe they were doing a good deed by helping her and they got lost. Then the car got stuck. They could have pushed it free but gave up rather easily, having spun the wheels a few times. The car was cold. They left to find shelter. The was shelter that they had passed not far south. Yet they headed north. Maybe that shelter didn't suit them at the time. 

Mathias is likely to have (weeks later) continued up the road rather than back to civilisation, otherwise we'd know what happened to him. He was probably thinking suicidally and came across Bucks Lake.

At that time of year its unlikely that modern snow sports would have seen the area particularly populated. He probably looked for a discreet spot. The Oraville/Quincy road (where the car and bodies were located on or near to) ran him right by the lake.

Image result for bucks lake plumas


Hey, they ought to Dylatov the Bucks Lake area and call that part of the National Park Death Mountain as the Mansi called Kholat. 

Seems, for a remote place, it has a lot of death attatched to it.

1 The Plumas County Sheriff's Office said firefighters on Saturday found the remains of 20-year-old Trevor F. Holminski, an Emeryville resident.

Crews had responded to a report of a fire near the Sandy Point Day Use Area around 6:30 a.m. Saturday, according to the sheriff's office.
After firefighters put out the flames, they found the remains of a burned body in the area of the fire, authorities said.
Sheldon N. Steward was found by crew members when they arrived at the scene, and he was taken to a hospital in Chico to receive treatment for stab wounds, according to authorities.
Steward, 23, was later arrested on suspicion of homicide after investigators responded to the scene of the body and spoke with Steward at the hospital.


2 The remains of various body parts discovered initially Aug. 10, 2017, at a pond near Quincy have been identified as Daniel Hale, 59.

During an autopsy, a latent fingerprint revealed the identification, according to Plumas County Sheriff’s Sergeant Carson Wingfield last week.That information also agreed with a wallet found at the scene. Wingfield explained that although the wallet held identification it couldn’t be used to make a positive initial identification.Just how the remains ended up in or around the pond on Bucks Lake Road between Plumas District Hospital and Quincy, remain a mystery. (Dem bears again, and its a national park, so they is smarter than the average bears).


3 I reckon a few animals purchased the farm as well.

Plumas County blaze burns 38,000 acres, California’s largest of year


Bucks Lake perfect for family fun 👪

There was a witness who worked at a nearby shop who said she saw four of the men in a red pick up truck two days after they went missing.  The police believed her but could not explain why they would have been visiting a shop in a different vehicle two days after they vanished.  It doesn't really fit with the rest of the story.

As for Mathias' body, it could be buried under a tree so where of at the bottom of the lake.  God knows what happened to him.  We'll never know.

They should rename the place 'Don't come here it's a fucking death trap lake.'

Wow! That's just what the Mansi said about Kholat.

I don't believe those rumours of sightings of a small, furious yellow man seen nearby with blood on his skin.  Silly urban myth, that.

The small, yellow creatures that have been seen at Disney World, Alton Towers and Siberia have not been independantly validated. Though shitty little ginger headead cocksure bastard golf players certainly have been in evidence.

Bigfoot was chasing them.

That's what some people reckon.

No big feet tracks though.

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