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If I Renounce My British Citizenship Can I Come & Live With You?

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, July 18th 2019 at 8:02am by Oakie2012


I'm appealing.{#basic-laugh.gif}

Yes, I know, but not like that.

I'm appealing to any Scandanavian country to give me asylum from my own crappy little nation that has fallen to whole new levels of shitting the bed in its sleep.

Not only has Boris recently been lying to the public about Isle of Man fish to knock Europe (an act of treason to lie to the public (theoretical "monarch") in a democracy), but he's also talking about SPEND SPEND SPENDING when he becomes PM to give money back to the tax payer. The tax payer is the one that isn't being driven into deeper & deeper poverty, driven onto the street, driven to suicide or being treated in a truly Orwellian way by the Tories and Civil Service. That one is the welfare dude.

For aroud a decade we poor have had our money shaved here, shaved there, shaved everywhere, including its naughty bits, by the Skinflints. All to pay for the recession. A recession that other people created. Bankers, credit hogs, incompetant politicians caused it and NONE of THEM have had to pay for it. Just the poor.

All the suffering, loss of life, abject misery caused by Austerity, that attrition wheighed upon the apparent filth that we are, and now Bozza wants to hold a big party to celebrate becoming PM. 

Then, when he "achieves" the No Deal Brexit that retards like Farage, Trump and Max Liberty so believe in, we will hit a new recession and an estimated


That's like every single person in the UK suddenly attaining a £15,000 debt overnight. Including new born babies and folks on dementia wards.

Nice one Brexit!


Who ultimately will pay this bill? Future generations. You know the ones, those young folk who have had their environmental futures destroyed by today's political leaders will also get to pay back the money that we've already spent.  That'll be nice for them, won't it!

What a selfish generation the ruling generation is. People like May and Trump will go down in history as the worst of a really lousy bunch of self-righteous, ego-obsessed. me-me-me, cunts. Ignorant, un-educated, dishonest, dispicable wretches.

So, as Theresa May ends her time as Prime Minister, let us remember that it was she who was determined to lead the futile Brexit charge. Heroic in its stupidity, like the Charge of the Light Brigade, which also ended in a massacre of Britons.

She truly deserves to die for her war upon the poor. Countless thousands of lives lost and hundreds of thousands permanently ruined. What a legacy!

Cooking With May - The PM opens a can of worms and makes a right dogs dinner of things. For Theresa, now read Boris.


Yet it is small potatoes compared to her greater crime. (btw, small potatoes will be about all we Brits can afford to eat pretty soon). Her greater treason has been to take us to an economic situation where a bumbling baffoon like Boris will end all our hopes of any future. Not just the poor. OK, the rich will be fine as usual as we revert back to a C17th way of life, with starving peasants, piss poor artizans and Godlike land owners.

May has had help ruining things, of course. Parliament rejected the deal she brought back to the UK from Brussels because it was too much of a compromise.

Well, be interesting to see if that compromise would have cost us £90,000,000,000. There's a prog on tele tonight answering that, which will show catergorically if Parliament let us down or not. (They did, of course). Even so, May should have dismissed the Brexit vote out of hand. The Tories have NEVER been democratic before, and all of a sudden they decided to be in the worst possible way. The vote was so close that they could have gotten away with not championing our route to economic suicide as a nation.

Why did they? For the same reason they had the vote in the first place. To gain election votes from spazzes and numpties. 


That's the one thing, the only thing, that I ever predicted incorrectly about Brexit. That "no government would be stupid enough to trust the British people to vote on Europe. Too many racists!"

Its not just May and Cameron who betrayed us. Its their whole fucking party. Their whole Recession-creating class. Everything that has gone wrong with our economy since Labour's Tony Blair left power has gone wrong because of they and theirs. Their policies, their leadership, their lies, their cruelty.

And now, that class, and all the working class Brexit voters will vote for them in the next election and cut their own throats as a result. And all the silly old pensioners will vote for them because they want Brexit. These people clearly don't understand what No Deal Brexit means. 




Notice where the red line hurts deepest. Why its in all those areas that most wanted Brexit. Careful what you wish for, eh?


So please, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Iceland, can I come and stay with one of you. I don't eat much, a saucer of milk will do. Better than small potatoes any day. 

PS: Blondes rock!

User Comments



Horrid thought!

I suppose you don't read blogs unless they are all about you, eh Oinion?

Nah, the title was all I was going on... but we could go out drinking and you could punch me and I could punch you. {#duel.gif}

{#drinking17.gif} <-- you're the one with the pretty bow.

Sounds like a great night out!{#fight.gif}

Oops! Sorry, I meant {#drinking33.gif}

I'm sure it would be a blast. {#basic-cool.gif}

I'd say come on over, the more the merrier, but I don't think it's the US you'd want to live in right now, as Boris and Nigel are 'Trump lite' and I know damn well you don't like Trump!

Besides, Oak, you're still a member of the EU, so why not just head for greener pastures on the continent?

You are clearly a strategic thinker. Yes, I need to use my Euro status whilst I can.

Trump is Nelly the Elephant, Boris is a white rhino, stoned out of its head, this must all seem so ridiculous to someone as impinged upon as yourself.

Girl. You are as brave as they come. And clever with it.

I favor Norway...what do ya think?

Decent call. Norway is a world leader as a truly socialist country. Standard of living is very high, most people have a home and a holiday home, crime is seriously limited, pensions are higher than the average British wage. 

Norway put the Social, in socialism. Unlike Russia. Or Mao's China. Sweden went the same way, but these are small populations in large landscapes. Be a lot harder in the US or UK to carry it off. Give people space and they will feel rich.

Communism failed completely because it was compromised by the people who installed it. Stalin was a cunt and Mao was a dementia patient with a shit hair style. He killed 45 million of his own people by accident.

And they still revere his, largely wax body in a glass coffin even now.

Mao, truly one of History's greatest dicks.

So yeah! Norway. Yes way!

Wasn't it Mao who said, during the Great Leap Forward that left millions to starve, "So what if a few Chinese die?  We'll make more !"

He was right.


Did you see my post on Norway?  What the average Norwegian spends their money on?  Haha, after vices--like tobacco and booze, their number one expenditure is home decorating.  The redecorate their homes again and again and again.

Weird ones, those Norwegians.

But then they also take more vacations ('go on holiday' to you Brits) and buy more fitness equipment, 'sporty clothes' and electronics than anyone else on the planet too.

They have lives without all the worry. UK is the most overcrowed nation in the whole of Europe. (Even before a ton of imigration). All those industrial revolution terrace streets, those little boxes.

Image result for terrace housing

All cramped up on top of each other. 

Norway is the Canada of Europe. The average Norweigian has a few acres of space to sprawl in on average.

If i thought i could handle the cold, I would try to head there myself.  Instead I might just have to head for Mexico.  Now THAT would be a revesal of the 'border problem" wouldn't it be.

Would anyone want Americans. Brits or other Europeans in their countries?

I think we've probably passed our Nice By Date.

Nooooo, go to Costa Rica!  No standing army, no quarrels with their neighbors, one of the most highly educated populations and free health care, Vickie!

And very, very cool singing animals , lol.  


You might be right Oakie but hope might come in handy...LOL

Singing criters, i wanna go there.

The Rice Coast? Actually, with Rica being the main lady here, it'd be the Blogster Coast. We could all go there. One social nation on an island. All of its own. Lord of the Flies comes to mind.

It does sound really good. But Wales is nice too.

Hope, the last refuge of the, er, hopeful.

I thought nothing could be worse than Trump. I now stand corrected.

I think we are the same as the USA on a smaller scale. But the lunacy is of the same totality.

Boris is all for the rich, unfortunately.  But what can we expect from a Tory?

The poor need to unify and rise up against the fat cats or we will be killed off.  We need to rally round a Pokey-like working class hero.

You know Oik, you are actually allowed to move to Sweden if you like.  For now at least.  Not sure they'd give you benefits though.  Maybe if you blacked-up and raped a Swedish woman they'd give you a nice house, like they do for all those Somalis.  

I'd like a nice log cabin in Iceland where no one will ever bother me until they find my skeleton six months after I die.

ooooh! You had to Somali it! You still think that the Them in them and us are foreigners. Rather than those that wield power against all in this kingdom.

What is it about massively funded, self-orientated bastards who don't care a teste about anyone else is so hard for people in this society to understand?

We are Medieval again. Yet people will still trog over to the hustings and poip their point-a-view, for no useful reason in the end. As Democracy slivers away down the gullies and the drains of the British lands. Into nothingness. 

Sum total. We die as we sleep. On mass.

Oh yeah! A nice log cabin in Iceland. Or a Sauna in Sverige! (That's Swedish for Sweden, I went out with a 17 year old Swedish girl, Mega Yay!)

So this is really it then. I should become a reindeer herder in Finland and fall in love with a sweet Laplander in a silly floppy hat!

All my dreams fulfilled. 

And you and I can meet up beneath the Northern Lights, as Cassie was going to , before she died of hospital bugs. 

Not sure I 'd black up. or rape anyone. I had 30 girlfriends. I reckon I illicited FIVE cries out of them. And no rapes. Disappointing I know.

OK, I've had a bad day. I tried to contact the DSS via phone. You can't actually contact them by phone. Its impossible. And they say its free. Then you read the dirty small print. £30 to Not Contact them on their "Contact" number.

And people wonder why Theresa May is going to be suprisingly decapitated next week. 

Why bother, Theresa is out, you'd be wiser to dull your blade on Boris and/or Nigel, and quickly too, before they outlaw all sharp edges!

Lay in some petrol then, 33 dead in an arson fire today, in Japan.  There are many ways to slaughter, and while decapitation is theatrical, so are people jumping out of windows in flames.

(why do they call it beheading?  shouldn't that be de -heading?  no wonder they say english is a twat to learn.)

You had 30 girlfriends and didn't rape a single one of them?  Not even accidentally?

Yeah, you can't get the DSS on the phone now.  It's all online.  If you want to sign on for the dreaded Universal Credit you literally can't phone them, if you try they just refer you to their website.

Ironically this has allowed them to let go a load of phone operators who now don't have jobs and must apply for Universal Credit!

Thing is Trixie, ooh, I like that! {#basic-laugh.gif}

She may be out, but the process that she governed is still here and destroying lives on a grand scale. I could never forgive her, like I could never forgive Hitler.

Do you really think that they will outlaw all sharp edges? It wouldn't suprise me. Stanley knives are probably all we shall have to defend against them in the future. But what a weapon! A pristine blade with the cleanest cut. Who needs fangs when you could wallop a Priministerial "Maiden" with what only seems like a punch, but kills like a bomb.

I really do hate all of those wankers.

Yeah! Its about time someone raised that question. After a couple of millenium. Why isn't it De-heading? Makes so much more sense. Golly, you are clever!(That's a Gosh and Golly, rather than a Gollywog, mind you!).

Fire and bombings cause collateral damage. If you hurt the innocent in the prosecution of your cause, you negate yourself as a cause operative. As the IRA did after about ten minutes of existence. And ISIS do for every second that any of them breath. 

Could I kill Theresa May with a knife? No one else would get hurt. Must admit, hate the idea of hurting a woman, even one that would kill me via the Civil Service. 

Self defence is a human right, regardless of any legislation. And she has killed many innocent and vulnerable people. And I don't consider myself sexist. So yes, she'd be a fair target.

However, all I am actually going to do is write to the Prime Minister's office and attempt to convey my heartfelt feelings that she was, far from being a strong and worthy person, was a coward, a liar, a murderer and a cunt.

English is ein twatten, as they say in German.

Rapists often only ever have a very small number of female partners, largely because they hate women to the core. Its usually a mother thing. My mum is a saint, and most people's mums are. But some mothers are not as good as other people's mothers.

What motivates a rapist? Control of a woman, a physical doll. (Dahmer was the same about  blokes). Why so motivated? Because your relationship with your initial female contacts were ones that felt profoundly undermining and humiliating.

What is a Rapist Kit?

Well, probably rope, for starters. Handcuffs. A knife.  A dirty old van.

But the real Rapist kit is psychological. 

- A hatred of all females for no good reason

- A fear of women outwitting you

- A lack of empathy for anyone or anything. With added hatred for the enemy (females)

- A total detachment from a culture that would portray any single woman in a positive light.

There's an ULTRA-feminist myth that all men are (potential) rapists. Because they have the tool to rape. 

But rape is not something that happens by accident, just because you have a cock. It happens by DESIGN, because you lack a fundamental humanity as a male. The ultra feminists are as stupid as male rapists in their lack of understanding. Though the worst you are gonna get from them usually is nagged, rather than raped. So they are Political Correctness compared to Racism. Bloody stupid, just nowhere as evil.

I'm sure you are a nice guy Pokey. In an angry loner kinda way. But there are a lot of men who aren't. They lack respect for women (and everyone else) and they do what they fucking like in the most bullying and cowardly of ways. Tiny kings in household kingdoms. 

I think you are right. They sacked the phone operators. I wonder where my phone money went then? I'll have to find out who profited offa my misery stress and doubt. So I can twat the cunts.



Not wanting to harm a woman is a sexist position, Oak.


Image result for theresa may in drag

No. Not wanting to harm a human is a humanist position, Imp.

Agreed, but that's not what you said!

(and that was supposed to be theresa may in drag, btw)

I'd shag old chip features there. Probably give Theresa May a miss mind you.

"Not wanting to harm a woman is a sexist postion"?

I think I've hit four people in my life. All in self defence or defence of others. Harming anyone seems unnatural to me. But there are plenty of men who take it as their birthrite to harm women, as they see them as less. 

I see men like that as less.

By your logic, wanting to harm a woman is somehow egalitarian. What are you on at the moment?

lol...just winding you up, Oakie!  Playing @ 'Femi-Nazi!'

Yeah, you do seem to want to push my buttons. Maybe everybodies buttons?

I should have used an emoticon, perhaps, and I still say there's a fortune to be made for the artist who designs an official 'sarcasm' font and convinces all keyboard makers to include it somewhere on the QWERTY line-up...

Hmmm, they all come with a number pad now, so why don't we get rid of the + and = key and replace it with a snark/sarcasm command?

Yeahhh! Super snarky girrrrl!

You will always be one of the best people on this site. Whatever.


I did have a friend back in the day and everytime we were being ironic (which IS LARGELY invisible in the cold light of language) we'd asterisk the comment so that each other would get the intended meaning. Wound people up a bit though. But if you do want to ironise my ass, you could always leave an * at the end. I'd totally get it then.

Will do, Oak...if I remember to, because I really was just playin' with you a bit there and meant no offense.

Still wuv me?

I still wuv you!

{#heart.gif} {#heart.gif} {#heart.gif}

I still wuv you. And still vaguely tolerate Ill Mind.{#basic-halo.gif}

That genius Hitler used to say about Russia, "It's so rotten all we have to do is give it a good kick and the whole thing will collapse". Boy was he wrong. Now you look across the Channel northward and muse on how wonderful socialism has worked out for them fairhaired laggards. But look southward and you will see G.B.'s socialist future. You know - the bums sleeping and crapping along the Champs elysees. Bombs bursting everywhere. Children murdered by Muslim invaders that corrupt government piglets did not lift a finger to defend against. Not much different than whats going on in Merry ol' eh? And let me be the first to tell you: them Scandanavian socialist will be swarmed over every bit as quickly France, Jolly ol' and Germany have been. So, you go ahead and hate Trump from across the big pond but not me. Not ever. He is defending my country against what's eating you folks. 

Quit yer whining. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

There never has been anything noble or thinking about you, you little tit. 

Your mind is bought and paid for by religious and political propagandists.

Which makes you TWICE as detatched from reality as the average American mental patient.

You ain't seem nothin' EVER!

France isn't a socialist country.  It's very much capitalist.  

Yes, they were wrong to let in the barbarians, but it wasn't socialism that did it.  It was capitalism.

Or a twisted and theatrcal version of Mensa

Ease your breath, my friend.

They do have a pillow us to death resolution going down.

Or Liberte!{#basic-blush.gif}

Bon chance mon ami!

Everything between pure capitalism and pure communism is socialism. So every country is socialist to some degree along that sliding scale.

Oakie, how do you know me so well?

Ya see normally I wouldn't waste a minute on a scrote like yourself, but what the hell I thought, why not run Oakie's balls through the wringer and see if can't get a little whine out of him. A very disappointing yield I must say. That all you got?  {#phone.gif}{#popc1.gif}    

A pure capitalist country would be hell.  Cutthroats stomping all over anyone weaker than them all in the name of profit with no justice.  I mean we already live that way to a large degree and it's a horrible horrible world.  

We need some socialism or else we are no better than rabid dogs ripping each other's throats out.  But socialism needs strong borders or else you'll get millions of unwashed turning up demanding free stuff.  Open borders are the problem.

Jeez Bully, you so use iambic pentameter in an identical way to Hitler. You ought to seek some help about that.

So, local socialism, rather than international socialism then?

That's the whole thing re socialism. It needs to work across borders to work at all. 

Nob. For reasons of brevity I shall refer to you by your first three letters.

You are the cheeky fucking cunt that not long ago boasted about how easily you dealt with me, and when I asked you to provide evidence of this you said something "I'm not going to do your work for you!"

You fucking dick!

You suggest you somehow magically won, but won't prove it, so I have to go out and prove it for you? 

You're one of those people whose brain was not born the right way around. You either suffer from RightLeftism or Upsidedownism. And the curse of that is, that you'll genuinely believe that you are sane and reasonable. 

Or even intelligent. 

Seriously, how many people on God's earth are religious scholars?

Very few because religion is fairy stories and its a bit like making yourself out to be a scholar of baseball or other such shite.

'Nana, People like yourself think we need government in order to prevent capitalists from running wild. In fact capitalism (the free exchange of goods between willing traders) was the only form of commerce in human history until the late 18th century. Until then government survived by taxing the people and strong arming business owners. Socialism serves only to give even more power to government over both the individual and business.  



Oakie, so sorry. I do not remember declaring any kind of victory over you. Doesn't sound like something I'd do. My usual practice is to allow people to speak freely and lose the argument by their own ignorance. It's working beautifully in your case.

Nor would I refer to myself as a religious scholar. I am a critical scholar of the Bible. A difference that I think you could understand but will never invest the effort to do so.

Nice of you to pop in again. {#popc1.gif}

You state that its working beautifully in my case, because you are "trying it on!" But did talk shit back then.

Hey, even when you think that you are the king of debate school (what an anal race yours is to even have shit like that) you fall lamely in the wind.

A critical scholar of the Bible? So you are a person who takes a critical approach to the Bibe, on a scholary basis? I'm not sure that you will get away with that, unless, unless, the Bible turns out to be a completely non-religious book. 

Hey! I'm no lawyer! But if I was, your nuts would be in a clamp right now. (Especially if, on my lawyer days off I indulged in some serious blacksmith stuff).

I love the word scrote. It sounds like a swearword, but isn't. So even pompus asss........

I'm forgetting myself.

Have a nice evening and may your god go with you.

Nobe. You really shouldn't "people like yourself" Pokey. He's a one off. An individual. A freak. 

I doubt that you could begin to understand the guy. 

And he's extremely intelligent. About 90% more than he lets on most of the time. 

Where as you are probably about 90% less intell .... I'm forgetting myself.

Best wishes to you and your family and friends.

Oakie/Banana, can't actually say it's been fun. Just not my style of humor.

Ooh! Tell us one of your jokes then!{#apploud.gif}

Hahhhaahahah! No Bull is ALSO Right Wing. 

Jeez, get a life man!

That cunt also loves his popcorn. Just you and him and no-one else.

Nobes, why don't you fuck off back to the Renaissance then? 

You certainly have no connection to the modern day.

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