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Covid-19? That's Nothing, Baby!

Added: Thursday, September 24th 2020 at 7:05pm by Oakie2012

The future does not seem bright for any of us. (Except the super rich, of course). 

Maybe its time to party like there's no tomorrow. Because, aside from a million or so super elites, the rest of us are clearly cannon-fodder waiting to happen.

Gecco Corp. on Twitter: "Dead by Daylight, The Spirit 1/6 Scale Statue Check out the prototype unveiled at Wonder Festival 2020 Winter! We'll update the painted one as soon as possible. Thank

Self-amputation may become a part of our daily lives as infections grip us.

User Comments

Well, we can't party like it is 1999...that is already past.  So party like no tomorrow, might just be the next big celebration.

Yeah! Scarly knows all about the scientific realities. She's one glumbaby. Its not hard to see why though. 

I remember that Prince dude in 1999. The Purple One.{#basic-laugh.gif}

Oh and letting scientists "mutate" diseases....that could "never" go wrong.

Oh, I agree entirely! And Trump, who never does anything wrong, was in charge when the restrictions were recently taken off, so things must be OK. He has our best interests at heart after all. 

Suicide | Thinking Face Emoji πŸ€” | Know Your Meme

Yep...of course, just like cats worry about the lives of mice.  Yes, I think that discribes it, now that I think about it again.  precisely.

After all, those poor scientists have to do something with their time...they can't use it adviciing on things like Global Warming and the disasters that are immenemt from that...so whiy not increase the disasters chances?

I think each scientist reaches a diversion point where they decide if its the humanity or the money that matters. Most seem to go for the humanity, but the rest are the modern day Doctor Frankensteins, hell bent on pushing their madness beyond its worst limits.

and trump fights for the rights of those poor scientists who have chosen the "frankenstein" side of things, in order that they may fulfill their mission in life...their dream so to speak.

Yep! I wonder what will be written on Trump's grave stone.

Something less loving than yours or mine I fancy.

But then it would be hard for anyone to be as "loving" as you or I.  {#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}

For sure! For who can love as whole as you or I? We are the sweetest and the kindest! And all must join in with care and heart and soul.

Ok, this is even beginning to turn my stomach. Soo much sweetness is just nausea making.  {#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#saythat.gif}


Moving to Mars with Musk may be safer than remaining on Earth.

I consider your comment extremely valid, 1der.{#basic-laugh.gif}

Binned et laden with rubbish.

"Maybe its time to party like there's no tomorrow." I've been doing that for 84 years which is why I am in a constant 'broke & poor' mode!!

Hehe! Hope you do another 84 GM!

That's my plan!

*Sigh* Luved the medusaen woman. Until...maybe I oughta look into it more.

Ok. Did what I implied I'd do. It's her fucking pose, mate. The female of the species is not born with coding to pose like that. It's the fucking male of the species who loves to fantasise that women are into that shite. And females still to this where-the-fuck-is-Gloria-Steinem-when-you-need-her? day indulge the fucking males GRRR

If you had had three of your limbs severed you might pose in a less than natural way also.

Fair enough.

Love the sculpture, Medusa rocks.  Where is it? Who made it?  I want more!

Download free STL file Dead by Daylight- Spirit • 3D printable model ・ Cults

ArtStation - Christophe Young | Creature concept art, Concept art, Lovely  creatures

The Spirit is a character from a video horror game called DEAD BY DAYLIGHT. 

These are the folks who make the actual statues -


This is a better link


I'm liking this one way way better. Thanks for inserting this. She doesn't look like the very typecasting that is the reason that Woman is a force to reckon with. Her left wrist is still superfaggy WELL IT IS {#bag-on-head.gif}

OK, you can have her superfaggy wrist.

Oaksee. If you knew the restraint. That I never exhibit.

{#basic-cool.gif}   Thank you!  Gonna look for some cheapo prints at justposters.com

I had hoped the apocalypse would be faster and more fun.

Nope. Slow, lingering and deadly dull.


The very reason it is good that the species seem to be forcing evolution. Godheads or goodheads who knows what we are.

We are the camel that shat in the oasis that it drinks from.

I'm not so sure about that. Whether there is or ever was [or ever will be?] a God doing it all...does it matter? Maybe if I'd had children. *sigh*

Personally, I feel that having kids would be a bit like having piles. They'd mess you up, cause you grief and be a right pain in the arse.

But how? HOW DID WE GET THIS WAY? Have the penis and the vagina both somehow become superfluous?

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