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Britain's Shame - Why Even Bother to Vote Anymore?

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, July 9th 2019 at 1:02pm by Oakie2012

Image result for dirty union flag

Got a letter from the council today. A nagging and threatening letter about me registering to vote. I don't have to vote, but i do have to register.

Even though there is absolutely no fucking point in me voting. Because around here most people are pro-Brexit, the only thing that damn well matters in this country these days.

The fact that the government is driving welfare seekers out of their homes onto the street as policy doesn't matter. Only Brexit matters.

The disintergration of the British working class into three sections, the new middle class conservatives, the nazi sell out racist traitors and the remnant of Labour voters, who are being targeted by EVERYONE as prices go up and their wages remain garbage, doesn't matter. Only Brexit matters.

The entirely undemocratic practice of huge amounts of money being poured into the right wing political parties by nationalist millionaires, absoulutely negating the core principle of one person one vote, because advertising sells, thus right wing votes become comparitively worth more, doesn't matter. No, it doesn't matter if the rich PRIVATISE our democracy. Only Brexit matters.

The rise of right wing extremists that are infiltrating the already evil Tory Party, bouyed crazily by the slight Brexit win, who are set to bring even darker times to the poor and the vulnerable, don't matter. Only Brexit matters.

The involvement of Donald Trump in Brexit, with a lot of behind the scenes dirty tricks, including the involvement of the stupidest religion of all, the Scientologists, and the brainwashing of the silly old white male Conservatives who will elect Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, doesn't matter. Only Brexit matters.

The ruination of the Northern Irish economy, the death of key British industries, the loss of thousands of business and thousands of jobs, doesn't matter. Because apparently Brexit is worth such massive sacrifices.

The lies, lies and damned lies and the dirty tricks that have been told and done by UKIP, BNP, the Tories (always with the dirty tricks those), and every deluded Union flag-waving cunt on our politically crowded streets are apparently not treasonous, because Brexit is "What the People voted for". (17 million people out of 65 million. Most of that 17 million will be gone inside the next 20 years, so its not really their future that they are fucking up as regards race relations, the economy and the environment).

Boris Johnson will saunter to a landslide victory and become the new British Prime Minister, elected by the middle class, middle-aged, white, male, pro-Trump, anti-environment, radically reactionary, bastard that is the typical Leadership voting Tory.

And when the working class wankers around here get there chance to fuck their own future up by voting for the enemy (Tories) as they did last time, they truly will.

Because they want Brexit. And only Brexit matters.


User Comments

LoL @ 'Don't know your nationality?'

Of course only Brexit matters, ol' bean, it's the only thing we 'Murcans hear about on our side of the pond, and since Murca is the only country that matters...the only thing that should matter to you guys is what really doesn't matter to US, but what we've at least heard about.

No worries, we'll keep you in avocados.

And what's going on with the Scientologists?  Haven't heard much about them lately, but yeah, they are some fucked up cultists that a lot of celebs have given shitloads of money to, the dumbasses.

I'm sure you've heard of Turning Point (With its white supremacist links and its serious propaganda and all) who played a significant part in galvanising support for Trump to become president. Well, Turning Point UK are at it over here, and  such thinking is clearly evident amongst some Tory MPs and many Young Conservatives. They are grooming a whole new Far Right.

One of Turning Point UK's main backers is John Mappin, a business man, with his own TV channel, and a Scientologist. As usual with right wingers, the old old attack on political correctness is their great Truth for us all. 

"This is a great freedom" said Mappin on his show. "And is something that I know King Arthur would be proud of!"

So this anti-Liberal, anti-equality, anti-tolerance guy, takes his cue from a fictitious king and follows a fictitious religion. 

Hey, he wears a nice suit, maybe I should believe him.

In an interview Mappin said that "Trump will leave a legacy that will last for a thousand years".

What, you mean like some sort of a Reich, John?

Worrying times.

Never heard of a group called Turning Point, Oak.  I'll do a bit of searching, but they must not be making the news here in Murca, so they must not be diddly.

Antifa, on the other hand, makes the news regularly.  And not in a good way, either.

Turning Point USA will tell you all you need to know.

Essentially, they are a right wing organisation that infiltrated educational establishments and poison the minds of students.

Right wingers would say that PC orientated socialists tutors have been doing the same for a long time. I don't know what Simon would think about that claim, but my own experiences of higher education didn't mirror that, apart from on one ocassion when I felt the tutor was so full of dogmatic shit that he banned me from class for constantly opposing him.

I still got an A in the exam 4 months later though. He gave me an embarrassed smile later on.

He was a proper socialist/marxist dude. Very bullshitty.

Antifa? I like their Anti Fa stance philosophy, but their methods often seem ill-advised and maybe a tad arrogant. Destroying property and intimidating people is not the method of the good and wise. It is the stance of the thug. And right wingers do the same here, dirty tricks. Either way, any organisation that is all about badness in the name of goodness is fucked up, at least some.

Brexit, the only thing that damn well matters in this country these days.

Lol would it be that way if your globalist bootlicking politicians didn't try to subvert the will of the people by their vote? No, probably not....  You should be mad at them, not the Brexiteers..  Oh wait my bad, you are mad at them lol

#freetommy   That's what matters most because if your Gov gets away with what they're trying to do, Brexit will prove to be the least of your problems. How your country isn't rioting at this injustice is beyond belief. That's shameful!

The will of a fraction of the people. Not THE PEOPLE. And now the majority are against Brexit anyway.


The injustice is the culling of the poor. The Brexit situation is just a bunch of pissed off racists who are no longer the majority.

LOL @ that explanation Oak. I mean, that's funny AF.

Free Tommy..  yes, Tommy Robinson. The dude who exposed the Muslim grooming rape gang trials. You pathetic government is putting children at risk by hiding these trials and now they wanna make a political prisoner out of the person who exposed it.

If you don't know that about your own country, you definitely don't know squat about injustice.

Remoaners are slaves on their knees. I'd rather be a Brexiteer no matter how you see them...  which is through the lens of the absurd.

Your knowledge of the situation needs to be improved before you lol about really serious shit, you child.

FACT - May delivered Brexit but Parliament rejected it as they felt it was too much of a compromise. Its one country against 27. Serious compromise was as good as it was ever going to get.

The Brexiteers are made up of the thickest, oldest and most racist members of our community. And one or two other folks. All the artists, scientists and academics were against it. 

Its the talentless who wanted Brexit. The losers. Of course they want change. But that won't make their lives better, no matter how much they shift the responsibility for their own inadequacy onto others.

Meanwhile, the government is murdering the poor. Lol!

Tommy Robinson is an out and out Nazi. You support him, YOU CHEEKY FUCKING MEDDLING CUNT! You're a Nazi too.

He's no hero and has done NOTHING good. There are way more examples of perverted grooming amongst white people in the UK, but Robinson forgets to mention that. 

Fuck off Nazi. Fuck off and die.

Don't come onto my page again. You aren't welcome, and you certainly are not worthy. You fucking sub-human retard.

Robinson will get what he deserves. I only wish the filth who adore him would also.

You've moved the goal posts so far I think they entered your ass. All of your weak insults show what a pseudo-intellect you are. May did NOT deliver Brexit. She delivered a fucking betrayal and only Globalist bootlickers like yourself would not understand that. It's what YOU would be OK with, not the Brexiteers you lying tosser...

LOL @ Nazi. More like National hero if there was any justice.

You sound like the fucking Nazi with this bullshit as Muslims are raping your kids. You're a weak man to not stand up against that.... but even worse it shows how sick you are.


I am a globalist, the planet is being destroyed and humanity needs to move forwards not backwards into a new world war. I've never licked a boot in my life. It was you that started with the insults and the propagandist terminology.

Goal posts are unlikely to fit into anyone's arse. What a stupid thing to say.

More like National Socialist if there was any truth from the Right.

All Muslims are raping kids and no white man every raped anyone?

Unlike you, you fucking pervered worm, I'm against all perversion, not just the shit done by people with a different colour skin.

I wouldn't expect a fully paid up bigot to be able to comprehend that though.

Like I said, I'm done with you. You've shown your true colours.

Any future comments you make on my page will go unanswered. You are not worth my time or patience. 

All Muslims are raping kids and no white man every raped anyone?

LOL at the stench of white guilt. Who said anything about whites? You're so filled with laughable white guilt that you're dismissing Muslims rape gangs in your country. That's a perfect example of how unhinged you leftists are. It reflects the stance of your government perfectly. WOW!

I could not care less if you want me here or speak to me. Don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

You're just against white people and wanna blame them for everything because you hate yourself. Own it!


"...The Brexiteers are made up of the thickest, oldest and most racist members of our community. And one or two other folks. All the artists, scientists and academics were against it..."

Sounds like Hillary dismissing hundreds of millions of Americans who live in 'fly over country.'  (ie: not in the highly populated coastal cities.)  You know, people who have nothing better to do than chew tobacco, screw their sisters, and hate the black and brown people who live nowhere near them but in...the heavily populated cities on our coasts.

Such arrogant dismissal got Trump elected, Oakie, and it got Brexit for you guys.

"...Its the talentless who wanted Brexit. The losers..."

Basket of deplorables, hmmm?  My my, how these sentiments echo around the world.


True though. Stephen Hawking was against it and everyone around here was for it. After their Brexit win you should have seen how many people started walking upright instead of skulking around, bowed and moody.

What got Brexit for us was a Prime Minister (Cameron) failing to understand how racist this country was and how putting his party's re-election ahead of the nation's best interests was a typically stupid and selfish Tory act.

Not everyone that voted for Brexit was a stupid fucker. But ALL the stupid fuckers voted for Brexit. 

sheesh, Great Britan going down the rabbit hole along with the United States.  Where will the horror end? (thst is a serious question btw)

I am becomming increasingly concerned Sceney. It really does feel like a revamp of late 1930s Europe at the moment.

I understand, I have felt like it was 1930's Europe in this country for almost 3 years now.

Yeahhh, I always felt it all bubbling under. Its been there forever. Its just started to show its face more often in the last few years. 


Where do I start?

I do agree that the rich are the problem and need to be killed with fire.  They are the true enemy and I am surprised and disappointed that the people haven't risen up against them yet.  The French have been protesting for ages yet we seem so docile, likely we've just accepted our lot and have bowed down to our twatty overlords.

Tories are a big problem, they are the rich puppets of the mega rich.  Ain't  nothing going to improve with them in charge. 

You do keep insisting Brexiteers are all racists though.  Blinkered viewpoint I reckon.  There were valid arguments on both sides with no easy answers.  Your view is a bit textbook lefty for my liking. No one really knows how this will pan out, for better or worse.

Of course my belief is that western civilisation is doomed.  We are in the last days of Rome and I think the whole thing is going to come crashing down in the next few years, so leaving the EU is likely to be immaterial anyway.  

It says in the forward of Das Kapital, that there is no such thing as "Textbook Lefty". Hehe!

Yeahhhh you got me. I do generalise about Brexit voters. Its easy to forget, that not everyone who voted that way, comes from Stoke, just most of them. This is a nice place. Unless you are Muslim. 

I remember my dad coming back from a business trip to Alabama USA. Now, dear dad is a racist. If he's not being anti-Jewish, he's being anti-Muslim. He's so conflicted these days. Haha! He said of Alabama, that the people there were wonderful. They loved the Brits. He was treated with real friendliness. Then he said. "Glad I wasn't a black man there though!". Must have been bad at the time for dad to have empathy with none whites.

He didn't influence me as a kid. Not as a role model anyway. My mum did. She came from a family that had travelled from UK to the Middle East through the Med three times, under attack from Italian fighter planes. My grandad was an ace engineer and was one of the guys who was all about getting oil for our tanks and planes. The local Arabs loved the English and treated them well. The English adored their Arab hosts. The British engineers built a modern world for the Arabs and they appreciated it. The Arab kids and British kids were schooled together. There was no racial divide coming in from any of the parents.  There was just mutual respect. That's what it should be like across the world. 

I know it isn't just Whitey who has to do the right thing. Everybody does, and there are some pretty odious Muslims out there for sure. But I've known Muslims who were entirely honorable and decent as well. The blanket propaganda against them, from the US, from Tommy Robinson and others, simply isn't the truth. Its just the furthest extremes being painted as the standard. As you know, my neighbours are Muslims. And they are, in this instance, selfish wankers. Or were. I've sorted them out now. And they have seriously modified their behaviour as a result.  And now the community won't be up in arms against them for their excesses. Everyone can chill.

Killing with fire is too good for the rich. They should be eaten by snails, adorned by some snail attractive food or sauce. (Leaf sauce maybe). It will be a slow death. They deserve nothing less. 

Glad you feel they are the true enemy. They really are. And are set to get much much worse. How do we survive what is to come? What do you reckon?

Yes, Last Days of Rome. All empires die. Ish. I mean, Rome didn't really die. It was just taken over by cowardly Italians who would win Gold in the running away event if it were in the Olympics. A people so whupped that they had to resort to singing and cooking to feel great again.

Hmmm! You'd think Channel 4 would have come up with a show about a Singing Chef, wouldn't you?

I think leaving the EU has triggered a hard swing to the right in Europe, mirrored and endorsed by Trumpism in the US. These things have given the right wingers who were held back by PC (for all its faults) in the same way as Hordor held the door against the dead in Gots.

Now you can't move for cocky right wing bastards. Whatever class they hale from. The cockroaches are coming out of the bathroom wall into the bath. It feels dirty and ucky. Penisroaches, as you call them, hehe! 

Funny how we are opossed re-Brexit. But still get on. More similarities than differences I suppose. {#drinking33.gif} PS, that's German lager, rather than American ale the temperature of piss.

I'm a centralist which means I get on with everyone......sorry, I mean 'no one'.

They like us in Alabama?  Maybe I should go there and see if they'll shag me.  Luckily, I'm not black.  Although I am yellow.  Hope that won't be a problem.

Yes, Arab-Whitey relations were much better back in the early 20th century.  They seemed more laid back then and we weren't bombing them for oil so  much.  Although still were a bit.  Sadly they've got more fundamentally religious since then and we've become  more thirsty for oil.  

The rich don't care about wrecking the planted or destabilising nations.  They won't feel it.  They live in gated communities, use private schools for their posh spawn and have private hospitals wards away form the common scum like us.  And when the time comes and the planet is fucked they will erect bunkers and bio domes to live in whilst the rest of us on the outside either die or become Mad Max.  Their greed is immeasurable and their compassion is non existent.   And most of us don't know or care because the rich own the media and keep writing headlines such as "this just in, rich people still great!"

Brexit and Trump did not cause a swing to the right as many believe.  They are a symptom, not the cause.  Brexit and Trump won because our culture has already swung to the right. It started several years ago.  They are simply one of the effects that we're now seeing. 

Why have we swung to the right?  That's a long answer type of question.  There are  many causes.  But to keep it simple, and perhaps philosophical, cultures all over the world and all over time swing left and right every few generations.  The Greeks, the arabs, they went through the same.  

The west was right wing in the early 20th century and swung to the left in the 60s.  But we're going right again now.  It seems to human nature.  Perhaps we just get bored of the same thing for too long.

I hope that's a nice pint of apple juice you got me there.  I like drinking the blood of my enemies. 

I'm a Centralist too. But the centre has been pushed left by the excesses of the Right. All the Left ever wanted to do was establish equality and be able to wave their finger at Righties in a scolding, patronising way.

Wheras, all the Right want to do is maintain the stranglehold they have over all our lives, with their Jonathan Rhys Mogg deluded ways.

"You don't know Latin, you grotty little oaf?"

The Tories are God's own rulers. Apparently.

You probably would get a shag in Alabamy. Provided you said you were English. I doubt they know what "a welsh" is. Hey, Briddish'll do.

Brits are apparently really popular in the USA when people aren't being political. And Americans often get a positive response when they are over here. Meeting an American is a bit like meeting a celebrity. They bring Hollywood with them. I worked in a big hotel and lived in a big city. I met Americans in the flesh. They were always OK. But travelling folk usually are OK wherever they're from. I even met some very nice Mormons down our street. OK, their religion is total bollocks, but they were genuinely pleasant. Sweet even. For grown men.

Muslims have always been the same religious level. Committed. Be they hard core or soft core. Gentle Muzzies still believe profoundly. They just don't want to kill everything that moves, is all. Unlike a lot of US Christian rifle owners. Snigger! (Not racist).

Gated communities, eh? Mater-fuckers! Hate that shit. "Yeah, social responsibility is for the poor, and we can't have the poor being all wandering around near our houses."

Their greed is immeasurable and their compassion is non existent.   And most of us don't know or care because the rich own the media and keep writing headlines such as "this just in, rich people still great!"

Awwww! Scarly would probably want to give you a big hug for saying that. But beware, she gets a bit bitey, especially if you are in anyway bananary.

Well, yeah, for every culture there will rise a counter-culture, largely, as you say, because people are bored. Well, not bored, just not included and empowered enough to love the current system. 

This is the core problem in my view. I hear right wingers who talk about feeling excluded and their response is to try to exclude back. But those that join ISIS (also Nazis) do so for exactly the same reason.

I think what it all comes down to is staying sane and staying reasonable. As things hot up there will always be a pressure to tilt more left or more right, depending on your perception. And the tilting going on in the last 30 years has been creaking, straining and over the top, considerably. Nothing compared to Communism and Nazism, of course. But still a chunky fuck up.

No, I think Brexit has caused a swing. Trump hasn't. He changed nothing. But Brexit has changed everything. Its polarised our society and triggered off a seismic ripple throughought the whole of Europe. No one believed that it could happen. Not the people who voted for it, not the people who voted against it, and not Europe. 

And it has shaken up leftist arrogances and PC dogma to the core. Those that were once so surefooted are now having to actually think for themselves again, or they'll be torn down.

I can imagine some fuckers on here seeing me as super PC. But I'm not at all. I just don't like exagerrations and inequalities. 

Dunno if you are watching the excellent Year of the Rabbit on the usually shit Channel 4. Superb stuff. But, black people did not live in the East End of London in the 19th Century. Fact. But now they do, because REALITY IS APPARENTLY RACIST. So it needs putting right by the "do-gooders".

The truth is wayyyyy more important than good intentions and over-compensations. Infinately so. 

Do you know they threatened to can Bergerac because they didn't included non-whites on the show? I've been to Jersey. Everyone there is white. 

PC that contradicts the truth is not a good thing in my view. 

Yeah, it was Appletise. The old lady's version of Pippin murder.

Dunno if you are watching the excellent Year of the Rabbit on the usually shit Channel 4. Superb stuff. But, black people did not live in the East End of London in the 19th Century. Fact. But now they do, because REALITY IS APPARENTLY RACIST. So it needs putting right by the "do-gooders".

The truth is wayyyyy more important than good intentions and over-compensations. Infinately so .

Agreed 100% ol' bean, and here's the rub, you complain about a television show, Americans--the right leaning ones--are upset because the teacher-union-approved curriculum in our schools has slowly been rewriting history itself to achieve some sort of strange racial parity that doesn't exist, never existed, and probably never will as our nation loses racial distinctions entirely and becomes the same shade of brown all around.

Who will the uber liberals demonize then?  Will white people then only be remembered as 'the evil that WAS?'

Racial "parity", in my opionion, patronises everyone, including the folks its supposed to be helping. Merit is what matters. Judging a person by their talents. I know you agree. 

And there is actually something pretty perverted about white middle class tv people trying to pretend that things like the Holocaust and the African Holocaust never really happened. They did, and those things pissed people off. Political Correctness doesn't take them away.

We all have our heritages. Some easier than others. I suppose all that any of us can do is try to be better about other people than some of our predecessors have been. Then we have progression.

What if your nation ends up kinda white, with a realy nice tan? Like Brazillians? That wouldn't be too bad, would it?

Though. being a ginger, you'd probably still seem like a whiter shade of pale.


Sorry! I get a little bit cheeky sometimes.

(Strolls off chuckling)

You're right about Btexit taking people by surprise.  No twat saw that coming, least of all David Cameron who smugly thought it was an easy vote winner with no risk.

The huge long-winded sloppy mess to sort out Brexit is proof that the ruling class didn't expect it and never thought they'd have to deal with it.  It would be funny if it was happening in another country.

I haven't seen that year of the rabbit thing but I have seen the trailers.  When I saw the black woman in it my eyes rolled so hard they blew out the back of my head and killed me.

They do it all the time now.  Dr Who do it all the time with its history based episodes.  They had a fucking black Viking in one episode!  Absurd!


It is silly, but Year of the Musli .... er rabbit, is darned good.

Actually, there WAS a black Viking. Geirmund Heljarskinn. (Heljar = the solitary man, I presume skinn means skin). He was from Siberia and had Mongolean features. He became the most powerful man in Iceland.

Image result for Geirmund Heljarskinn


I am an Aryan PRINCESS, damnit, and don't you forget it!

(you can kneel anytime now.  i'll tell you when you can get up.)

{#basic-laugh.gif} {#basic-laugh.gif} {#basic-laugh.gif}

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