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Audie Murphy - Now THAT is What I call an American!

Added: Monday, January 13th 2020 at 9:55pm by Oakie2012

Image result for audie murphy"

How a young man led by example, time and time again.





User Comments

I had heard his name related to country music, but didn't know all of the rest.

Growing up I saw his films. But had no idea what a truly great American hero he was.

I remember my dad talking about him and telling me , that Audie Murphy was a hero. I love watching his tv movies. Great actor too.

You are correct he was a hero


Audie Murphy looked a little too boyish for me. I can't get interested in a grown man who looks like an adolescent. They have to be more filled out and mature. 

He managed all this whilst having a girl's name?

I think you are thinking of "Augie", mate.

Watched the vid. Audie went gangsta with it. Luv him.

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