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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Obama Eligibility Investigation Results

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, March 1st 2012 at 3:40pm by NotaLiberal-NotaDemograft-Ever


The Western Center For Journalism (WCJ) has joined with World Net Daily (WND) and the Article II Super PAC to live stream the Maricopa County “Cold Case Posse” Investigative Report of President Barack Obama initiated following a request from Tea Party members from Surprise, Arizona.

The Video will be live below. The press conference is over. The full video is now posted below. Additionally, the videos that accompanied the press conference are also embedded.  Please share this link with your friends.

Use link to see the videos....

User Comments

Cool. Glad you posted it too. So many are caught up in the lie that is "Obama" that they just cannot admit they were taken in, fooled and lied to.

They refuse to admit they falsely elected a fraud and a Communist. They would rather see the US destroyed than admit they were duped.

For the life of me, I can't understand why the Republican Party hasn't put up anyone other than a bunch of bozos to throw this fraud and communist out of office. They've had three years and couldn't even come up with a single soul that even Republicans like. Unblievable!!! They are practically GIVING him another four years in office, and if he wins, they need only to look in the mirror to see why.

Hasn't it occurred to you that what is going on is ARRANGED?

I have to agree.

Hell, Hillary would have been better than Obama, (choke) he came from out of nowhere and that's where I hope he returns to in November. He's the most inept inexperienced Prez we have ever had. He speechifies instead of leading.

LOL Doc..You know I love you dearly, but at the same time, almost never agree when it comes to politics. Perhaps Nota is correct in that, with the state our country is presently in and with little hope things will improve any time soon, perhaps no decent Republican WANTS the job at this point and is hoping by the time another 4 years goes by things will either be SO bad or SO much better that they might have a better chance of taking over "in good times." I don't understand what's going on, but I've really don't believe that Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich is the best your party has to offer.

Arranged for what reason Nota? And I'm serious. I am sure Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich is the best the Republicans have to offer this country. So why wouldn't the best step forward NOW..a perfect time...after who many of them say is 4 years of a President who is "ruining" our country? Aren't there any Republicans that love their country enough to WANT to oust Obama from office? It makes more sense than having a Republican win like Romney or Gingrich who will only ensure the status quo in USA for four years? I'm scratching my head over this one, honestly.

I really am afraid that all of our 'elections' are played out by the big money and big brother. I fear that it does not matter whom we elect because the rest of the 'giveittoment' is so corrupt.....


Neither do I.

He's the front man and in my estimation quite the fool actually. Too many times we have heard him say foolish things because of his lack of knowledge and experience. When the media gushes over his alleged brilliance they are just as stupid because he duped them so easily.

Reading a speech written by someone else, off of a teleprompter is not exactly impressive. Anyone who can read can do it. He can't speak extemporaneously without stammering because he really doesn't know what he is talking about. He only knows what he is told to spout by others who have very limited experience. That's what is wrong with his whole cabinet. No hands-on experience, just a bunch of elitist-snob college degrees.

I have seen many men in and out of politics who really are brilliant . Obama the narcissist pales in comparison.


Yes, he does. I do hope with all that is coming out the house of card collapses but I am not holding my breath.

Nope, but if anything I plan to redouble my efforts to educate people as to his failings.

Not just his failings... this entire 'giveittoment' is a failure. It is also our failure for not understanding what was going on sooner.

You hit the nail on the head. And many times you see the same huge corporations and insurance companies paying off BOTH campaigns so no matter WHO wins....THEY do as well. So why does it matter if it's Obama or anyone else? If I was Republican, I'd have no clue who to vote for. Romney is so stinking rich, how in the world could he ever relate to the kinds of problems you or I face. Gingrich is a decades old insider of DC, so you know nothing would change with him, plus the fact that he's immoral in my mind the way he's treated the women in his life. And Santorum is so holier than thou, I think he prefers our young women pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen rather than in college becoming a profession. Who do you vote for?  Ron Paul?

A good question I can't answer...yet.

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