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Newspeak: On Race

Added: Wednesday, December 5th 2018 at 3:52pm by nobullthinker
Category: News & Issues

A few months ago I was called a racist for something I had written in a post. I had said something to the effect that “...the blacks had moved into our neighborhood…” For some reason my having said “the blacks” supposedly revealed me to be a racist. With 15 years of blogging behind me accusations like this mean nothing. They are as common as sand on a beach to any blogger. But in this case the commenter is a Facebook friend and just a high school kid. She is living in a Radical bubble and will never be allowed to see the conservative side of any issue so long as her overseers stand in her way insisting she not be exposed to views beyond those of the cult of the Left. This is the sort of mental entrapment that our children are experiencing nationwide these days. It violates the very concept of free speech and Ithink the only remedy for it is to speak freely in the face of it.


I am not foolish enough to believe that I can get past this girl’s masters and effect any kind of change in her social outlook but I would like an opportunity to defend myself in the wake of their censorship of my points of view. So I am taking the time here to discuss with my fellow bloggers the mind altering effects of politically correct language enforcement. I hope that some of the respected black members of Blogster will comment and add their insights so as not to make this a one dimensional post.


The post in which I mentioned that “...the blacks had moved into my neighborhood...” was titled “I Was A Teenage Racist”. I posted it back in June and you should have no trouble finding it in my archives. It was a brief partial recounting of my personal experiences growing up in the black freedom movement of the 60’s on the south side of Chicago. I lived on the front line of that social change. A mile N/E of my home was the high school I attended, 90% black. A mile south of my home was a school that was, I believe, 100% white. I was not permitted to attend the white school because I lived a block north of the district boundary line. Essentially I was living in a no-man’s-land. Being a racist had never been a choice under those conditions. The people on both sides of the line were racists. Only the color of theirskin determined which kind of racist they were.


When I mentioned in that post that the blacks had moved into my neighborhood my F/B child pal informed me from her great storehouse of knowledge and experience that only a racist would use the phrase “the blacks”. Man I sure do miss the days when life was so basic that I knew everything. Some of us are old enough to remember how it really went down. If you’re one of them please don’t hesitate to fill us in at the end of this post on how it was for you.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not good at thinking like a radical. My own thinking process involves reasoning things out and trying to make sense of them. But this accusation of being a racist because I referred to blacks as blacks has been a real mind bender for me. I’ve just not been able to reason it out. Here’s the rationale as I see it:


- In the 60’s black activists and their radical allies insisted that they be called African Americans instead of the culturally correct, Negroes. But that didn’t work out so good because there was a suggestion of something Un-American about the term African American.


- By the 70’s blacks were asking to be referred to as Afro-Americans. But that didn’t last long either because people began to associate the term with the afro hairdo which was being sported about by the most vicious black activists on the scene at the time.


- Finally it was decided that they would try out the simple word “black” in reference to all persons and issues of the Negroid race in America. I personally thought it was the most demeaning of the choices that had been offered up to that time and not really very inclusive. But, to my surprise, it has stuck and is still the P/C way of referring to black Americans today. At least that’s what I thought.


I know that blacks refer to themselves as blacks. I know that my F/B friend and all of her generation refer to blacks as blacks. Am I wrong about that? If I am not wrong about it why am I a racist if I refer to a black person as black or a black? I mean I’ll be happy to go along with the program but someone is going to have to tell me what the right word is for a white person to refer to a black person. Is it one I’m not aware of? I gotta tell you this much though, I refuse to go around saying, “He’s an “N” word” for the rest of my life. I want an actual word that is suitable for white usage.


Here’s what I really think though. This issue is not about race per se. It’s truly about controlling minds by controlling language. Or to be even more to the point it is about distorting reality by distorting language. My young F/B friend could not begin to tell you why she thinks she can talk about blacks and I can’t. She only has to call me a racist and for her that ends the conversation.


The altering of language goes on non-stop in this country and its focus is always on issues that tend to divide the people. Women are hacked off at men, gays at straights, whites at blacks and new opposing groups are invented almost daily, most of them being invented in our schools. I believe that the kids who invent new ones get extra credit and gold stars by their names. They have no idea the destruction they are causing. No one is allowed to tell them either. This needs to end.














User Comments

You do say racist stuff. Whether it's just typical soft bigotry common among people your age, or more blatant in its nature I don't know or care... but you do share examples that any reasonably honest person could conclude as being racist.

-irrelevant opinion giver

I'm listening. Give examples.

Your most recent was pretty good. That you'd want a 6ft 200lb cigar smoking gorilla walking down the streets of Chicago carrying a violin case stopped and frisked is about as bigoted as it gets.

Thanks for listening.

How is that racist?


Whoa ML!

You really are an idiot...

Says yet another old retarded snowflake on Blogster. Sheesh! What will I do?

I just laugh at people who have me blocked. You even more because I was still on your friends list LOL. Speaking of idiocy.

Whoa ML!

You really are an idiot...


Whoa ML!

You really are an idiot...


Whoa ML!

You really are still an idiot...

In late 50s, early 60's San Francisco it was N-word for the bad ones, negros for the decent majority.  Black radicals invented "Black" and soon most negros insisted on being called "Blacks" as the preferred term. I've never called anyone an African American;most Blacks have a centuries- long American heritage - they are not foreigners.

An American is an American. Skin color has no bearing. Anyone who refuses to stand for the flag in public ought to be invited to move to whatever nation he prefers. 

From kidnrrgarden through the first half of second grade, I was the only white kid in my class which was majority negro, about 10 percent hispanic - and they mainly spoke Spanish on the playground. Parents then moved near Chinatown, where except for a kid from Illinois,  everyone was Chinese.  

It totally sucks to be the only member of your race and in a racist set-up.  

Picture this. I'm the only white boy in my high school gymn class on swim day. And boys were required to swin naked.

Hah! Were you white or pink?

Anyone who refuses to stand for the flag in public ought to be invited to move to whatever nation he prefers.

And other Americans will tell you where to shove that invitation. What about Veterans who say whether a person chooses to stand or sit for the flag is precisely the reason they served? There is no one size fits all compliance in America. This is something you old time out of touch Republicans don't understand. You think your authoritarian dictates are somehow different than those issued by the left these days but they're not. Nobody with a spine gives a damn what someone else thinks they ought to do.

Of course you care ya phony. And I'll no doubt be hearing from you again because you need someone to hear what your great mind is thinking.  

Lol I'm sorry, I don't. I'm just here to observe the authoritarianism. There is nothing I can do about it.

If I want my great thoughts to be heard I'll take them to Twitter :D

Oh, many of 'the dems/commies know the right/correct definition but choose to play dumb so they can bully Conservatives...while staying in denial... showing both their hate and their ignorance of peace.

Actually I think they are totally oblivious to the double standards they create and enforce. They really are shocked when they hear a conservative use the word black while they think it perfectly natural for themselves to use it.

Oh, yes, the blindness provided by the Evil One is pretty complete... I do remember being in it.  Looking back, I have always been rather astounded at my levels of denial, etc.

Quite a childhood you had in school. 

Times were sure different then, and you were forced to go to school as the kids are today according to where you live. You did survive it and from the way you talk, I do not detect hatred in you on a specific race of people. 

Politically correct speech push is a real load of bull to say the least. More I hear now are trying to make laws "protecting" (punishing others) those individuals who are addressed as he or she when the identify as the opposite. What the hell ? It is okay for them to tell you - look I prefer to be called she. Now the name is included. Henry wants to be called Henrietta, and if you call HIM Henry you could be facing legal action. These types of laws whether local state or federal do appear as more stupid laws which takes away the rights of others seeing the obvious and do not wish to call a male Henrietta. Free speech comes to mind now. A person should not be punished for calling a spade a spade as presented. Thus the altering of language in this country continues non-stop. Many areas.

Only the color of their skin determined which kind of racist they were.

Honestly I have been around by far more blacks that were racist than Caucasian people. You probably remember when the N-word was in a dictionary and did not refer to black / colored people. Grandparents called black people colored. I jokingly asked what color are they? Well, they are black - they are nigras or negros.  See, there are more than one N-words. 

I do not believe you can please all people. If a person only looks for negative and fault, they are certain to find it. Many white people including me have been labelled racist, bigot and worse. I have contemplated this. Yes, I have said some things that are indications that is possible. A small percentage of truth. In the big picture or overall sum, I know I am far from it and my actions in life indicate people do generalize and blanket everyone who says the few words as a total racist and bigot. I guess if I am I am, to hell with it! I do try to show respect and open a door for a black woman just as quick as I do for a white woman, or give up my seat - which I did 3 days ago.

Ignoring quite a few racial slurs by Blacks and Hispanics in life to avoid trouble. And a red face when I hear a white refer to blacks with the N-word. My preference is not to hear it.

Although there are a few blacks on our site - we are not close. We normally do speak to each other respectfully though. Since we usually don't agree on political issues - we have little to talk about. I support our President and have since day one. Guess supporting your President make a person an outcast.


See below.


Yep - got it


Thanks for the comment. I have to agree pretty much down the line with all you said. I don't find any down right racism among our underrepresented black bloggers. In fact I respect all of their efforts to be objective on the subject. 

It always a sensitive thing trying to identify a person by Race. I use the term White when I am speaking about a White person. I do wonder if Whites will see it as offensive or if they prefer Caucasian. I think a person knows in their heart whether they are Racist or not and think that's where the judgment needs to be and not by other people's opinion. As a Black person, I totally enjoyed Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and some may not have read it because they saw him as a Racist. His style has influenced my writing to this day. 

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