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Have You Noticed?

Added: Wednesday, June 13th 2012 at 9:13am by nobullthinker


Some readers may have heard about the home owner's asso. in Stapleton, Colorado that proposed banning the right of children to draw on “their” sidewalks with chalk. Now I could write a nice rant on the super-sensitive, whiny, “I'm offended” suck-ass society that we've become where we have reached the point that we would deny children the simplest pleasure that we enjoyed as children ourselves. But I will let that one sentence suffice. Instead I will expound on how that story relates to a conspiracy far more sinister than this moronic fascist attack on children at play.


If you watch TV at all you ought to have noticed a less than subtle creeping of “Public Service” spots (commercials) proliferating and even crowding traditional commerce trading messages out of the market over the last two years. Has this invasion not struck you as being the least bit strange? Has some of the subject matter being portrayed not stupefied you in its delivery?


Were you not stunned the first time you saw the spot where the street wise city kid walked up to a 500 sq.' wall, whipped out an array of paint cans and began vandalizing a valuable piece of property that didn't belong to him? Was your mind not slightly bent by the concept that this behavior was being applauded by the narrator as a worthy aspiration that all young people ought to emulate? Did you struggle to make sense of the contradiction that a 4 year old girl might be fined for drawing hop-scotch on a side-walk but somehow you should admire a boy for vandalizing a multi-million dollar public property?


Or is it just me and my conspiratorial thinking again?


Half a dozen such odd spots have been running incessantly on TV. You can recognize them by the haunting music that accompanies them. The teenage girl launching herself off concrete stairs on her skate-board, for example. Who is it that is promoting this dangerous behavior in millions of dollars worth of paid advertisement? And did you notice that clearly the girl was not risking her life on her own property. Here again the public, and possibly some innocent business, was being cowed, disrespected and even put in legal jeopardy by the irrational behavior of a child unencumbered by common sense or moral parenting.


I'm struggling myself to understand most of the intended messaging behind this indoctrination/propaganda project. In the two spots I mentioned above there is the clear surface message that “continuing education” should be the ultimate goal of every child. This gives the game away as to who (generally speaking) is behind this project: the vast Left wing conspiracy. Their intention is to keep young people enrolled in the education/indoctrination process for the maximum number of years.


But there is something much deeper going on here. There appears to be an ongoing effort to undermine each and every citizen's ability to discriminate between what is and is not real. In other words, they seek to gain the power to command, control and create our realities by reaching out through our TV screens and planting their messages directly into our skulls. So that, even if you have escaped the formal indoctrination camps on campus, you still cannot escape the ongoing indoctrination promoted under the direction of the vast Left wing conspirators.


We are in the early stages of this social media mind invasion. So the messages are rather subtle and innocuous. But you can be certain that if We, The Aware, do not react, rebel and sound the alarm the pod-people on the Left will consume every last one of our neighbors' brains as the messages become more overt.


An uptick in the staging has already been implemented with the invasion of radio messaging. Even the most conservative radio talk shows are carrying indoctrination/propaganda messages. They do it unwittingly, no doubt, suffering under the sly illusion that these messages are PSAs. The most obvious indoctrination/propaganda message I've heard so far, however, puts the lie to that illusion.


I'm speaking of the one that popped up on radio just a few months ago. The one with the little girl talking to her mother about all the “different” people she'd met at her mother's job. People with different skin color, accents, customs and fashions, etc. “Oh yes”, her mother says, “and that's a good thing because we learn so much from these different cultures.” And the child's reply? “So how come all the people in our neighborhood look alike?” The multi-cultural message here is blatant. And what is the real purpose of the long standing multi-cultural program of the Left anyway? To fortify the message of political correctness and strip us of our ability to reason past it; i.e. to censor our thought processes and close off pathways to clear thinking.


It is a fearful fact that the few small bastions of “objective media” that remain are our last hope for fending off our “1984” decline into the next dark-age. They must recognize for themselves that they are being used in this conspiracy. And those of them who do recognize it must turn down the easy, dirty dollar that is offered to them by the conspirators. Instead they must dig out and expose them. That won't be difficult. Every one of their “PSAs” has to be paid for by one of the hundreds of organizations in the Left wing network. One by one they must be exposed and their sources of wealth exposed with them. The money trail must be followed to its ultimate source. In the end, The People, must be made aware that they themselves are the ultimate source, paying for this Left wing conspiracy through their own corruptandincompetentgovernment.


In any case you have been alerted. Have yourself a steaming hot cup of wake the F' up and brew one for your next door neighbor while you're at it.


Carry on.






User Comments

Indeed! I'll take my cup with Hazelnut Creamer please.

{#yummy.gif}   A double-caf coming right up.

Funny and not funny ha ha.  I listen to a local station and two of their folks commenting on then even if they do not have control of them.  There is the one with the woman rapping on drugs and another where a guys sets a boy for going on a roller coaster because his parents spend to much on energy.  Right out of the agenda.

Good to know I'm not the only one who recognizes this facet of the FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE conspiracy being foisted on us by the radical Left.


Considering that I DVR most of the programs I watch these days or run the DVR with a "lag-time" of about 15 minutes (by pausing it so I can skim through the crap), I guess I miss it.

Diversity is great...as long as we maintain a healthy social distance....

....A healthy social distance from the stupidity spoon-fed to us by the idiots we elect.


Yep. It's never been a rule that you have to be smart to run for election.

Thanks for dropping by.

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