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Surplice Pullover Pattern (Free Pattern)

Added: Saturday, June 27th 2009 at 1:00pm by nittineedles

This pattern is copied from the vintage pattern book, Beehive for Bairns, Volume 2.

I would suggest 85g/3 oz of baby yarn and size 2.75mm/2 US needles for the 3 month size.

(F) Cross-over Pullover

BACK:  Beginning at lower edge cast on 68 sts.  Work 1.5 inches ribbing (K2. P2).  Knit even in Garter stitchuntil work from beginning measures 5.5 ins.  (6 mos. -  5.5ins.) (9 mos. - 6 ins.).

To make sleeves:  Continue in Garter St. casting on 9 sts. beginning next 8 rows.  (36 sts. on each side for sleeves).  Knit even until work from beginning measures 8.5 ins.  (6 mos. - 9 ins.) (9 mos. - 9.5 ins.).

To shape neck:  K57.  Cast off 26 sts.  K57.  Working on last 57 sts. and leaving remaining 57 sts. on st. holder knit 9 rows even, ending at neck edge.  Proceed:-

1st row:  K2.  Inc. 1 st. in next st. Knit to end of row.  2nd row:  Knit.  Repeat these 2 rows until cuff edge measures 5.5 ins.  (6 mos. - 6 ins.) (9 mos. - 6 ins.).  Still increasing at neck edge, at cuff edge cast off 9 sts. every alternate row 4 times.  Continue increasing at neck edge to 72 sts. on needle ending at neck edge.  * You may have to fudge a few stitches to make the last row end up with 72 stitches.*  Leave these sts. on spare needle.

Join wool at neck edge and work other side to correspond, ending at side edge.  Next row: Place the needle holding the sts. of the Right Front in front of the needle holding the sts. of the Left Front so that the sts. overlap.  Knit 1 st. from each needle together 72 times, thus joining both fronts together.  Work 1.5 ins. ribbing (K2. P2).  Cast off in ribbing.

CUFFS:  With right side of work facing pick up and knit 32 sts. along edge of sleeve.  Work 1 in. ribbing (K2. P2).  Cast off in ribbing.

TO MAKE UP:  Press carefully.  * Don't bother to press acrylic yarn.*  Sew side and sleeve seams. 

User Comments

You are my hero! I'm going to start the sweater later today and will include a picture of the finished product on my blog. Thank you soooooooo much :) {#sparkle.gif}

I can't wait to see it.  I'll post he knee socks pattern tomorrow.

Love your avatar. Perfect!

Thanks and I made them with my own two little hands.{#artist.gif}LOL

Thanks for reprinting this pattern--although I really think it is more correctly called "Surplice" as it is a cross-over style.

Thanks for the correction.{#flowre.gif}

{#confused.gif}I'm confused, where are the instructions for the fronts?

It's ok, ignore me, just re-read it!!


Glad you got it 'cause I'm still on vacation.{#thumbs_up.gif}

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