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Ribbed Slippers (Free Pattern)

Added: Tuesday, August 4th 2009 at 11:15am by nittineedles

Ribbed Slippers



When I was 12 years old my Home Economics class was taught how to knit. One of our homework assignments was a pair of ribbed slippers. I lost the pattern not long after and had to design my own ribbed slipper pattern. Over the years, I have knit them in sizes from tiny baby feet to my son's big clodhoppers.  They are great for stuffing in a purse or pocket to wear when visiting or tossing in your suitcase when you travel.

For young children's feet I suggest using elastic instead of ties.



Small enough to fit in your purse. 




Stretchy enough to fit on your feet.


MATERIALS:  100g/3.5 oz  worsted weight yarn

                          1 pair 4mm/6 US needles

                          1 darning needle


Size:  Ladies small to extra large

           For bigger or smaller slippers, increase or decrease the

           number  of stitches by multiples of 4.


TENSION:  18 sts & 26 rows with 4mm/6 US needles = 10 cm/4 in.


*yrn – Wind yarn round needle counter clockwise to make 1 stitch.



Cast on 42 stitches.

Row 1 – K2, (p2, k2) repeat to end of row.

Row 2 – P2, (k2, p2) repeat to end of row.

Row 3 (eyelet row) – K2, (*yrn, p2tog, k2) repeat to end of row.

Repeat row 2.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until work is 19cm/7.5 in. long.

Repeat row 3.

Repeat row 2.

Repeat row 1.

Cast off in ribbing.


Fold in half so that the cast on stitches meet the cast off stitches.  Sew both sides.


Cut a length of yarn 3.75m/4 yds.  Fold the yarn in half and hook over doorknob.  Holding the ends, twist until the yarn twits back on it’s self when folded in half again.  Tie a knot so that it will not untwist.  Finished length of tie should be less than 93cm/1 yd.  Slot the knotted end in and out of the eyelets.  Put slipper on foot and tie a bow.  Cut off any excess tie and knot the end so it won’t untwist.


Make a second slipper and tie to match.





This pattern is for personal use only.  It is not to be used for profit.  Selling copies of this pattern or selling the finished product of this pattern is strictly prohibited without written permission of the copyright owner. 


Copyright © 2009 Nittineedles

User Comments

What a neat slipper pattern; thank you for sharing.  I'm going to make a pair for myself asap.

You're welcome.  Enjoy!

I LOVE these! I cant wait to try them. Today, for sure.

Thank you for the pattern! Usually all the great ones cost way too much money. {#sparkle.gif}

I've been on vacation for almost three weeks and it's all I've been knitting. 

I remember this slipper, too!  Thanks!

You're weclome.

I used to crochet a similar pair, I never learned to knit :( But am going to take up crochet again, I am trying again to quit smoking! lol again nice knitted slippers:)

Thanks.  I love your avatar.

Thank you and I also like yours as well. Love flowers, but not much luck growing them.{#flowre.gif}

Never met you, of course, but thank you soooo much for posting your ribbed slippers pattern, I have been looking all over the Net for them and found you today!   God Bless You and your sweet family!    Hope we can talk more?  Luv Martha

So glad you found me.

Thanks for sharing this patterns.  I tried several patterns before I came to this one.  I made six pairs of these using worsted weight yarns form my stash.  I trimmed each with beads at the tie.  They worked up quickly and actually fit your foot without looking clunky.  For basic slippers, these are the ones!

{#giveflowers.gif}You're welcome.  They're my favourites too.  I've been knitting them for 46 years.

I used to knit this pattern when I was a teenager and like you, lost the pattern.   I have been trying to find it ever since, I am 62 now, so that is a lot of years ago. Thank you so much for putting it on the internet, I am now going to knit for everyone.

Judy Morris, Victor Harbor, SA Australia

You're welcome, Judy.{#flowre.gif}

Thanks for sharing your pattern Ive been looking for ages for a pr of home made knitted slippers so I can make them for myself.


XXXX Thanks

You're welcome.{#giveflowers.gif}

Thank you. I know I have this pattern in my archives, but have to many patterns to look for it.  Computer is easier.  thanks again & Happy 2010.

You're welcome.  Happy New Year!{#blower2.gif}

Marg...what cute slippers...had my eyes peeled for something different then the norm and here they are..Thanks for sharing...but I have a question...How can I print pattern whithout all the comments being printed!!! Please advise..Thanks a bunch

When I come across this problem, I copy and paste just the pattern (Including copyright warning) to a blank page and print that.  Don't forget to include the website it came from just in case your copy gets trashed. 

Oh Cool!  I just discovered that you can click on "Print Article" just under my copyright and you get just the pattern.  I really should check out the features here.{#embarassed.gif}

These slippers are so neat! I've been looking for a relatively simple and well-fitting pattern to knit, and these are fantastic! Do you mind if I link to your site on my blog? I'd really appreciate it. :)



I don't mind at all.  What's your blog called?

What is the tension based on?  rib stitch? garter stitch? stockinette?

Stocking stitch.

Just made my first one. Love it!

I'm so glad.


Do you have a crocheted version of this?

Sorry, but I don't even know how to crochet.  Try crochetpatterncentral.com

Thank you for sharing this pattern.  Can't wait to try it.  I am not an experienced knitter and these look easy. Thanks again, 

You're welcome.{#flowre.gif}

Thank you!  I especially like this pattern because the slippers won't fall off my feet when I'm sleeping.  I just finished the first one.  They're so easy to make.  These will make nice, quick Christmas gifts.

You're welcome.  They make great Christmas gifts.  All my friends and relatives have a pair or two.

I am very new to knitting and would like to make slippers for my sister and brother in law (their request) Would you be able to do this pattern with out the eyelet row? I don't think he would like the bow on the end, and this is so far the easiest pattern I have been able to find for nice looking slippers!

Without the cord slotted through the eyelets the slippers will not stay on the foot.  You could slot elastic throught the eyelets and stitch the ends together or he could just tie a knot instead of a bow.  Once the cord has been tied on the wearer's foot it does not need to be untied. 

Thank you for your quick reponse. I am going to give it a try. And thank you for posting this pattern. Have a great holiday season!

You're welcome.  A Very Merry Christmas to you.

Oh my goodness! I have been looking for this pattern for a couple of years and here it is! Thank you so very very much! My mom made me some (I'm 53 years old now) when I was in my 20's and I've always wanted the pattern. Her's were a little different (didn't need a tie or elastic), but these are just perfect. I feel like I just received a Christmas present from you. Thanks thanks thanks!!!

You're very welcome.  I hope you have a wonderful 2012.

Thank you so much for sharing! These are so cute. I'm going to make myself a pair. I would love to share a pic when i'm done.{#basic-smile.gif}

I'd love to see your picture.

This is just the pattern I was looking for. Thanks so much for sharing!

I have been looking everywhere for this type of slipper pattern!!  Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you for the cute pattern. How would I go about making them double thickness in worsted-weight (needle size,tension, etc.).

Experiment with fewer stitches and bigger needles.

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