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Baby Cuddle Sack on Loom (Free Pattern)

Added: Friday, April 3rd 2009 at 9:48pm by nittineedles

Baby Cuddle Sack on Loom

MATERIALS: 150g/5.3 oz worsted weight yarn
1 36 peg round knitting loom (Knifty Knitter - green)
1 darning needle

Size: 19cm/7.5 in X 51cm/20 in

Working with 2 strands of yarn together, knit until piece is 48cm/19 in long.
Cast off stitch on every other peg. (18 stitches on loom)
Cut yarn leaving 25cm/10 in tail.
Thread darning needle with tail and thread through the remaining 18 stitches on loom.
Pull tight and secure.
Darn in loose ends.

This pattern is for personal use only.  It is not to be used for profit.  Selling or freely distributing copies of this pattern is strictly prohibited.

Copyright Β© 2009 Nittineedles

User Comments

very cute

Thank you.

I am new to using the loom and I am making the cuddle sack. When the pattern says knit for 19 inches is that just using the knit stitch?

So cute.  I am making this for my niece who just had her baby.  Think her older daughter might steal it for her dolls tho....{#flag.gif}


thankyou so much for this pattern I have been searching for one. We are expecting a new grandson October 4th and this will be a perfect addition to his collection.

Have a blessed day!


You're very welcome and {#congrats.gif}.

Very cute pattern.  What yarn did you use for the sample?  It's gorgeous!

Thank you.  Starting at the bottom, I used two strands of peach coloured worsted weight yarn.  Then one strand of peach and one strand of yellow.  Then two strands of yellow.  Then one yellow and one mint, etc.

This is perfect.  I wish I had seen this when my grandson was born.  Well, he is just a month old, so I will still make it, but we just won't get as much use from it.  Blankets are always coming untucked when I'm moving around as I hold him.  This will be absolutely perfect.

If you made one on a bigger loom he could use it longer.

If I made this on the small blue Knifty Knitter loom do you think it would come out preemie size? 

Probably but I think it would depend on the size of the preemie.

Im just trying to think of getting the baby IN IT.

That might be a match to see!

I've never actually tried but I read that you roll down the edges of the sack like one would when putting on a sock.  I doubt if it's any more difficult than getting a screaming, flailing infant into a corduroy Snugli from the 1970's.

I have loom knitted tube scarfs with my kniffty knitter but I have a question. How do you use 2 strands of yarn? Do you get to things of yarn and do it or is there another way? Thanks. Sorry for such a stupid question.

If you have two balls of yarn you can use a strand from each or if you just have one ball use the strand from the centre pull and the strand from the outside of the ball.  There is no such thing as a stupid question.{#flowre.gif}

I make these all the time and the blue loom is WAY too small unless you are talking a micro preemie, in which case, you won't be allowed to put them in it anyway.  I use the green or yellow loom.  HTH some. :-)


Thanks for the info.

i just started and decided to make one of these..i was just doing it when i ran across your pattern and I am so excited that I did find it so I can make it the right way! I was just guessing since its the first thing I am ever making!!

A new knitter enters the fold.  May your needles be slick and your yarn knot free.{#apploud.gif}

Love this pattern!!! I have been making a version of these from my own pattern for a while now as photography props. Just wondering.. can they be used as a blanket as well??

I don't se why not.

What do you mean by cast off every other stitch?

Lift stitch from first peg and place on second peg.  Lift stitch from third peg and place on fouth peg. Lift stitch from fifth peg and place on sixth peg. Continue doing this until you are back at the first peg.

yes I need help understanding what cast off stitch on every other peg means. I am new to this. 

Lift stitch from first peg and place on second peg.  Lift stitch from third peg and place on fouth peg. Lift stitch from fifth peg and place on sixth peg. Continue doing this until you are back at the first peg.

Do you knit these over before casting off?  thanks :)

Thank you so much nittinneedles. I got the whole thing done, I just need to cast it off.

That's great!  I'd love to see a picture.  You can copy and paste in these comment boxes.

In Photo this appears to be done in the regular "knit" stitch and not the "e-wrap" am I correct in this assumption? Thanks for sharing the cute pattern!! :)

This Cuddle Sack was made using the e-wrap.  By "regular knit stitch" do you mean no-wrap?  No-wrap might be too tight unless you went up to the larger size loom. 

Would there be a way to make this pattern more like a sleep sack with arm holes? Like the store bought sleep sacks? Just wondering. I like the pattern and I want to make one for my little girl who will be arriving in January.

Possibly but I'm not experienced enough with the loom to try it.

Question: Can our church group make a few of these and donate them to the church so that they can give them away as a welcome gift when the ladies have their babies? thanks Angela..

That would be fine, just as long as no one is selling the pattern or the Cuddle Sacks made from the pattern. 

I love this pattern.I usually crochet these but i love my looms.I will be a 1st time great grandma come july.I think these are great for nursing moms to use.Thank you so much for the pattern.looming away in winchester,Idaho

Thank you and congratulations.  I sure wish I'd had a few of these when my kids (33, 31 and 29) were babies.

Both my kids (9 yo boy and 6 yo girl) and I have taken up loom knitting and my daughter is making one of these for her friend's new baby brother or sister to be (due April) It is such an easy project and she feels such a sense of accomplishment as she is working on it. Thank you for posting such a wonderful pattern. I'm sure she will be very proud to give it once its done.

Thank you.  I'm so glad she's enjoying it.

Thank you for posting free pattern. I really enjoy loom knitting this project for my cousin who will have twin boys due in this June.

You're welcome.  Congratulations to your cousin.


I just love the pattern I was going to try and add an emblem to it the mother is the principal of the school and she drives a big harley truck!! I was going to try and incorporate the logo in it but it was way too big and making a patch would be too big as well, I may just go buy a patch at the store....

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the great pattern this is my first project and I am in love with the loom!


I want to learn how to do other things now. 

Thanks again


You're very welcome Marion.  I'm so glad you love it.

would the long loom work just the same? I have the long looms for blankets and if I don't have to buy the round ones that would be awesome.

I don't have a long loom to try it on.  If you want to give it a go I'd be interested in finding out if it worked OK.

This is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm new to knitting and don't know too much about the craft. I'm a very visual learner so when you say "cast off stitch on every other peg" meaning peg 1 onto peg 2, 3 onto 4, and so on... I still don't understand {#basic-frown.gif} Is there anyway you can help me more? Sorry.

Try googling Knitting Loom Instructions.  There will be videos which will be far more helpful than any pitiful written explanation I could provide.

Great item. Great site. !!!!!!!!!

I totally agree! I am 12 years old and I am going to be an aunt in February and I am so excited! I made mine with soft/wavy yarn and it is so soft! The baby will love it!

love this, so much easier than circular needles, I just had a "duuuhhh" moment...am switching up to the yellow loom for my new "great niece" 10lbs 5oz....



Hi, I've just started one, but, my question is why are you casting off every other stitch?  I haven't done that.  I loop around four times, pull one over all three other loops, but don't cast off, every other.


It reduces the bulk and there will be no hole when you're finished.  You can finish it your way if you like.

Why do you skip every other peg? I forgot to do it and I'm afraid I'll have to take it apart...

See my reply of Jan 18th 2012.

This is Great!!!! I was looking for this loom pattern all over,I will make 3 of them for my 3 friends, they having baby in October and November. I'll send you pictures!!!

THANK YOU!!!!{#apploud.gif}

Thank you.  I'll look forward to the pictures.

I loved this piece of baby clothes so much i tried making it for a friend having a baby but i altered it some. About four inches from being long enough i stopped using four of the pegs (two ajacent onopposite sides) and continued knittingas suggested here. When i cast off i had two panels at the top that i connected to make a bib & stitched on some sleeves. Baby Jaxom LOVEd being warm and snug and able to still move his arms. THX!

Sounds interesting.  You're welcome.

I love this idea, but can you actually put it on a baby? I was wondering if it would be possible to put a drawstring at the bottom so you could slip it over the baby. Like those old drawstring gowns.

I only used the doll because I didn't have a baby handy.  I don't see why you couldn't adapt my pattern to a drawstring bottom.  It would probably make diaper changes easier too.

I once found a super knitting pattern for a large sleep sack with sleeves and hood which could later be opened at the bottom to convert into a small dressing gown. I made it and my children used it for years. Sadly I have lost the pattern. Any ideas?


What you are describing is not a sleep sack but a bunting bag.  Check Ravelry or Knitting Pattern Central.  I'm sure there would be something similar there.

Do you know if you can use the Martha Stewart loom kit for this?

I don't know.  I have never seen a Martha Stewart loom kit. 

I made one of these by using circular and double pointed knitting needles with matching hat 22 years ago for my daughter...now that "baby" is expecting her first so I tried this one and it is just as easy but a lot quicker and easier to take on the go. Thanks so much for the pattern. {#apploud.gif}

You're very welcome.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.

is it okay with you if I make these to donate to our local hospital's neo-natal unit? also, what would you recommend yarn-wise for a preemie?  I am just starting out with loom knitting and don't want to try anything too difficult thereby discouraging me frm learning this technique.  blessings- Peggy

Yes Peggy.  It is quite alright for you to make these for charitable purposes.  I would use a yarn that feels very soft.

once you put yarn from first peg onto second peg do you pull yarn from second peg over yarn from first peg

Move the stitch on the first peg to the second peg.  Lift the lower stitch on the second peg over the stitch transfered from the first peg and off the peg.

Move the stitch on the third peg to the fourth peg.  Lift the lower stitch on the fourth peg over the stitch transfered from the third peg and off the peg.

Move the stitch on the fifth peg to the sixth peg. Etc, etc.

How do I request permission to make these for a charity sale my knitting group will be holding?

Permission granted.

Love this!! So excited to make this for a friend expecting a baby soon!{#dancing6.gif}Thanks alot!!

Just gave this to my friend and she loved it as did baby boy!! Thanks so much!! I plan on making many more in the future for baby gifts!



Thank you very much. Really cute. Have the pattern saved.

Oh! I really enjoyed making this for my friend's first grandchild!!! I have started my second for my newly expecting niece!! Thank You for the great pattern!!{#basic-cool.gif}

Do you have a video for this pattern?




Thanks so much for this pattern! I have made them for all of the eleven babies born into our family and also to close friends this year! Yes, I said ELEVEN!

I have had a last minute request for a single cocoon for twins. It will be like a pea pod with two beanie hats, one with a tiny pink flower for the girl twin.

I planned on using my 41 peg round loom but am wondering if it's going to be big enough as the twins were both 6lbs. last week! This will be used for newborn photos primarily. I have already made two sets in two different sizes to take them through winter.

Any thoughts?? Thanks again!


I've never tried this on a 41 peg loom.  I say go ahead and try it.

Thank you. I just goty 12 year old daughter a round loom set (she was using the one I still had from an old set ) and she fell in love with it.  She is already working on this pattern for her soon to be born nephew.  She is super excited to try many of your patterns!

I love it going to make it for my New Granddaughter. Thank you.

Any idea how many yards of yarn for this pattern? Thanks!


No idea.  I just used leftovers from my stash.

First time knitting a cocoon. Love it. Had to use you tube for casting off but it worked great! Thanks for a great pattern!!


You're welcome.

Thank you so much this is euch an aesome idea!!! You are totally awesome for sharing with everyone 🐰🐣🐼😸!!!!!

You're welcome.

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