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Baby Cuddle Sack Hand Knit (Free Pattern)

Added: Friday, April 3rd 2009 at 9:34pm by nittineedles

Baby Cuddle Sack Hand Knit

MATERIALS: 150g/5.3 oz worsted weight yarn
1 9mm/13 US 16 inch circular needle
1 stitch marker
1 darning needle

SIZE: 40 . 6cm/ 16in circumference X 51cm/20 in length

TENSION: 11 sts X 16 rows in stocking st on 9 mm/13 US needles=4 inch square

Working with 2 strands of yarn together, cast on 44 stitches loosely.
Place stitch marker on needle at beginning of round.
Knit in the round until piece is 48cm/19 in long.
Next Round: K2tog to end of round. (22 stitches on needle)
Next Round: Knit.
Next Round: K2tog to end of round. (11 stitches on needle)
Cut yarn leaving 25cm/10 in tail.
Thread darning needle with tail and thread through the remaining 11 stitches.
Pull tight and secure.
Darn in loose ends.


This pattern is for personal use only.  It is not to be used for profit.  Distributing freely or selling copies of this pattern is strictly prohibited without written permission of the copyright owner.


Copyright © 2009 Nittineedles

User Comments

Where have you been my friend,I have missed you and was just thinking of you the other day...Its great to see you back here!!! {#cheerleader.gif}{#happy.gif}{#happy2.gif}{#happy.gif}{#heart.gif}

Your timing couldn't be more perfect nittin ,my Granddaughter is having a baby girl this coming May.I'm so excited!!! {#cheerleader.gif}This Baby Cuddle Sack Hand Knit pattern couldn't be more perfect!!! Thank you!!! So happy your back!!! {#happy2.gif}

I've run out of Bookmarks in Greasy again and I'm getting tired of asking Eddie for more so I thought I'd start posting some patterns here instead.{#giveflowers.gif}

{#happy.gif}Well welcome back.This is lucky for us here in Blogster.I will get the word out for others to visit your blog.I'm happy to see you nittin....{#happy2.gif}

Hi Marg! it's nice to see something at the top of the most visited besides boring politics!

Nice to see you again!  These are so cute!

To netpob99

Please don't advertise on my blog.  Thank you.

Awesome idea!

This is very similar to what I've been looking for.  Only problem is - I don't knit.  Does anyone have a pattern for a crocheted baby coccoon very similar to this?

The only problem is - I don't crochet.  How about the loom knit pattern:  http://nittineedles.blogster.com/baby-cuddle-sack-on-loom-free-pattern  A loom is pretty cheap to buy.  I got mine at Wal-Mart.  Couldn't you just crochet a hat/bag that is approx. 8 inches X 20 inches?

Wow~what a perfect little pattern!  Exactly what I need for the sudden bloom of "grandchildren-in-the-making" announcements among my friends, and for charity work for the local hospital.  Definitely going to bookmark this page!  I'd never heard of nittineedles.blogster.com before--now that I have, I foresee a LOT less housework getting done as I read. . .and read. . .and read. . .

Thank you so much.  I have even more free patterns at my other blog:  http://greasy.com/nittineedles/   Just scroll done to 'My Bookmarks' on the left side of the page.  Enjoy.

This is cute! What is the yardage used? Thanks!

I just used some leftovers but according to the ball bands the Cuddle Sack took approx. 262m/286 yds.

I love the colours that you used... very beautiful...

My only question is - how do you stuff a wiggly baby into it especially if they are wearing clothes?


Good question.{#help.gif}

The baby normally goes in nude.I'm a phoographer and use it as a photo prop,but i guess you could use it as a swaddle blanket

I see what the size of the circular needles are but what is the length?

What ever length is needed to hold 44 stitches.  Circumference of the sack is 16 inches.

thanks so much! as to the previous question, i thought that babies wore just a diaper in a cocoon? i would roll it up like putting on a sock. put in the wee ones legs and scoot it up.

That sounds like the way to do it.  I would have tried it on my kids but my babies are all grown up.

As I am from Australia, we work on the ply of the wool, as in 8-Ply Wool normally knitted on size 8 or 4 mm needles  (size 6 US needles). I was wondering what ply the wool is that the Cuddle Sack is knitted in.

This should help you.  http://www.knitting-naturally.com/yarn-comparison-chart.html 

Aran weight would probably work with this pattern, too.

Thankyou so much for the information on difference in wools worldwide, you have certainly helped a lot in my knitting world.   There are so many patterns that I would love to make, but not knowing the wools of the world, it makes it slightly difficult to make them.   Once again thankyou so much.

Thank you for sharing! Love this! I have been wanting to make one of these!

You're welcome.{#flowre.gif}

hello, ever since i have seen this pattern i have been wanting to make it, the problem i am having is that i can't seem to find size 13 circular needles so i am going to try to do it on size 8 circular needles and just double the cast on amount. what i am wondering is why did you use worst weight instead of baby yarn?

If you are going to use size 8 needles you will need to cast on more stitches.  I used worsted weight because I like the better choices in colours.  If you want the softness and colours of baby yarn you could knit with four strands together. 

hi i was wondering if u have started this using aran wool with double amount of stitches as i want to do this too and have aran wool

I haven't tried that but be daring and experiment.

How do you keep this project from rolling around and around your circular needles?

When it gets long enough it stops twisting around the needles.

this is a darling pattern I hope that my daughter and son in law will like it as much as I like doing this type of pattern sincerely tiny

I'm so glad you like it.

I want to try this...very cute, but I am abit confused at how many yards I need to buy???

Approx. 263m/285 yds

My daughter in law is a photographer and saw these cocoons and fell in love with them.  thanks for sharing I am going to give it a try.  Oh, Expecting twins real soon.

You're welcome and double Congratulations!

I really like this but I was wondering what size of baby are these for.  What age of a baby is this for.

This is sized for a newborn but you could cast on extra stitches for a bigger baby.

Thank you for sharing the pattern. I will do some knitting this weekend :)

You're welcome.  {#flowre.gif}


You're welcome. :)

Do you sell these?

Yes, I do.  My on-line store is here:  www.blujay.com/Nittineedles

how much yarn is needed for this baby sack?

MATERIALS: 150g/5.3 oz worsted weight yarn

On this pattern it says, size 13 circular, but what length, 16 inches or 19 inches etc.



16 inches

As a long time knitter and supporter of knitting for charities, I was asked to make something like this for one of the hospital. I did a search, and was thrilled to find this pattern. Because I wanted to make one immediately for a baby shower, I used straight needles and will weave it together. I am knitting this with two strands of Dazzleaire (Carron yarn,) one pink and one white. It will take about 1 1/2 skein of each, and I started it with a border of 6 rows of seed stitch. I will let you know how it works out. Thank you for posting this.


I'm so glad you like this pattern, Maren.  You have my permission to knit as many as you want for charitable purposes.{#giveflowers.gif}

Let me know how this turns out it sounds great ok? Thank you carol

WHOOO HOOO, they are back, all your anon comments. Very cool. My test on is back too... now I wish I could remember on what posts my other ones were on.

Did anyone else have this problem or was the Team just picking on Margarets?{#flag.gif}

LOL, I think everyone had it.. but I was the only whiny one.:) Glad your anons came back, the way it was it looked as if you might have been typing to yourself. LOL

Hi there i'm dying to knit this cuddle sack, but i dont understand what wool to use, what does 5.3 oz  worsted yarn mean, am i thick or do we live in different parts of the wool ???? HELP

Hi Janet.  The 5.3 oz is the equivalent of 150g.  I show the imperial measures for the benefit of the people in the United States which hasn't switched to the metric system.  We certainly do live in different parts of the world.  I'm on Vancouver Island on Canada's west coast. 

sorry nittineedles my last post was meant to read world not wool, and looking at the time difference we do, would i need to buy a double knit wool .... hope you can help .... Janet 

I read somewhere that British Double Knit is the same as worsted weight.

I just used Marble DK (doubleknit) by James C Brett from England and I LOVE IT!!! It is a bit thinner than  #4 Worsted I did hats scarves so I wasn't interested in gauge that much. Hope this comment helps as it seems to me more like a #3 yarn.

Luv in Florida, USA

Its me again nittineedles all the way from England...... is there any chance of you posting a knitting pattern for a baby bottle warmer, just cant seem to find one, can only find them already knitted up or a pattern for crotchet .. which unfortunately i dont do, gonna learn though asap !!!!!!!  Janet

Hi again Janet.  I'm sure there is a baby bottle warmer pattern in my vintage pattern books but I'm not at home.  I'm visiting my mother for a few days.  I'll find the pattern and post it later this week.  I too never learneed to crochet........too busy knitting.{#flag.gif}

Hi!  Thanks bunches for this beginner-friendly knitting pattern!  I'm currently making one for baby #2 due in January!  Greatly appreciate your generosity!

You're very welcome.  Congratulations!

Thank you for this pattern, I have three of them on the go at the moment, or rather four as one is going to be for a baby doll for my friends daughter who is going through a rough time with Chemo and other stuff related to Luekemia, she is just 2 1/2 years old, so any comfort would be welcome.



You're very welcome Jake.  Love and best wishes to your friend's little girl.

I was wondering if I can make several of the premie baby bunting for the Hershey Medical Center in Hershey ,Pa.. will there be a problem using your pattern for that.. I like to keep my hands busy and most of all out  of the kitchen..



As long as it's for charity, that would be fine.

This is just what I was looking for. My daughter is expecting a baby in four weeks. Hope it doesn't take long to make. My only question is how you did the color pattern ?

Starting at the top I used two strands of blue.  The second band was one strand of blue and one strand of mint.  The third band was one strand of mint and one strand of yellow.  The forth band was two strands of yellow.  The fifth band was one strand of yellow and one strand of blue.  The last band was two strands of blue again.

Told you I'd be back. Can you tell me about how may rows  (bands) of each color did you do, or about how many inches of each color.

Thanks again.


I knit ten rounds for each band of colour.

Once again that you, I'm starting it this weekend and cannot wait to see my grandson all wrapped up in it.



Thank. you so much. You are definitly in my favorites.

I'm sure I'll be back.



You're very welcome.

Does the sack come out smaller if only one strand of yarn is used? I have a friend who, when I asked "pink or blue" said "camo". {#basic-tongue-out.gif} I found camo yarn and thought to use that, but only as one strand. Any ideas?

Knit a 4 inch square with size 9mm/13 US needles and the yarn you want to use for the Cuddle Sack.  If you count 11 stitches and 16 rows in that 4 inch square then you can use that yarn.

Thank you!! :)

Thank you so much for this pattern, I have scoured the net looking for a pattern like this, and this one is perfect I found this pattern tonight  and have already started I have three co-workers who either have just had a baby or one on the way and I also knit for the local hospitals and abuse shelter here where I live so thank you so very much for such a wonderful pattern all the babies will certainly love this cuddle sack.

You're welcome.  Enjoy.

Thank you so much for this pattern. We have five new babies on the horizon at church - one little girl soon and three boys in a six day period in December and one unknown as of this post due in March.  I have been looking for projects that are affordable and quick, this seems to fit the bill. I am too chicken to undertake knitting in the round so am knitting on size 13 straights with three strands of baby sport, pastel pink and yellow and white. Knit one row and purl the next but begin each row with two knit stitches to hopefully make flat seam. It seems a little thick, four strands might be a bit much unless you go to larger size needles.  Can't wait to finish! If this goes well, I will experiment with other yarns and try to make some for the Pregnancy Crisis Center showers.

Did not mean my comment to be anonymous, sorry.


{#thumbs_up.gif}Keep those babies warm.{#thumbs_up.gif}

OMG....how adorable!!  It looks like an enormous sock!  I'm going to send this to my knitter daughter!!  Thank You!

You're welcome.  I hope she enjoys knitting it.

Wonderful! Just what I needed, too. This is a great pattern. Going into my looseleaf.


Glad I could help.

I love it. Gonna start making these for my new niece today!


Good to see you! I will leave the "nittin" to you....back to my sewing machine and the curtains....

{#hello.gif}I tried but I just can't get into blogging here much any more.  You can still find me at:  http://my.greasy.com/nittineedles/

Sometimes it is really hard to read what is posted here. I don't blame you.

Do u join it or do u do it at the last ? It does not say to knit to join in directions do just wondering

I don't understand your question.

I think she might mean is it knit in the round (mark when you join) or seamed at the end.

I love this pattern. What yarn would you suggest for babies born in the summer? 

Angelrosebeam@ gmail.com

Cotton or bamboo.

I am trying to use two diiferent colors of yarn, should I knit them together from the very beggining? Thanks


Thank you for answering so fast! I am a begginer and I love your pattern. I would like to make this so that it fits my baby from birth until about 3 months. How many stitches would I need to cast on to increase the size, and then how would I decrease it? Here is 44-22-11, so would I need to do 88-44-22-11 or would that be too big? Thank you once again!


Hi Claudia.  Don't be afraid to experiment.  Don't be afraid to frog (rip-it out) if it doesn't work.  Be a fearless knitter!

I love this pattern as well, but also would like to make a bit larger so they can use it awhile lonnger. Claudia, What did you decide to do? 

Knitting Nana

How about 60/30/15 would the proportions be fine? Thank you! Claudia

WHERE DO YOU FIND THE SIZE CIRCular knitting needles? I have look all over for them.


I got mine at Walmart.

Great pattern...made it several times already and was well received by new moms.  I used Patons Melody, single strand and it also worked out well.   Thank you for your pattern, you have comforted many babies....  

I wanted to use more of a bulky cotton, merino, type yarn. Would you suggest I use the 13 needle? I was thinking of using an 11 with bulky. Thank you for sharing your pattern, I admire people that make up patterns. This is a gift for a baby to be born December 2015, in cold Colorado.

Working with two strands of worsted weight held together is equal to one strand of bulky weight.  Use the needles specified in the pattern.

How did you get the blue and yellow pattern?  I couldn't see how to do it in the pattern.

I started with 2 strands of blue.  After a certain number of rows I used 1 blue and 1 yellow strand together.  Then, after a certain number of rows I used 2 strands of yellow together.  Then I switched back to the 1 strand of yellow and 1 strand of blue and ended with 2 strands of blue.

Thank you for getting back to me.   That's great.  I will try that.

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