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jamesnews marynotcontrary


Added: Friday, November 25th 2011 at 3:46am by Neo
Category: News & Issues


For every wife beater allowed to exist, there are one or more victims. Baffling to law enforcement and criminal psychologists is the fact that an astonishing number of those victims willingly return to their abusers even when continued beatings are likely to occur and there is a high probability of the relationship ending in the victim’s death.

The first thing the victim has to figure out to survive is that the abuser is not her friend, and not her protector, but he is her worst nightmare. The same is true for conservative Americans. We have to realize the folks in the Republican Party Establishment (RPE) are not our friends or our protectors. When the wife beater stops by his home on his way from the bar to the race track, he expects to find a clean house, a hot meal, cold beer, and the little woman ready and willing to ignore his stench and serve his every vulgar need without whimper or complaint, or she will suffer the consequences.

The same is true of our 'wife beaters' from the RPE. They expect us to step up without question and tow the party line so they can honor their unholy alliances with the other side of the isle, assuring their above the law status, and their place at the grand banquette of taxpayer largess. In 2008 a deal was cut, and Romney bowed out of the race in favor of McCain. We were then told that a vote for anyone but McCain would be a vote for Obama. Then after securing the nomination, the RPE slammed us in the face with their fists and beat our heads against the walls when McCain did everything but lay on the floor comatose to insure an Obama win.

Why didn’t we learn our lesson before when they did the same thing to us with Bob Dole, granting the embattled Bill Clinton four more years in office? Over and over we heard that, “A vote for anyone but Dole, is a vote for Clinton.” The next thing we knew, our heads were being slammed against the floor while we were raped by the RPE who were willing to sacrifice the Presidency, but retain both houses of Congress, and more importently, retain their above the law status, and their place at the grand banquette of taxpayer largess. Obnoxious and monotonous isn't it?

After taking two major ‘wife beatings’, plus waking up one morning to 100% in sync news coverage that George Bush was anointed the Republican nominee before a single citizen's vote was cast, you would think we would have learned our lesson, but sadly, we have not. Leading up to this post, I promised hope for unity among conservatives. However, for us to achieve that unity, we have to apply a little common sense. Almost every Conservative acknowledges that Michelle Bachmann would be a more fitting candidate than those the RPE, and media et al., allow us to see and rank in the polls, but we aren’t supporting her, or even Ron Paul for that matter, for a number of reasons that aren’t valid at this time for Bachmann or Paul, or any none RPE candidate.

If we yield to pressure when we are told we can’t vote for someone because, it would be a vote for the other side, or they can’t win, or any other unvetted and premature reason, it is the same as yielding to blackmail, especially when the Republican Party Establishment has used this ruse on us year after year. The real shame though, is that we have been so stupid in guarding our rights. They have extorted our general election vote from us, and in that, we can at least sooth our lack of courage by telling ourselves the risk of losing the election outweighs our duty to cast an honorable vote.

But why are we giving them a freebie in the primaries? We know there is little chance we can overcome the power and corruption among the Republican or Democrat Party elites, but why would we embolden them by caving-in before the primary elections or caucuses even begin, and by pretending a vote for Gingrich or Romney would be our first choice? If however, we throw our support behind Bachmann for now, even if we think she can’t win the primary or general election, at least we would demonstrate that the power to vote is ours, not theirs, and that we are on our way to taking all of our power back.

If Bachmann losses in the primary or drops out, then we’ve lost nothing by supporting her now since we will then still have the full opportunity to vote against Obama and in unity for the establishment candidate. On the other hand, if Bachmann even makes a good showing, she will force Gingrich and Romney to move to the right to fend off her challenge. Best case scenario, if she wins the primary election, we will have a candidate all conservatives can back without holding our noses, and the RPE will have no choice but to back her as well, unless their real intentions are to throw the election again, in which case none of our efforts will matter in the general election anyway.

Whatever the outcome of the presidential election in 2012, please refer to drDrjojo’s comment on my previous post: "We have to try our best to elect Conservatives to the US Congress as well as state and local positions. We can't just worry about the White House or feel defeated if we don’t take back the White House [in this election]. The media is trying to tell people the Conservative movement is dying, but that is not true. They know they took a beating in 2010 and will stop at nothing to try to beat us to a pulp."

I for one am no longer willing to submit to any sort of beating from anyone without a fight. How about you?

User Comments

It is not a secret the major portion of the media is pro democrat.  The media chose McCain. 

The most interesting thing is; that many people tend to choose a candidate on what the candidate says, without ever having made their own decision on what is acceptable.

Seriously, how can a person who does not know or understand their own God given rights know which candidate is best suited?  They DON'T!  And that is why you see candidates who are elected on looks, race, unconstitutional issues, media coverage, a photo opp, a free cup of coffee and other nonsense!

You are absolutely right! Thanks for your comment Rachel! Good to see you...did you take a few days off from blogging?

{#basic-smile.gif}.....yep, busy busy time lately.

Well, glad you're back! I'm signing off for now, but will watch for your new post later if you put one up! :)

{#basic-wink.gif} Have a blessed day.

Some election years you just don't have the cast of candidates with the ability to win a national election. This year I think we do. When the press actually come out and say only half nasty things about one particular candidate. It's a sure sign that's the one they want to run against. As if subliminal messages aren't noticed consciously. I noticed. Democrats would love to run against Romney.

I agree....Romney's their candidate of choice for good reason and we're supposed to be too dense to realize it.  Appears some self proclaimed "intellectuals" really are.

Excellent observation husbandofawife! You remind us that we just have to think beyond the overt and react with logic, not emotion. Great comment, thanks!

I believe the media and RPE's are underestimating us to their peril.  But it's up to us to stay united and strong.....we can be our own worse enemy if we allow it.

Great post neo.

Thanks Bev! Your spot on. We have to be united, but think logically about how that best manifests itself in our struggle. We can't win this if we emulate the emotionally unstable left. They are the haters, screamers, and idealists easily led by any reward on a stick. We as realists must calculate our moves, accepting self-denial if need be, to survive as free citizens and not teat suckers. We can't become our own worst enemies in the process. We need to form our own version of the Spartan Phalanx, let them have their Ephialtes! We don't need talking heads to form our own lines in the primaries, and we can reform in the general if need be! For now, showing zero support for establishment anointed candidates will force them out or change them for the better...either outcome moves us closer to OUR goal.

Amen Neo!!!  I love the analogy of the Spartans....Precisely! 

We have the numbers to back us IF...and thats a big IF...we can all agree on the plan of attack.  We can't be all talk and no action....sitting behind a keyboard is one thing....but getting out  motivating, inspiring and encouraging voters to back their Conservative Candidate is foremost.  I worry about complacency and not following through on our mission.

Thanks Bev. We should remember too, Obama or the nature of his bid for re-election is not cast in stone. The Democrats have not embraced the Caddell and Schoen WSJ article a few days ago calling for Obama to step aside in favor of Hillary running, but it reinforces that the game does change occasionally in an uncertain world. If Obama or Joe Biden were to become ill, or if Biden were to pull a major gaff, and become a liability, it would almost certainly draw Clinton into the picture in some capacity. If that happened, as polarizing as HRC is, there is a significant number who support her. If she replaced or joined the ticket, is there any doubt what would happen? No conservative male establishment front runner would be able to mount a serious challenge against the media war that would be waged in her favor. I doubt any significant number of reformed former Clinton supporters would revert, but they might stay home and leave the outcome to providence. I think in that case, we would be begging for a conservative woman to counter the Hillary factor.

There are SO many variables in the upcoming election....and we still have a ways to go.  I don't think I've ever been this concerned about an election in my lifetime...

What really bothers me is the turmoil within our own party...we're giving the liberals soundbytes to use against our candidate in the general election regardless of who it is.

In the past even if a republican won WE THE PEOPLE lost. We were allowed to win but the RINO elected was NOT for WE THE PEOPLE.

In order to turn this around we have to get Bachmann to run and back her 150%.

I hate to say it but if she doesn't win the republican nomination perhaps we need to convince her to third party it and vote for her anyway. If the Conservatives all back her and the Independents and those undecided so as well we just might get a REAL president willing to fight the take over of OUR "giveittoment" and get OUR Constitution and OUR GOVERNMENT back!

Precisely Nota!! We have let them pick our candidates for us, then we let them get away with moving further and further to the left with no consequences for their betrayal. Who would have ever thought someone like John Boehner would ever be able to rise to Speaker of the House in a Republican controlled Congress...disgraceful!

Thinking we can compromise our values to meet Marxists in the middle is equivalent to jumping off a cliff and thinking we can stop our descent in mid air. Any form of socialism is a path to the hard bottom of totalitarian rule.

Between top and bottom, there is only acceleration, no stop-offs along the way. You might be right about an independent run for Bachmann, but it would require a very strong showing in the primary for that to be a viable alternative. Either way, at this point, we shouldn't rule out any possibility that shakes up the establishment!

This may be the last chance we have to restore the Republican party. If the elitist usurpers from within will not give up their control now, we will have the hard choice the Whigs faced. If Romney is nominated, even if he wins, he may be our Millard Fillmore. I hope not! Great comment Nota, thanks!

Neo, this has been a very good post, unfortunately the general public does not know how they are manipulated on all fronts. James news

Good point jamesnews! Some say that's the price of an affluent society. When we can afford to devote our lives to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification, sports, music, the party or drug scene, etc., we have neither time, nor unbiased concern for matters of law and morality...self-governance in other words. Thanks for your comment!

Neo, thank you for posting. James news

You're welcome James News, and thank you!

Please keep Bachmann out of the primary...It will be a landslide Democratic victory. She scares too many of the Grand old party to get elected..That and all she has to do is open her mouth and let stupid spill out....Please get someone with a clue to challenge the emperor!!! 

OK Bob. Thanks for stopping by!

Conservatism always has been and always will be a force to reckon with because it most closely approximates the reality of the human condition, based, as it is, on the cumulative judgment and experience of a people. It is the heir, not the apostate, to the accumulated wisdom, morality and faith of the people.


As a force in electoral politics in any given season, conservatism, like all ideas and causes, is hostage to the effectiveness of the party that carries its banner, the candidates and leaders who articulate its principles and programs, and the engagement and spirit of the people who are its natural adherents.


It is true what Neo has said, having witnessed the candidacies of Dole and McCain, a dispassionate critique of the performance of each of those elements would have to conclude that the core of the conservative people - our natural adherents - was inflamed with both passion and knowledge of conservative principles.   It was the party and the candidates, leaders and conspicuous advocates who failed both in their visions and their performances for a cause that yearned to be well-led.


A wasted vote is a vote for someone you know does not represent your own beliefs and principles. A wasted vote is a vote for someone you know will not lead the country in the way it should go.


Albert Einstein is credited with saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. For years now, Republicans and Democrats have been leading the country in the same basic direction: toward bigger and bigger government; more and more socialism, globalism, corporatism, and foreign interventionism; and the dismantling of constitutional liberties. Yet, voters continue to think that they are voting for "change" when they vote for a Republican or Democrat. This is truly insane!


The Constitution, to be worth anything, must be held sacred, and rigidly observed in all its provisions. The man who wields power and misinterprets it is just as dangerous as those standing nearby that simply sell their votes to the highest bidders.


It is a sad commentary on the intellect of today’s average voter, and those they elect; either they don’t have the capacity to understand the Constitution or are wanting in the honesty and firmness to be guided by it.  

An excellent and thorough comment Ancient1! Thank you very much!

Speaking of bigger "giveittoment"...have you read this? I havenot checked it for truthfulness...


Senators Demand the Military Lock Up American Citizens in a “Battlefield” They Define as Being Right Outside Your Window

Published on November 25, 2011 
10:54 pm by  

The worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial provision is in S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which will be on the Senate floor on Monday.

The bill was drafted in secret by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) and passed in a closed-door committee meeting, without even a single hearing.

I know it sounds incredible. New powers to use the military worldwide, even within the United States?

Yet when I clicked on:

The worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial provision

It took me here:


Urge the Senate to Oppose Indefinite Military Detention



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The U.S. Senate is considering the unthinkable: changing detention laws to imprison people — including Americans living in the United States itself — indefinitely and without charge.

The Defense Authorization bill — a "must-pass" piece of legislation — is headed to the Senate floor with troubling provisions that would give the President — and all future presidents — the authority to indefinitely imprison people, without charge or trial, both abroad and inside the United States.

Urge your Senators to oppose sections 1031 and 1032 of the Defense Authorization bill.

It did NOT list Bill 1867 anywhere.

It looks like bad law Nota! A quick search on the terms "arrest," "detain," "sunset," etc., reveal troubling language, which is not surprising this time of year when there is a rush to ram everything they can through without suffering citizen or opposition scrutiny. Good find...definitely bears watching! Thanks very much for your comment!

That is what I found as well after putting this here...this "giveittoment" is INSANE!

I just saw this on another site.
Senate To Vote On Legislation That Allows U.S. Military to Detain Americans Without Charge or Trial


This needs to be stopped. If they decided to they could detain anyone that did not agree with them...you or me or...anyone.

Amen, Thanks for your post and all the comments. I can't get out and talk to people like I used too, but my son is out there fighting and talking to people, and he is an excellent speaker and not afraid to tell the truth. ( He has already converted all the liberals where he works.LOL){#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}

Awesome RaggedyAnn! Your son's good character is a testament to you doing a great job raising him! I thank you both very much, and thank you for a wonderful comment! And by the way, I think you are talking to people every day in your excellent posts and comments. You might be surprised how many you reach and influence!

good analogy about the wife beater.

I knew someone who was married to a wife-beater just like the one you described. He finally beat her to a pulp and left her and his children for a real life whore. He lived life like a king, going from relationship to relationship, while never paying child support. His wife (my friend) died a few years later. The rest of her life was spent trying to put food on the table and roof over her children's head.

Our politicians are doing pretty much the same thing, they are selling the people out just to win elections and to fulfill their lust for power. And leaving the Constitution behind. (We saw how the liberals treated the Constitution during the healthcare debates.) Our country is struggling along and suffering because of it.

Money is being dole out to 'win' elections instead of going to infrastructure and schools and vets. Americans work from Jan to April just to pay tax obligations. How many more months do they want to work for the government when it is already wasted on their special interest groups?

We have to get back to basics before it is too late. I do think Michele Bachmann understands that point. Too bad more people in Congress don't, but more important, TOO BAD THE VOTERS DON'T UNDERSTAND IT.


Very sorry to hear about your friend! I've seen that, and I have friends in law enforcement who have told me one of the most dangerous calls for them is domestic violence complaints. They have to be careful because it's not unusual when they have to use force to arrest an abusive husband, that the wife attacks them from behind. Same thing the Democrats do...the analogy just keeps going doesn't it. Great comment as usual Jojo! Thanks!

Amen! I guess that's why we all hate Congress but people keep voting in their own career politicians for bringing home the bacon! Great comment Patriot, thanks!

Good post and comments Neo.

Thank you very much AJay! :)

This was a good and thoughtful post Neo. I can't count the number of times I've said I'm disgusted by BOTH parties presented to us (in the White House and Congress) and their adament refusal to allow "we the people" to make other choices... OR those candidates who DO present themselves as someone we don't have to hold our noses to votes for have to be lumped admist either the Democratic or Republican party.

Until we're allowed to do this, I fear the status quo. I do agree with another commenter that so many people in our country now are struggling to just get by in their daily lives that their focus is far from the points you make here.

I totally agree that, in the primaries, there's no harm done in voting FOR a candidate whose platform you agree with rather than focus on who might beat the democratic candidate in the general election. It would send a strong message.

I've never professed to be the smartest or most knowledgeable person on many topics, so I wonder why there hasn't been a stronger push for a third party (or fourth) party. Why can't Bachmann run as a Tea Party candidate or Ron Paul run as a Libertarian??  Does this come back around to BIG MONEY (the businesses, banks, and corporations "too large to fail") not wanting their interests touched by someone with the balls the stand up to them? Or do just not enough people understand the ideas behind these candidates to understand the difference in them vs. the status quo?

Until something changes, I'm afraid I'll continue to find myself voting on a few hot point issues I feel strongly about instead of FOR a candidate who can make a difference. Given our present choices and speaking about the huge issues that are presently bringing our country down FAST (keeping in mind it's taken us decades to get here,) I have a sinking feeling in my stomach about the future of America through the remainder of my life....and that really makes me sad.

I can't express myself as eloquently as your other commenters, but I hope this makes a little sense.

Your comment makes a lot of sense Cats! Our politicians are addicted to power and greed, and like a monkey with its hand stuck in a jar, they won't drop the prize to save their own souls. I agree, the country is going down fast, and we won't live long enough to see prosperity return to America. Great comment, and very much appreciated! Thank you!

Great Post Neo. I have watched every debate, and five of the candidates would make a better President than the one we have now. The trick is going to be the one that is serious about Our Founding Father's values and vision for our country. The other big thing is to be careful about who we vote into the Congress and the Senate. As we see right now, we have gridlock, and we can not afford Gridlock going forward. We need to get rid of so many of the entrenched that are as used to getting handouts by the Government as the OWS-ers are. In most jobs, if you do not do your job, you are fired. Since we only have the polls to get these people out of there, that are getting rich off of the Taxpayers for doing nothing, then we better pay attention at the polls, as far as Congress and the Senate goes, or it won't matter who we elect as President, we could be right back to gridlock again. 

The sad thing is that in the past, a do nothing Congress was an improvement, but we're pouring out our life's blood in entitlement spending, and cannibalizing what little is left of the nation's productivity in interest payments. We have to shut off the spending spigot and slice the bureaucratic red-tape off of businesses so they can put Americans back to work. That's going to take a Congress that is far less corrupt, and far less ideologically Socialist. You're right, breaking the gridlock in Congress is the answer, and the representatives have to listen to their constituents, not the communist in the White House. Great comment Marian! Thank you very much!

Once we cave in to the notion that the conservative movement is dead and we're better off voting the Republican line we are not only giving in to our worst nightmare, we giving up our right to vote.  Both parties brought us to where we are today. How can anyone pull the lever for Newt Gingrich or for that matter Mitt Romney.  Both see election 2012 as a source of personal power. What to do? simple speak up and be noticed

I agree, we start at the local level and vote in men and women who have a sense of values.

So true, and whether it's the local school board or the United States Congress, we can no longer allow those to whom we've entrusted representation of our affairs, to abuse the privilege. Thanks very much for your comment Al!

Great post Neo{#apploud.gif}Unity and common sense ,two words that say alot here...and are exactly what we need. Loads of elites too that have a big say in who will run,so speak up now and be heard with the voice of truth! Winning the power that surrounds the prez. in the houses will definately affect him!

Thank you Rosie! Yes we have to start changing all of Washington! If we can win the White House, we have to do what we can to get it done, but either way both houses of Congress are overdue for a complete refreshing! I just hope we haven't waited too long to turn back the damage already done without our kids having to suffer for years and years. Great comment Rosie! Thanks for stopping by! :)

NIce to read you too Neo:) That's what worries me,how long before we get America back?How many generations must suffer the turmoil caused by the liberals before we can be free..we've been asleep for way to long and history repeats.

I have faith in America and it's people,,we must stay united to win!And we will win but at what cost and when...I'm going for 2012:)!as a great start!

Me too Rosie! One thing that worries me is the mindset of so many of our people. Occupy Wall Street has turned into the most misguided and disgusting movement imaginable, with too many deaths, rapes, assaults, Marxist/leftist insurgency, and just filthiness of all kinds including body lice, fleas and an array of disease spread by filthy hygiene, yet there are people who ignore all that and attest to how wonderful it is. Some of these people, if we met them after a bath, I'm sure they would seem nice, and we would probably like them, but they are in such denial of reality that it is stunning. We have to fight hard to win our way back to simple common sense then fight hard to keep it that way long enough for an uninfected generation to grow up and take the reigns...a difficult task that will see most of our generation to our graves.  

Yep...Dire le cose come stanno, as the Godfather would say.

Just description of the lowlifes in occupy, and lowlife govt we have now too,seems they aren't ruled by any God I know but another strong force in play now,,and we can beat him daily too!ha!

It's hard to teach the truth of what's happening to closed minds,and the school system has set that up well for todays youth!grr!! You probably do what I do,,go out and talk to folks,it's amazing how much the average person doesn't know and how you might just show someone some light on bho!I did with a neighbor that lost her job,that's what it took for her to ask me "what happened"?She's not going bho again,as many others aren't either.

Knowledge is power,,pass it on:)

Amen! I've noticed people are a lot more willing to listen than they were a couple of years ago too!

Yes they are,,as soon as they become infected as libs,, ,oophs  that should be affected  by the lib ways ,they wonder what is going on but many don't have the time,or cable and only get msn news ,so pass on the word in public,with truth and they will listen now:)

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