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road trip!!!

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 5:19pm by nemo4sun
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now i am in the mood for a road trip!


sausalito summernight ~ diesel

Great bass player!!!

We left for Frisco in your Rambler

The radiator running dry

I've never been much of a gambler and had a preference to fly

You said "forget about the airline, let's take the car and save the fare."

We blew a gasket on the Grapevine and eighty dollars on repairs

All aboard (Sausalito summernight) All aboard

Hot summer night in Sausalito Can't stand the heat another mile

Let's drop a quarter in the meter and hit the sidewalk for a while

I'll have a burger and a root beer

You feed the heap some multigrade

A shot of premium to boot, dear We'll get across the Golden Gate

All aboard (Sausalito summernight) All aboard (Sausalito summernight) All aboard (Sausalito summernight) All aboard

another mile or two to Frisco

Two hundred gallons from LA

The engines thumpin' like a disco

We oughtta dump her in the bay

All aboard (Sausalito summernight) All aboard

Cashin' all my checks

Scrapin' out my bank

Spend it on a Rambler with a whirlpool in the tank

Look out over here

Watch out over there

Can't afford a blowout 'cause we haven't got a spare


All aboard (Sausalito summernight) All aboard (Sausalito summernight) All aboard (Sausalito summernight) All aboard



User Comments

Dump the Rambler. An '83 Rabbit will give you 10,000 miles for that much diesel.

i had an' 81 corolla i used to take offroading

I can recall as a young person taking a very un-road worthy vehicle on a road trip and boy did we ever have fun! What an incredible adventure. We carried brake fluid, steering fluid, and a hammer to hit the cellinoide [sp?] to get it started when it was fussy.

Good times by 18 yr olds!

back in 1978 my friend and i got tickets to see the world series of rock with peter tosh, kansas and the rolling stones.

but we have no car and little money.

so we scrounged up money and got rides for parts to fixed up his dad's 1960's something stationwagon ~ and got it running!


we made it the concert and heard "dust in the wind" as we were gettting out of the car ~followed by "goodnight everybody!"


we got to see the stones though ~ it was an exciting adventure for us young guys


Oh that was cool! I went on a Mercy Date for one of my brother's friends and got to see Crosby, Stills, and Nash. The Stones would have been awesome!

Does it actually get hot in Sausalito?

i looked it up ~ over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 44°F to 73°F and is rarely below 37°F or above 83°F. 

not that hot to me  ~ lol

they were a dutch group so.....

Lol... they probably just picked a spot on the map and ran with it.   I used to live near there, and thanks to the bay fog and the bay breezes, it's usually kind of Chilly. 

I left my heart in Sausalito 20 years ago.....{#basic-cry.gif}


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