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it's time to rock a lot!

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 3:42pm by nemo4sun
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ellie posted bob seger ~ who iam i to argue?



If the sun ain't shinin' bright
And the moon, the moon
Won't shine for you tonight
If the stars in the sky gone away
And you feel feelin' real slow down today

If life gets hard to understand
And the whole thing is getting out of hand
Come to poppa, come see your poppa

If you need a pacifier
Call me anytime, I'll try to be your satisfier
If you feel like a horse blazin' at the bit
Call my number anytime night or day
I'll get ya fix

If life gets hard to understand

And your whole life is way out of hand

Come to poppa, come see your poppa


User Comments

Good one!!! {#thumbs_up.gif}

agreed ~ but hard to go wrong with seger

Amen to that.

Hey, you've been gone for an awefully long time, huh?

had a bad cold


{#rofl.gif} Glad you pulled through after all these years.

oh that!


loooooong story ~ lol

BTW... You knew me before as MrRightwing

pleased to remeet you



I love Seger, everything.  Great good song.

Happy Valentine's Day :)

me also ~ this is one of mt favorites of his


happy valentine's day!

Off the top of my head, I'd have to go with "Night Moves" and "Old Time Rock & Roll" as being my top faves, but there are others, oh "Against the Wind" is another.

i tilted the monitor and yes i can can see them up there ~ along with "mainstreet"


i also love "get out of denver"and "fire down below"

I love Main Street!  I forgot all about that one. Put that up there for me with "Night Moves".  I don't know if I know the other 2 you mentioned above. I'll have to utube them :)

i shall educate


Your a good art educator. You're good at music also.  :)

i've been attarcted to the arts my whole life

my broter and sister also


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