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wendidawn comppayout


Added: Thursday, January 16th 2020 at 4:29pm by nemo4sun
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so the other day i noticed southerncharm had changed her avatar

i realized mine was over 6 years old

so i decide to take a new photo and change mine

see above ~ time flies in the blink of an eye

but anyhow i can not get it to work

been trying for around 2 hours



User Comments

Its working!  Once you put it up, you probably didn't realize you needed to clear your cache, then it would show up as its doing now :)

um...how do i clear my cache?

Log out and clear your history/data.  Are you using Win10?


i hate lossing myself ~ lol

Hahaha! Yes there you all in all your glory. {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

thank you so much for all your help!


You're very welcome. {#thumbs-up.gif}

well look at you

that scarf was my daughters when she was a little girl ~ lol

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