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Added: Sunday, January 19th 2020 at 5:02pm by nemo4sun
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i just noticed the little medallion in the upper right hand corner of our posts

the tan circle with a c in the middle
if you hover your mouse over it you will see the following:

"this is just a visual confirmation of a test i am running. ~ bobski"

i rememeber bobski and his test from 7 years ago

is it still running?

has anybody heard anything about bobski?

way back i had rica explain it to me

but i see rica has not posted since 2018

i take it she does not work here anymore

that is sad ~ i like her

i also see mamakat died ~ that is sad also

i usally post longer songs

she told me she usually didn't click on songs over 3 minutes but she did mine

and she liked them ~ lol

that made me feel good

let me know if bobski is still around


User Comments

If you put that name in the search box, then choose username, it takes you to his blog page. Seems his last post was in 2018. Hope that helps.

i wonder how his test came out or is it still running?

are we all guinea pigs?

if so is cheese involved?


so many questions?

Rica is on facebook now, didn't really know who bobski was. Kathi, mamakat passed last year. So very sad. I miss her so much. She was a wonderful person.

tell rica i said "hi there" ~ i liked her and hope she is doing well


i read that about mamakat ~ *sniff*

i will

I'm sure  bobski came up on my PC last year. I'm sure as usuall it was a case of a helping hand.

good to know


If I remember correctly Bobski pretty much left very soon after all the "moderation" bullcrap went down.  Rica took over the admin of this site and Golfers left it to run down without any further upgrades and little or no maintenance. Nobody was getting paid to keep this place running, Rica isnt and none of those with admin tools are either as far as I know.  There's stories floating around that one day very soon, blogster will shut down forever, once and for all. 

thanks for the update

i hope they give a heads up so we can find out where everybody gones

I dont know where I will go, this is where I've lived for 11 years and all my life stories and travel adventures are all in here. I hope it doesnt shut down for good, it will be a shame.

i remember your recorded walks around your neighborhood ~ those were fun!


those are safe, I have the videos on youtube. But the blogs themselves will all be lost if blogster goes down the tubes....{#basic-cry.gif}

glad to hear they are on youtube ~ could you post a link?


just do a search for my channel RiaNovember and click on the videos tab, you will have to do a lot of scrolling to find them though....{#basic-laugh.gif}



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