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AmalaTsering Metalheart

art sunday

Added: Sunday, February 16th 2020 at 7:07am by nemo4sun
Related Tags: art

strike up the band ~ it's art sunday!!!


today i feature julien tabet



ever have one of those days



ya just can't get it together



one loose thread and it all unravels 



just can't find a moment alone



trouble lurks everywhere



tired of the thunder baa



well get those summer duds on



and find some friends to head to brighter days



User Comments

Awwwww, I like this art. I love stuff like this. Its so cute and each one made me smile :)

i wanted to find something a little lighter for today to help shake the cabin fever blahs

oh no! - i just realized i forgot to post the name of the artist ~lol

there ~ i fixed it

Each one is very unique but I love the tiger and the bird threading in his stripes.  They are all awesome!  {#basic-laugh.gif}

the one that tipped the scales for todays choice was the thunder sheep

my favorite is the last because...well..birds


Well I had seen Julien Tabet's name at the bottom of each one :)  what a talent!

well..yeah..theres that ~ lol


you colored your hair ~ kicky new summer do?

Its not my hair :)  its mardi gras week so I needed a costume hence, the hair.  I went to 4 parades over the week end.  More parades next week end leading up to Mardi Gras day the 25th.

woo hoo!

Image result for mardi gras gif


The word interesting and bizarre comes to mind.  Fortunately i LIKE bizarre things.


You hit the softest of my soft spots....animals!!!....{#floating.gif} {#floating.gif} {#floating.gif}

having fun!!!

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