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very cool get to know me quiz

Added: Wednesday, November 27th 2013 at 2:02pm by NatashaRaatz
Related Tags: cheerleaders, california

11 Responses Created by NatashaRaatz on November 27, 2013


What Cheer team am I on?

  • Cali all-stars smoed
  • Florida Rays
  • Royalty Athletics
  • Storm Elite Allstars


Where am I on our cheer pyramid (most of the time)?

  • Right Basee
  • Backspot
  • Center Flyer
  • Far Left Flyer
  • Far Right Flyer
  • Left Base


What is the name of my cheer coach?

  • Khloe
  • Steph
  • Ally
  • Eddie
  • Michaeleddie

User Comments

Happy Thanksgiving Animated Gifs, part 1

well, criminy. i tried and failed except on the first question. close, but no cigar. but i think i can remember now. maybe? it was cool, tho. :)


Hmm...I got the first one right. : ) Are you central flyer as in the one in the middle on top??  That's pretty high...lol!  You're very talented (and limber and brave! ; )). Nice quiz! : )

yes i am the person on the middle top. my first time flying i was super scared of the hieght but i had  to get used to it very fast:) and thank you


i have a bunch of pictures if you want to look at if you are interestied in my albums


Yes, I guess you would have to get used to the height fast.  LOL! 

I forget about the albums that bloggers could have.  Very cool pictures and so you not only cheer but are involved with gymnastics, too?   Plus you ride?  You're busy and it all looks like so much fun!  Thanks!

thank you so much i love gymnastics but cheer and riding are my life!

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