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Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, February 16th 2011 at 10:35am by MzRed100
Category: Photos > Humorous > Others

I learn something new every day!

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{#apprehensive.gif} {#apprehensive.gif} {#apprehensive.gif} {#apprehensive.gif}

God I am laughing so hard, I couldn't possibly imagine!  {#rofl.gif}

My comment popped up right after MK. I never stop learning. Merkin's have a lot of uses.

I couldn't tell for sure...but I think this might be a real ad....LOL!

Merkin means wig & female pudenda is a female head. I didn't know that. Bill O' Reilly uses a new word every day, but he doesn't look it up for you.

Merriam's meaning is: the external genital organs of a human being and especially of a woman


One lady was chatting to another , over the garden fence.

"My Jim bought my a big bunch of flowers, I suppose I'll have to have my legs open all weekend."

"What? No need for that Jenny, I can lend you a vase!"

 Well I certainly learned something new here tonight too! Who in the crap would want one of those? BTW, No need to answer that question....lol!

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