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Multi Jurisdictional Survey

Added: Monday, June 9th 2008 at 1:58am by multijurissurvey
Related Tags: legal, politics

Globalization and liberalization are thriving on new approach for the present business paradigms.To stay competitive in the market, industries are looking to explore new opportunities while sustaining the existing customers. Offshore market emerged in the current scenario to assist leading companies in their non-core business processes. Here, outsourcing provides the optimum solutions through re-engineering and re-inventing the existing processes within the organization.

Recently offshore companies introduced a new approach called Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) into the market to provide alternative legal services for the US and UK markets. Legal issues form crucial component for any organization requiring bird’s eye vision on each and every aspect related to legal obligations. In this respect, along with technologies and human excellence, LPO services providers formulate new means to resolve the legal issues of large and small legal firms, government agencies, legal department of corporate houses, and individual attorneys. To reduce the operating cost incurred due to highly paid legal services carried out by attorneys and legal practitioners, LPO service providers offer services at less than 50 % of the overseas operating costs in comparison.

Some legal issues require keen attention due to their sophisticated nature. In multi jurisdiction cases, lawyers face few issues related to other jurisdictions that are far from their reach. Other jurisdiction statutes may vary for that particular issue. Lot of time may be consumed to the get the relevant information. While keeping the time factor in control, attorney transfers the whole research to a LPO service provider to collect the information of other jurisdictions. Offshore LPO unit functions as an extension of clients own business providing complete documentation and legal analysis. Multi jurisdictional survey explores the legal status in other states or countries on particular areas of law and allowing clients to be familiarwith the issue within the stipulated period.

With highly skilled trained attorneys and legal professionals, offshore provider can deliver in-depth research on legal issues by using exhaustive e-library and e-databases. Beside Multi jurisdictional survey, LPO service provider can offer extensive legal research & analytics through their experienced attorneys and trained legal professionals:

  • Research on various aspects of law like foreign law, case law, statutory law, and regulatory law, etc
  • Updation on latest developments in legal areas
  • Intellectual property details, civil procedures, etc
  • Legal research & analysis on jury verdict and settlements
  • Brief and memos on clients request

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