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Added: Sunday, February 16th 2020 at 12:59pm by MsPurrrrfect

COVID-19 — something has been bothering me about this outbreak and then it hit me; could this be a trial run/population control that China wanted and needed. Then a friend sent me a video talking about the aging population in China with the mistake of the one child rule being a huge mistake….. this could be their answer. 

Rule #1 when developing germ/biological warfare you must have a vaccine for your own people. I am willing to bet that the higher ups have been vaccinated against this. It is killing off the weak and elderly. Even if it does put a dent in the total population, China can afford that. The only point that could be made against this theory is the fact that their economy is going to suffer.


Here is the video 

User Comments

Thoughts on the CONVIC -19 virus ... is it a biological weapon, an accident, purposely unleashed.....  what say you all.... 

I have been thinking and saying the same thing...

It would be perfect because it kills more elderly...

The econ tanking is an unintended consequence, I suppose...liberals (commies) never look past their noses


You've got a very strong point there, and wouldn't be a bit surprised that you are correct in your assumption.

People always want to make sense out of something that doesn't make any sense. But sometimes things just happen. 

Sometimes things do just happen and my initial thought was that they were sensationalizing this to promote vaccines. Then the Chinese brought an entire city to a halt....  that was a reaction due to knowledge of how deadly this virus is or they were already feeling the effects. Their actions were too quick IMO...  just does not feel right. 

They already lived through SARS so it stands to reason they would want to act quickly, if only to prevent what happened then from happening now. But as they and the world can see, people are so connected and packed together so tightly if one of them gets sick they all do. It's like when just one of your kids comes home with something, all your kids eventually get it because they live in the same house. 

Good point. 

This is a good thinking point. You are probably right about this and it wouldnt surprise me in the least. 

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