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How much text talk do you Know?

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, May 26th 2010 at 11:32am by MotoTeen

218 Responses Created by MotoTeen on May 26, 2010


What is 2B?

  • to be
  • to brag
  • to bad
  • to bring


What is aayf?

  • an asshole you fuck
  • A apple you feed
  • a animal you fuck
  • As always your friend


What is alol?

  • A lot of love
  • actually laughing out loud
  • actually laugh out loud
  • actually lots of laughing


What is aml?

  • A mouse laugh
  • a mom laying
  • a mouth lip
  • all my love


What is bbl?

  • Bitch better leave
  • Big bad love
  • Be back later
  • Be by love


B4N means?

  • Before now
  • Be for nobody
  • be first now
  • bye for now


b4yki Means?

  • Before you know it
  • before you know internet
  • Before you know information
  • before you know ideas

User Comments

yeah thanks ttyl

Hey I did pretty good considering I have never texed in my life.{#basic-blush.gif}

Yeah ppl that get on the internet usually can figure out txt talk and I had a hard time of thinking of things that can have all the same letters

i liked it even though i got two wrong...!


In my fucking arrogant opinion or if it is a L at the front then Laughing my fat arse off I straight up owned it For the win good enough, Just saying Good enough?


oh my gosh laughing my ass off laugh out loud be right back

I was doing that because  of the text part...=S

i liked this quiz even though i got one wrong & i guessed on most of them...i text all the time i just never used or heard of some of these. i may begin using some. nice quiz!

=) Coach

Great quiz! A little too easy. Questions should use text speak in a sentence. For example: "Wtf r u talking about?" or "My gf is rotf."

2 Wrong !

i got it right woot omgwtfbbqlolsroflcopterlmao etc. etc.

Yay! I did good(: haha

Two wrong, not bad for a 47 year old!!

had no clue what i was doing...{#basic-blush.gif}

Wow!  I got them all right and I do not text!- TTFN

Text and email slang is mostly the same If yall want a better one I can make it just comment or leave a msg to ask ttfn

that was a cool quiz. I guessed at most of them. i text alot but i dont ever use none of them. I got most of them right tho.

YES!!! GOT A PERFECT SCORE!{#apploud.gif}

Good one.. I got it..

i got 2 wrong i liked the quiz

one wrong, i'm chuffed :L

got one wrong... but im pretty good (: even though i never use text talk :P

wow, I got all of them right! I wasn't sure on some of them.. I text all the time, but I haven't ever seen, or used some of these before! haha

100% but of course I am a teenager

For some reason, I'm actually kinda disappointed that I got them all right.

i inpressed myself

ops i msd alol uh o ! n e wy tnx c u la8er

i have never txted in my life, yet i got them all right. should i be proud or dissapointed???

I do text, but not tons.  I got them correct though.


All right :)

its meaningful 

long but fun{#apploud.gif}

I like,  " bitch, better leave better". I got an A+ on this tho. Yay

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