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What you must genuinely know if enjoy video games

Added: Tuesday, October 25th 2016 at 10:06am by mobilestrikerfla


I love my weeksends

On Saturday in the top topic: the leagues-special. If you are looking for a multiplayer competition off the ESL, here are the alternatives. But otherwise we have brought back a lot of content - there is something for everyone.
A lot of variety at the weekend

On Saturday, 22:00

In the top topic, we turn to the online leagues. Beside the ESL there are some smaller ones, which bring their own special advantages. So there is usually only little or no prize money, but the registration is often a lot more uncomplicated than in the big Electronic Sports League, where you can not even play in some ladders without Trusted status and premium. We've been a guest of Sebastian Prost from the Leaguez and talked to him about the different goals and approaches of the different leagues, the entry-level friendliness, the value of winning, the cheater's problem, and of course the Leaguez.

In the Tools section, we deal with a topic that is of interest to any ambitious player. We take various routers and their settings under the magnifying glass. Can one really tweak its router so that a better ping jumps out? Our expert Fikret Er├╝lkeroglu is well-versed and will answer these and other questions. The Noobguide for World in Conflict goes however in its fourth and last issue. In the end, ESL Pro Series player Pascal 'Dr.Proof' Scheffler once again provides tips and tricks to the game. But do not worry: Next week, of course, a new Noobguide will start.

In addition to two big extra-news news this weekend, the Movietipp will again be there - with a new Counter-Strike Fragmovie of the first goodness, which has been much talk in the last days. In the in-game check, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 first-person shooter is put to the test. The successor of the popular Rainbow Six decoupling is, of course, again equipped with an extensive multiplayer mode. How the new maps look, what game modes are there and much more you can see in the show.

When Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 crashes, an approximately 900 MB file is created on the hard drive. This file is not required and can be deleted, but you must remove it manually from the computer. The developers know about the problem and will fix it with an upcoming patch. Until the time is, however, you should delete the unnecessary file by hand. Just take a look at 'Rainbow Six Vegas 2Binaries', where you will find the unnecessary 'CrashReports'.

On Sunday, 22:00 hours
A strategy game classic of the same looks, returns with us on Sunday evening on the domestic screens back. StarCraft is more hip than ever, especially with regard to the soon-to-be successor. We have two Team Germany players, one from Squad A, the other from Squad B, who compete against each other. Gregor 'gregsen' Beyerle is guest in the studio. He will comment on the match and talk with us about the current SC scene and of course about StarCraft 2.

All the fans of World War II will get their money's worth. After a long time we show again a Livematch in Day of Defeat: Source. In the ESL DoD: S 6on6 league meet shake and diZe! To each other. Both teams have already won 3 victories in the group stage. Whoever decides on this match will be the first place in Group A to enter the playoffs. Commenting the whole once more Christoph 'rub' 'Redhe, DoD: S-Admin in the ClanBase.

You wanted it, you get it: In the community-gambling we will bring this Sunday Team Fortress 2 to the start. Pack your Spy clothes and show Nik and Michael what a rake is. The server data you get via PM, if you answer the question correctly in the program in the comments and also have the right little bit of luck.

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