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Listening to Music on the HTC Sensation

Added: Tuesday, August 9th 2011 at 2:33pm by mobileskills33
Category: Technology

The Sensation is a mobile smart phone that was just recently released on the T-Mobile network. The Android application market harbors thousands of different applications that can conveniently be downloaded directly to the phone. Through the app market you will also find that there are many great music applications that will help you enjoy all of your favorite tracks. Some of the best music applications that are available for the HTC Sensation include Pandora, Shazam, Rhapsody, doubleTwist and StreamFurious. With these great apps, the only other way to maximize the phone's potential is with some HTC accessories .

Pandora is a free music application that has been universally downloaded by many people over the Android application marketplace. This program is basically a mobile version of the internet radio service and it can be downloaded for free. Pandora lets anyone create their own radio stations based on songs and artists they prefer. To create a customize radio station, you must go on the full Pandora website and create an account. After the account is created, you can search for all of your favorite musical artists and songs. Just log-in to the newly created account on the HTC Sensation, and the personalized radio station will now be available on the go. Pandora utilizes the versatile Music Genome Project to find similarities in the user's favorite songs to play songs that most likely will appeal to certain users. Be sure to always have some HTC Sensation accessories like a case or screenprotector to keep your mobile phone fully protected.

Shazam is another free music application that is available on the Android market. Even though this is a very basic application it is a must-have for any young aspiring artist or music lover. If you ever come across a song on the radio that you like and you don't know the artist and name, then Shazam is the ideal application. Shazam tells you the artist and name of any song with a simple push of a button. After the song is easily identified, Shazam provides you the option to instantly download the song to your phone. The song can also be shared with all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Another great free music application for the HTC Sensation is Rhapsody. While the applications is free, it does require a subscription to Rhapsody for it to work. A Rhapsody subscription will set you about $9.99 a month, but a free trial is available when you download the Rhapsody application. Rhapsody users can use their Sensation to instantly hear or download songs in their library that have over 9 million songs. This is the perfect app for anyone that already spends over $10 a month on downloading music from other sources.

DoubleTwist is a great music app that can be downloaded for $.99. There are many smart phone users out there who use iTunes but cannot transfer their music to their mobile device. This feature can now work with the doubleTwist application. Even though this app is easy to use, it can take some time to transfer the necessary files to your phone if the music library you are transferring is a large file.

StreamFurious is the last great music app available for the HTC Sensation. StreamFurious plays the MP3 stored on the phone while running in the background. This will dramatically save your battery and lower your need for a charger. It is very important to keep in mind that cell phone accessories are what help us get the most out of our mobile phones.

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