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CRAWL on ME: Freaky Fetish Friday Formicophilia

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, December 17th 2010 at 9:24am by mmmhollywould
Related Tags: sex, sexuality, safe sex, weird, sex toys

The furthest back I can remember enjoying this was back when I was a little girl and going going to visit my grandparents on my fathers side.

They lived in rural Illinois, all cornfields and cows except in their case they had done pigs and chickens.  Though on all four sides cornfields were still there as far as the eye could see,  the chicken coop was boarded up and the pigs were long gone but still the flies remained.

I often played on their porch as a little girl and lay on my grandpas hammock between the porch pillars and the wall. When laying there the flies would come and crawl on my bare feet and legs. Perhaps they liked the taste of my clean city girl skin because I was like sugar to them.  I never shooed them away like everyone else did when they all gathered on the porch because I liked the way they tickled my toes and knees with their little feet, giving me goose bumps in the summer time! I always hated visiting those grandparents at Christmastime because the flies were gone! LOL, kinda sad that the big boon to visiting that battle axe of a grandma were her insects!

As an adult, I still love the way house flies tickle my feet and legs and will never own a swatter.  Call me prejudiced, NO OTHER BUGS but house flies!Knowing all of this, can you imagine my shock when I stumbled upon this fetish, Formicophilia.

Formicophilia is when a person derives sexual pleasure from insects crawling on their skin.  apparently it begins generally in underdeveloped countries where insects abound, you know like the Ethiopian commercials with a fly crawling across a kids eyeball. It would seem that when they are children they learn to derive pleasure from the insects and it becomes a full grown paraphilia in adults where the person will even put substances on their genitalia to draw bugs.

Now let me tell you something I don’t do! EWW.  No, I do not put anything on my genitals to draw bugs nor would I want an insect on my genitals.  My feet and legs will do, thank you very much.  Then again it is a the physical sensation I like but there is no sexual pleasure.

Now you know why those weird people next door do not hire an exterminator!

User Comments

You come up with the freakiest fetishes Holly, it amazes me! This one is really gross, I hate insects and couldn't imagine getting sexually aroused by them...Yeah, we get a lot of flies here in the flatlands of Illinois...can I ask, you mention your "city girl" skin, from what city did you grow up? Just curious....

I am an army brat. I was born in St.Loius raised mostly in Chicago.  Spent some time in LA & a lot of time very near Atlanta.

Chicago, eh? I once met a girl named Holly on Q101's dating line and we met for Margarita's on Clark Street...she said her REAL name was "Holly Woode" and she was a wildcat sexually...I knew there was a reason why I liked you beyond your insightful blogs...a fellow Chicagoean!

Im from Marietta orignally. Interesting fetish. What do ya call a fetish where you like rough, angry sex?

Not me, my heart is only for house flies! :p

Always learning something new from you Holly! Never heard of this one. I'm still stuck on the gecko plushophile.

Golly, Miss Holly....do you have some kind of book listing all the strange fetishes in the world....and you open it up every Friday, and pick a new one to write about?

Most of them are pretty strange....but they are always interesting! 

You should come visit my house for the annual fly invasion along about April.  I don't even know how so many get in, but we'll go through about a couple of week period, where we literally swat and kill a hundred or more every day...and still don't get them all.  And that's just inside my house.  If you step outdoors they are everywhere, too. Fly bait placed around outside doesn't seem to slow them down at all.  If you'd like, next spring I'll try to catch some live, and send them to you...lol!

I don't enjoy flies crawling on me.  Just hearing one buzz around in the room makes me itch all over.

I have just found that I also like flies crawling on me, my back and hands, no sexual pleasure, just enjoy the feeling of house flies, sort of company

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