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Manon Lescaut, the whole thang

Added: Tuesday, February 12th 2019 at 10:13am by MisterCox




"...Puccini's publisher, Ricordi, had been against any project based on Prévost's story because Jules Massenet had already made it into a successful opera, Manon, in 1884. While Puccini and Ricordi may not have known it, the French composer Daniel Auber had also already written an opera on the same subject with the title Manon Lescaut, in 1856.

Despite all the warnings, Puccini proceeded. "Manon is a heroine I believe in and therefore she cannot fail to win the hearts of the public. Why shouldn't there be two operas about Manon? A woman like Manon can have more than one lover." He added, "Massenet feels it as a Frenchman, with powder and minuets. I shall feel it as an Italian, with a desperate passion..."

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See what ya get for reading the NYT?

Depressing shit, and I go for it every day. Glutton for punishment.



Can you insert a link so I can see the video?  My phone doesn't let me view them this way.   Thank you!

Mags! Sowwy it took me 17 days to reply {#crying.gif} Your requested link now at the very top :-)

Thank you!

If you happen to be like me; having low-patience for watching opera on a little screen, I suggest you listen to it while you're doing something time consuming in your home. Like maybe cooking a meal? Do you use gmail, cuz if you do, then you have a YouTube account (Google owns YouTube). If you listen to it in your YouTube, it will always be in your history which is in a column on the left side of the YT screen. And it will always be there frozen at the point exactly where you stopped listening to it last. So, you could listen to it in pieces...

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