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I'd Be Ok with America & Mexico Forming a Union

Added: Thursday, September 12th 2019 at 9:17am by MisterCox

Would get rid of all the Build A Wall silliness. By the way, please, fear not Spanish. Er, Mexican Spanish. It's really quite a simple language, has to be else I'd not remember so, so much of it 31 years after last being instructed in it.

This union could have a parliament like the House of Commons. Gets tricky though, cuz I think there should be 1 rep. for every 10,000 people. I think that counted and uncounted America has about 340M, and Mexico another 100M. To have 1 rep. for every 10,000 people this parliament would presently need 44,000 members. Big ass deliberative body in a BIG big ass building. That would have to be added-on to every ten years after a census. Hmm.

All of the above by the way is an apt representation of my new favorite pie-in-the-sky thinking. P.S. thinking doesn't harm unless one fails to understand that realizing such a dream would take loads of initiative and interaction with others. I start by suggesting it to you in this post.

By the way, my fellow Amerikaners, how do you feel about (if my 340M population is real) having a House with an ever-static membership count of 435? That's one representative for every 781,609.1954022989 persons. If you don't think people who are not citizens should count, then, let's say reduce my 340M to 290M. That's gets you 1 rep for every 666,666.6666666667 persons.

By the way I didn't deliberately (you know, towards being provocative) contrive the number 290M to end up with a repetition of the allegedly satanic numeral 666. 290M just came to me by subtracting 50M from 340M.

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I remember way back when, when they were a union.  In the 50's Hispanic people came in to America Legally.  Those who planned to stay had their Green Cazrds and Visa's.  Those who just visited for today, had Green Cards.  Many of them came over to work for the day, then went back home.

I don't know exactly when they started coming over illegally, but I know it was sometime in the 60's.  And today, only those covicted of crime, come here to cause trouble, making it hard for those who want to start a new life.

For those who want to start a new life, should get a Green Card and Visa.

I'd be OK with Mexico as our 51st state.


Would get rid of all the Build A Wall silliness Yup, but then what would trump do with all those criminals, and rapists, and drug importers? They all are from "Mexico aren't they? 

Mexicans are a lot better off with a nation to call their own imop.

Sensible idea, give the slaves a stake in government. Were the buffoon in charge of your great nation not a liar he'd admit that the industry and agriculture there is dependant on underpaying foreigners, why not make them citizens? Oh yes, then you'd have to care for your workers, mustn't have that now must we?

True, but alas too late. Just yesterday I realized that my fellow yanks could never support a bilingual legislature. Fear is the reason people can't be arsed to learn even a little Spanish.

Spanish is a lovely language, I would like to be better at it, unfortunately I manage there by speaking Italian with a Spanish accent.

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