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I do not love nor admire Israel

Controversial Content
Added: Tuesday, February 5th 2019 at 12:59pm by MisterCox

Having read (part of) of article in nytimes.com inspired me to finally write this post. The article links a newly elected member of the House with Labour leader Corbyn, who evidently may be anti-Jewish (and I do mean anti-Jewish; "anti-Semitic" has become trite).

I'm not anti-Jewish (anymore than I'm anti-Christian and anti-Muslim): I'm anti-Isreal.

Is America Isreal's bitch, or is it the other way around? Anyhow!: FUCK THE PUNY NATION OF ISRAEL! Can those bitches finally get off my tv, doya think?!

In Sept. 2015 the ayatollah of Iran said that Israel will not exist in 25 years.  Less than 22 years left to wait! I'm gonna have a cake and ice cream party when that glorious day arrives. When the ayatollah nukes Israel (of course he will: you're American; you believe it will happen; therefore it will) I hope chooses both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as targets. I know, nuking Jerusalem will kill some Palestinians...did I mention I'm sick of Palestinians bein' on my tv?

User Comments

I am anti-Isreali also.  I think the Jews are deserving of equal rights.  However, I don't believe non-Jewish guilt over the Holocause, a truely awful thing, should blind us to the fact that this particular Isreali government is fostering another Holocause with Palestinians being the victme.

I don't want anybody bombed though.

Me neither. I was just havin' a tantrum teehee {#basic-kiss.gif}

Have you ever noticed what happens to people who attack Israel?
Bring it on, killer ... 


'Im all for nuking Jerusalem, if we also nuke Mecca and Medina simultaneously.  Get rid of every single supposedly 'holy' site, period.

Not that this would stop certain factions from fighting, it wouldn't.  But it might be entertaining to watch.



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