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December 1 2022 Another Good Day: Moving Day

Added: Thursday, December 1st 2022 at 7:09am by MisterCox

Unless I receive a communication from the manager of the place I move to today that indicates that approximately 11:30 a.m. is not a fitting time to be received; unless my sister Kathleen changes her mind about the time she intends to convey me and my belongings: today I move into a shared coed --yes!-- house in Walnut Creek 11:30ish.

In advance I've done grocery shopping at reliable Trader Joe's and stored the perishables in my sister's fridge. Otherwise I am as packed up as can be.

Already I've met my roommates Lydia, Sally, Bob and Zack. Also nine hundred thirty-second impressions last.


User Comments

Well you'll have a nice rainy day to move.{#basic-cool.gif}

Yeah, I got a tiny, tiny, tiny bit wet. It's 2:52 p.m. and I am warm and comfortably ensconced in my new home.

Do you have your own refrigerator/freezer?

Nah, not needed. I have some appointed room in one of the fridges. Plenty of space. I don't foresee myself freezing anything. I am really good at eating for one. And I'm willing to cook for others even though I don't require the necessary Thank yous. One of my roomies, her name is Sally, she clearly cooks often. And also she is quite the matriach. Sally originally came to America from England. I think she likes me. Proper sort of woman who every day wears beads.

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