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Added: Wednesday, November 6th 2013 at 9:12pm by missmuffet
Category: About Me
Related Tags: birthday

November 5 was my birthday, my first during my retirement! Because that day is Guy Fawkes I traditionally always received a Catherine Wheel for every birthday as a child growing up in a family of five of us, plus mum and dad. 

I well remember each birthday after finishing off my birthday party tea, dad would usher us all outside and we would take our positions in the bach yard. My two older brothers were allowed to help dad set up the fireworks and even get to help him choose which ones to set off as they sorted through the packet. My job was to look after our baby brother and my little sister had to look after our dog, Judy. Mum and our nana were able to sit back on the back porch and enjoy the fireworks from where they sat. Every year dad would nail the Catherine Wheel firework to the wooden post which supported the swing in our back yard and when the time was right he would say ' now daughter, this is your very own fire work, and only you can light it.'  I felt so special each time as he handed me the sparkler to light the Catherine Wheel. It completed my birthday celebrations and I glowed with pride.....  

Last night there were plenty of fireworks and we thoroughly enjoyed them.  Our neighbours had gathered on the beach with other families, and fire rockets, big bangers, beautiful fountains of colour were set off, however, I noted no Catherine Wheels this time..... however, I did have a very enjoyable birthday and am looking forward to another great year....



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Penny for the guy?


Thanks for your visit ZenofKen. Funny you should mention that.....We didn't have Guys in our family as growing up. However, we tried it once with our own children, and when the time came to light the bonfire with the Guy on top, we actually couldn't bring ourselves to set alight to the Guy!! We didn't attempt to make anymore Guys on future Guy Fawkes 5th Nov. days.....

Congratulations on all counts.No worry. Your very special Catherine Wheels will be enjoyed by millions of folk all over the world, for years and years to come.

I note you made a blog visit during the last 24 hours. They say no news is good news. We hope so in regard to your recovery. Please update us at BCUK or whatever if/when you feel in the mood.

At your service AT.....

Thank you.

Embedded image permalink

Thanks so much AT, thinking of you both and GB, we are in Napier at present, home tomorrow....HAPPY NEW YEAR.....

MEOW and Hi. Great to get your update - many thanks. East coast weather seems to be turning foul for a day or two. Keep up your super blogging. Greatly appreciated by all of us.GB/AT

We are all looking forward to your next birthday and hopefully your next post. Only time will tell.

Home yet? If not where for art thou?

Only just.... ended taking a flight home instead of the bus, the company cancelled their service and I couldn't get a suitable day to travel by bus.... flew into Auckland, then drove back here, through Matamata, at least I was driven, and the weather was horrible for late night driving.... nevermind, made it home and am catching up with myself meantime.....

We feel we have almost lost you. Plenty of blog posts here,  there  and everywhere. Please oblige as brief as it may be. 

Gone .

Seems you have left all digital except your one and only facebook. If you are much happier now, that is the way it should be.

The time has come. All the very best for your 70th and for lots of birthdays to follow.

No reply again. Send to one or other of my emails.

The time has come to go to Google, search for blogster. and from there join up again with a different username and a different password of you own. OK?

Given up and disappeared I reckon. Good luck.

Happy Birthday and congrats on retirement. I retired 22 years Ago.


I could buy fireworks as a kid, but no more.





Thanks Chuc, yes, I am enjoying my retirement, though it has taken me a wee while to adjust to it....Have been nursing for over 50 years, working shifts, both night and a variety of day shifts, so am now getting used to living in a normal day and in a normal week. Thanks for your visit...

All things being equal, there's every possibility that you'll receive over a hundred comments with this post before, you share your next one with us.LOL.

Understood, thanks for the prompting.

, thanks 

Greetings from ABBA.

I am late but glad you had an enjoyable Birthday.

Thanks wendidawn I'll celebrate my birthday any day of the year!

Cliff Richard video has just been posted on our ABBA private group blog.

Thanks for the heads up, I remember his Summer Holiday song very  we'll..

Hoping you check Cliff out either on our Group blog or on GB/AT post, where GB has added something extra. If your time allows maybe viewing both posts may be worthwhile. A good laugh for sure from GB. LOL.

Hi mm.Your ABBA AND OTHERS Private Group. A brilliant new ABBA post awaits your viewing etc. Thank you for your support.

Thanks will check it put.


Another ABBA posted.

Great you're on a roll!

Yes I roll alone.Seems that you might support the idea that I delete our private blog. I shall then consider abandoning blogster completely, as like many others enough is enough - being plastered with USA politics till at least next October.

GB agrees.

With Kate doing school pick-up unable to reply!

Please try to read all my recent post 'ABBA  ABBA  ABBA' in blogster. Please let me know if you had any trouble viewing all of it including comments,  or otherwise? A reply here will be fine. Many thanks.

Ok will do and get back to you..

March 28  - 2 comments: March 27th - no comments:March 21 - only appeared under Lifestream and not in Group Post: March16 - 2 comments: March 13 - 2 comments: Feb. 20 - 1 comment: Again Feb. 20 - 1 comment: Feb. 17 - no comment: Feb. 10 - 1 comment.

I can go back further if you wish... Do hope answers your query ok... please let me know if you need more....

Thank you very much mm.

You' welcome...

Hope all is well for you after your return  home from Wellington.Our ABBA Group awaits you. Lots of posts to read and enjoy there and at blogster.  MEOW from  Good Boy.

Holidaying again?

The Phantom returns

Still alive. Just.

A Very Happy New Year to you and yours Cathy. Our sincere thanks.



Wishing  you all the very best. 

Have just posted yet another GROUP video, hoping you will thoroughly enjoy it.

By the way if you  check my blogs go back a few and see my STAR Score of 99. A good challenge?

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