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How to choose plastic windows for the house?

Added: Monday, August 26th 2019 at 12:13am by MikeHammelton

The choice of metal-plastic windows for the home is a crucial step, because such a purchaseis not carried out for a year or two, but at least for a couple of decades . Properly selected plastic windows are the key to warmth and comfort in your home for many years! Our article will help you understand this difficult question, and hopefully make the right choice. Further we will tell you in detail about whatproperties high-quality windows should have , how to choose each component of the window. Believe me, there are many nuances that you did not know about! Or read more at the https://glawindows.com

Plastic Window Requirements

The main requirements for a metal-plastic window are: the ability to protect the room from the cold, providing comfortable lighting, protection from the noise of the urban environment, the absence of blowing and condensation, ease of operation, durability and aesthetics. We called the general requirements for window construction.

You need to determine individual requirements , which will depend on the location of your apartment, climate, environment, type of heating system, humidity level, etc. For example, if your windows face south and other buildings do not obscure you, then you should consider protecting against excess sunlight. For residents of the first and second floors, it is important to protect their home from thepenetration of robbers through the window.

Choose a PVC profile .

The window profile, as one of the main elements of the window, must comply with quality standards. When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of air chambers and seal contours, the thickness of the outer wall of the profile, the maximum width, geometry stability, reinforcement, aesthetic parameters. The higher the chamber profile, the higher the heat and noise insulation properties, respectively, and the higher the cost. A profile usually has 3, 4, 5 or 6 air chambers.

The most popular in our country are three and five-chamber window profiles. The number of air chambers directly affects the width of the window profile, the width can be from 58 to 90 mm. The thickness of the outer walls of the profile must be at least 2.5 mm.

Particular attention should be paid to the reinforcement of the PVC profile , because it is the reinforcement that affects the rigidity of the structure and durability. When reinforcing, only galvanized metal with a thickness of 1.5 mm should be used. As for the appearance, the surface of the profile should be uniform. The standard color of the profile is white, but today there is a huge selection of colors for the profile system, which will harmoniously fit the window into any interior.

We select a double-glazed window .

A double-glazed window occupy a large part of the window structure, which means that it affects the protective characteristics of the window as a whole to a greater extent. Double-glazed windows aresingle-chamber and two-chamber, sun-protection, energy-saving, noise-proof, and also combined. Today there is a huge selection of double-glazed windows depending on the requirements.

Please note that no matter which type of glass you choose, the thickness of the glass should be 4mm. Be careful, very often dishonest window companies install 3mm glass instead of 4mm. Energy-saving double-glazed windows are becoming increasingly popular, which not only reliably protect your home from the penetration of cold, but also are able to retain heat from heating devices inside the room.

Additionally, it is possible to pump an inert gas (argon) into the space between the glasses, which slows down the heat transfer. The use of such a gas is absolutely safe for health. It is proved that such double-glazed windows can save up to 35% on heating and air conditioning. So the cost of installing an energy-efficient glass pane will payoff in a few years.

We choose accessories .

The quality of window fittings determines the successful and long-term operation of a window. Hinges, brackets and much more provide opening and closing of the sash. We recommend choosing accessories from well-known European manufacturers, such accessories meet quality standards and will serve you for a long time and harmoniously.

According to the technical characteristics, there are distinguished swing-out, tilt-slide, sliding and sliding fittings. The most popular swing-out hardware with micro-ventilation function. Residents of private houses and ground floorsin multi-storey buildings should take care of protecting windows from breaking-in by installing anti-burglary fittings. 
To reduce the cost of the window, companies can resort to tricks and selectively replace some parts of the hardware with cheaper analogues.

Here are some guidelines for verifying the authenticity ofwindow hardware. Pay attention to the fittings, the name of the fittings must be indicated on it. High-quality fittings cannot have plastic elements, only metal ones.

Finally, we want to say that there are no secondary details in the window, each component of the window is important. Just picking up high-quality and appropriate elements for your requirements, you will get a good metal-plastic window that will delight you for many years.

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