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Holidays in Andorra outside the ski slopes

Added: Saturday, September 22nd 2018 at 12:08am by MikeHammelton
Category: Cities & Towns
Related Tags: andorra

The cozy state of Andorra, located between Spain and France and half the size of Moscow (468 square kilometers!), Is one of the leading tourist destinations for winter holidays. Winter Andorra is not only a sport and all kinds of fun in the snow, it is also a shopping experience, an extensive cultural program with visits to museums, historical and cultural monuments and international events.


Rest in Andorra in winter is an upscale wellness & spa service. It is worth noting that in the territory of Andorra there are three largest health-improving complexes, two of which specialize in balneotherapy, as well as 15 spa centers, dispersed in the ski resorts. Well, and all the details about the ski resorts of Andorra read in the article, following the link.


Shopping in Andorra


Shopping in Andorra Store in Andorra: what to buy? Shops in Andorra: what to bring with you to your homeland?


Andorra is known throughout the world as a zone of duty-free trade. Shopping in Andorra in winter is not only favorable prices, but also huge discounts, which attract numerous tourists from the CIS countries and residents of neighboring European countries. Seasons of sales in winter Andorra are not regulated by law, but according to the general trend, the country's stores open sales at discount prices in the pre-Christmas period.


Since December 15, the sale starts in Andorra, in winter they continue until the end of February. Do not miss the opportunity to make shopping in Andorra with 20, 40, 70% discount in the 13 largest shopping centers and almost 2500 boutiques of the country! The main trade arteries of the country are avenues Avinguda Carlemany, Avinguda Princep Benlloch and Avinguda Meritxell, which cross the capital and its suburban resort Escaldes.


In the shops of Andorra, there are products for every taste and desire: from quality tobacco to haute couture outfits. What to buy in Andorra, going there for a winter holiday?

Ski equipment. High-quality sports equipment is sold by Andorra stores, located not only in the capital's avenues, but also in all ski resorts. For more information on the cost of ski equipment and rental equipment in Andorra, read the article by following the link.

Souvenirs. In addition to sports equipment, high-quality electronic equipment, inexpensive perfumes and alcoholic drinks, traditional shopping in Andorra is not complete without the purchase of symbolic souvenirs. Shops in Andorra offer for sale attractive jewelry in characteristic Spanish style, seductive lace clothing for the fairer sex, fragrant cigars for men.

Cheese. Each tourist in Andorra takes a place in the luggage for appetizing Andorran cheese and smoked ham, which is prepared according to a special recipe and tasting gourmets from all over the world with its own taste. The most popular type of hard cheese is "tupi" - cheese made from sheep and goat's milk, which has a rather sharp taste, as well as the characteristic aroma that appears when adding strong alcohol to the cheese.

Sausages. It is worth mentioning the spicy sausages of Butifarra, which are presented in a wide variety in the shops of Andorra.

What to See in Andorra: The Attractions of Andorra la Vella


Andorra's capital Andorra la Vella is a charming and hospitable city, surrounded by spiky mountain ranges up to 2500 m high. This is the highest mountain in Europe, and it was in it that most of Andorra's attractions were concentrated.


In addition to shopping in Andorra, in the capital of the principality and its surroundings, there is something to marvel at.


The archaic castle of D'Enclar, towering on the mountain, was built in the 9th century, it offers tourists unique views of the settlement of Santa Coloma. Andorra have world best holiday destinations at all, and tourists whole the world come here to rest their holidays.

In Santa Coloma, which is 2 km from the capital of Andorra la Vella, an ancient church is opened for tourists to visit, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the important tourist attractions of Andorra.

Not less important places of worship of the principality are the churches of St. Armenol and Santuario de Maritsel.

The old city quarter of Andorra la Vella, called Barry Antique, is notable for the Castle of the Casa de la Vallle of the 16th century, where today the state parliament sits.

Next to the castle are neighboring monuments of architecture - the houses of Sete Panis and Sala de la Giusticia. In the latter, court hearings are held.

The most lively place of the city is the Plaza de la Poblei with the epicenter of Andorran shopping - a multi-storey mall Pyrenees, as well as open restaurants, the city theater and the music academy. In the summer days, the square blossoms from the bright colors of elegant costumes and the extravaganza of festivities that often pass here.

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