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Migraine Triggers

Added: Thursday, September 15th 2011 at 12:50pm by migraine
Related Tags: headaches

Do you know why you suffer from migraine whereas others do not? The primary reason is that your brain chemistry is abnormal.

Your brain is actually susceptible to migraine triggers . Your brain becomes agitated and sets off an attack whenever it encounters a migraine triggers. But please note migraine triggers do not cause migraine. They just sets off the process. Triggers exclusively work each time an individual is already primed and ready to have a migraine.

There are several actions which can be taken to reduce migraine and you do not always require medication. The first action would be to reduce exposure to migraine triggers. The very idea of migraine trigger elimination is that, if migraine is caused by the hyper-excitable brain, exposure to particular external causes can cause a firing of the nerves in the brain that cause migraine.

Migraine trigger minimization is useful in lowering the frequency of migraine, but it seldom entirely eliminates migraine. Triggers are often unreliable and do not cause migraine with every exposure, and even after reduction of known triggers, it often happens that migraines continue to occur.

Common migraine triggers include sleep not eating properly, period, deficiency or inadequate sleep, stress, and even climate changes. You could be able to enjoy chocolate with no problem while your partner gets a violent migraine when she takes a candy bar. She might have no issue with bright lights, noises, or cigarette smoke, but for you, going to a wild party will most likely to cause a severe migraine headache.

It may sound bizarre but even a blow to the head may trigger a migraine. The enjoyment of a joyful event, for many people, results in a migraine. Your list of migraine triggers might be really long. You may have six, ten, or perhaps fifteen things that provoke your migraine prone brain. A few of them such as deficiency of sleep, may often lead to a migraine for you. Others might start a migraine only occasionally. Or perhaps, it could take a combination of triggers to make you sick.

Right before starting a search for migraine triggers, I strongly recommend that a patient select a medication that can reliably stop migraine attacks. The patients can then experiment with a possible migraine trigger, in case a migraine is precipitated, it can be stopped reliably using the medication to stop disability.

In case the trigger reproducibly causes a migraine, it truly is worth eliminating. Doing so will minimize the frequency of migraines and add control over many of the migraine attacks. Having a headache diary or calendar is the perfect tool in finding migraine triggers.

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Thank you. I suffer from Migraines all the time and this information was really useful.

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