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Added: Saturday, January 12th 2019 at 11:25am by merchandiser

Okay folks...this is what I know you've been waiting for..at least I was..Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. I've seen it in the supermarkets here in Queens and Nassau County I'm working in for quite a while and had thoughts of buying a box on sale but have held off. Something told me,that while I enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie and love the seasonal pumpkin cream cheese, that this pumpkin spice Cheerios might not reach that pinnacle of flavor I've been searching for in my breakfast cereal ever since my sugary Post Rice Krinkles were discontinued over 50 years ago. . Well. a couple of weeks ago at a Dollar Tree in Mount Pocono. Pa.,there sat a family size 19.8 ounce box of General Mills Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and for a buck, I figured I'd try it.

Now of course, reading the ingredient label, first came whole grain oats followed by sugar, corn starch, canola oil, Refiner's syrup(whatever the hell that is, ) salt, and then pumpkin puree. Hooray. I finally see pumpkin as an ingredient. This morning I had my first bowl. Finger lickin' good? Sorry to say, thumbs down on this cereal. In fact, I'll give it all my fingers down. It's back to my Cinnamon Life and Rice Chex Cereal and occasionally Wheaties or Oat Flakes. By the way, if you find a box of Wheaties with a Johnny Weissmuller photo on the box, make sure and check that date. It might just be a tad old. I know from experience labeling new items in the stores that most of the crews who work for the stores never rotate stock when they pack out. Old in the back...new in the front..but I'm not here to discuss that with you now.

Back to my Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. Was I disappointed? You bet you...even more disappointed than when I had one of those Omaha Steak hot dogs the other night. I find Nathan's much better tasting...Even a 7-11 beef hot dog titillates my buns better. So here I am left with this huge box of Pumpkin Spice Cheerios . I'll try a bowl one more time. It shouldn't be an acquired taste. I don't want to stop any of my readers out there in trying some of this cereal if appeals to them. I just feel it was my duty to report how my taste buds have reacted to what I think is anything but a champion of breakfast cereals. So I rest my spoon...except for some Haagendazs Java Chip ice cream this evening. ...and don't tell my wife...I take a couple of spoonfuls she'll never know I took from her pint to mix with my Friendly's Forbidden Chocolate Ice Cream.

User Comments

I had bought a box of the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios a few months back and, nope...didn't care for it either.  What is delicious is the Special K Pumpkin Spice cereal.  I love it and there are pumpkin bits in the cereal.  Its soooo good.  Try that, one time.

Thanks Dani. I will.   Thanks for responding too here and on the My Stories site. What's new with LSU?   Basketball, that is.  Finally we have a team here in Queens, St. John's that's playing the way it had for years before a decade slump.  Stay well.   MARK

I donvt know a thing about LSU basketball. Not a fan.  I just watch LSU baseball & football.

Mark, I guarantee that you will love that cereal.

I'll stick to my Rice Krispies.  That's as exotic as I want my cereal to get!  lol

Ugh.  The oaty goodness of cheerios does not go with just anything.  I didn't even like the chocolate ones I tried a while back. Honey Nut Cheerios?  Oh yes, please.


Thanx for response. Yeah...pretty awful tasting those pumpkin Cheerios. Back to Chex and Life and Wheaties.  I rarely ear cereal...Out very early for work so it's usually a bagel or muffin, fast food like Burger King,McDonald's. 7-11, or Dunkin Donuts.  YEP...Gotta keep up my nutritious breakfasts. LOL.   

I like the HN Cheerios with a banana sliced up in them, that's a pretty good breakfast for me, but like you, I don't eat much cereal, saving my carbs for later on.  Carb counting is how I control both my diabetes and my weight, so breakfast is usually protein heavy, (eggs, cheese, meat, milk) with my carbs in the sugar for coffee.

They sound awful. Even the name suggests they'd taste awful to me. And I love pumpkin pie. 

{#apploud.gif} Alrighty, Mr. Merchandiser, I LOLed my way through this one! {#high_five.gif}

I haven't tried the yucky cereal of which you write. I tried a Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte' a few weeks ago- that's enough pumpkiny flavor for me this winter! 

Pumpkin cream cheese is pretty good if you see any round to try. It's seasonal..around here anyway...hits the stores before Halloween and departs by February. 

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