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Added: Friday, February 15th 2019 at 12:32pm by merchandiser


     Breakfast just got a lot easier to cook. Now there is no need for messy bowls and cleaning pans and taking a lot of time to prepare your eggs.  Pillsbury, the company famous for its biscuits is introducing a line of eggs in a spray can. That's right. We're talking about nutritious delicious eggs for your omelets or with your sausage , ham, grits, etc. or whatever you have your eggs with. 

     These are real eggs. You'd never know they came from a spray can until you see it yourself. They come with yolks or a no yolk  can . The cans range in sizes including medium, large, and jumbo like real eggs, and just like real eggs taste significantly better than their soon to be extinct predecessor ,Egg Beaters made by the Con Agra Food Company. Now you're probably thinking that eggs in a spray can sounds kind of gross and artificial. After all, how the hell can you spray an egg out of a can? But scientists and technologists here at Pilllsbury Laboratories have solved that problem through a  patented process called" dehydrolyophilization. "

     While McDonald's and IHOP threaten law suits against Pillsbury, owners of Denny's Restaurants love the idea saying with spray can eggs they can lay off cooks and dishwashers ,thus lowering their prices and attracting more customers from fast food chains and competitors like Perkins and Howard Johnson. 

     The AEB ,(American Egg Board), has given these spray cans the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval . However, the AHA. (American Hen Association) has declared this Pillsbury "dehydrolyophilization" process to be 'uncockadoodleutional" and fight against it with every legal means possible like those opposed to Trump's wall.  Even the goose that laid the golden egg  feels that eggs from a spray can is just not natural .  While this is not an "over easy" matter, smart investors are scrambling to get their monies into Pillsbury stocks. They don't think they'll have eggs on their faces when they bring home the bacon. 

User Comments

I've been wanting to buy new dishes and silverware.  With this canned egg spray.....I can spray straight into the mouth and eliminate utensils and dishwear altogether!  What a cool concept!


WOW......... what can I say. 

{#dancing6.gif} {#dancing6.gif} {#dancing6.gif}

{#rofl.gif} That's eggzactly what I needed today- a good laugh! {#apploud.gif} You're just the funniest. Thanks!!

Eggs in a spray can is what every princess needs. 

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