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Added: Saturday, May 21st 2022 at 8:33am by merchandiser
Related Tags: rain, water, time, walking

I always am amazed when I come in from taking a walk, especially after a rain when the sidewalk or streets are still damp, how the hell does the right size twig or pebble or leaf get to be just the right size to get embedded in the sole of my sneakers .

I have to pry them out with toothpicks or sometimes need a paper clip . It's quite annoying and time consuming. It never happens when I walk on water.

User Comments

Each step is a throw of the dice,...so-to-speak...

I have bemoaned that mfrs need to at least taper the studs they mold into their walking shoes so that crap like that can self-eject!

We need a patent on that!

mold into the soles

Anything to keep the pebbles and dirt and leaves and twigs and whatever squeezes into those nooks and crannies in one's sneaker or shoes will help. 


I endorse walking on water.

YES. I'm not a strong   swimmer. Walking on water I find much easier. 

It's best to keep a stock of new shoes available for these eventualities.  Or to add shoe-maintenance to your servants' list of tasks

My to do list is already too long. 

you spend a lot of time walking on water, do you??!!  When I try to do that, I tend to get water in my shoes.


YES. and in my socks too except when I walk on the Dead Sea. 

Thank goodness I am not the only one checking my trainers when I get home 😄  Yes, I also find small stones, or grit, embedded in grooves. When I am walking I sometimes find myself wiping my trainer against the pavement (sidewalk), if I feel or hear what sounds like a trapped stone 😄

There is a need for a tool or invention of some type to clean out those grooves. I'll get to work on it and present it to Shark Tank once I am in business. 

Don't they already have the Swiss army knife? That has a tool for removing stones 😄

YES, that would work . I don't have a Swiss army knife handy at this time. 

A pair of tweezers 😄 nick the wife's 😄

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