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Added: Thursday, May 25th 2023 at 2:11pm by merchandiser
So here's the story. My wife saw these beautiful mahogany chairs advertised in a local paper for an extraordinary price at a this Cooper's Furniture store while we were in the Poconos , Pennsylvania.

When we called up, the owner said he can't hold them for us and couldn't guarantee there would be any left when my wife said we can be there in less than an hour.

I drove over there in about 40 minutes to see some customer putting some mahogany chairs in a minivan when we got there. My wife ran into the store and asked if there were any of these mahogany chairs left.

Some employee there pointed at the can and said, "Sorry mam, that's the last of the mohaganies."

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A pretty bad pun, I know. 



Oh my.....I guess they stopped painting a bit too early for your wife to any.

COOPER'S FURNITURE refers to the author, (James Fenimore Cooper).  of the Last of the Mohicans .  Of course, this is all made up ....but we really did by furniture at a store in Mount Pocono many years ago I drove back to our home on Long Island. 

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