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Added: Saturday, November 28th 2020 at 11:39am by merchandiser
Related Tags: water, deals, fish, mathematics, retail

Fantastic Underwater Sale

My wife sent me to our local Shoprite supermarket advertising a sale on the Bumblebee tuna fish cans. This is for the solid white albacore tuna in either water or oil. Now this solid white we both find superior to the chunk light of the same company or competing brands like Starkist or Chicken of the Sea. So...this deal was that you needed to buy five cans but you need to use these digital coupons which I always have trouble sending to my phone.

Even though I never changed anything when I started this digital account, I usually get told I have the wrong user name or password and I have to set up a new digital account answering questions like my 1st pet's name or grandmother's maiden name and then I'm often told it's wrong. I don't consider my first gold fish a pet and I've never varied from supplying Rex to my first pet's answer. Do these experts at Bumblebee know better than me or did they know of another name my grandmother used.

? It's so frustrating. But as far as the sale. I was finally able to furnish the info to satisfy these ridiculous computer questions. The deal for the tuna cans is if you buy 2 cans, you get the third at half price of the 4th can which is a third of the price of the 5th can which is two thirds the price of the 4th can. Using my algebra skills and some trigonometry logarithms, I was able to deduce the exact amount of money we were saving by buying five cans. There's a similar deal if you buy 5 bags of Utz potato chips and you can even mix flavors. These phenomenal Shoprite deals never cease to amaze me.

User Comments

ugh... those password protection questions... yeah. 

 Are you gonna leave me in suspense? How much did you save? {#basic-cool.gif}

$4.16   I bought 10 cans. 

Mark, instead of all that hollabaloo, I think I'd start using Starkist, regardless of price.  Bumblebee is too mathematical IMHO and by the time you go through the protection, you may have lost your taste for tuna altogether {#basic-frown.gif}


I hate to 'shop' so anything beyond "1/2- off" is a burden

It can become more of a burden than anything else.

Or sometimes I stick with canned salmon



Mark, I love salmon, well I'm talking about frozen salmon as in blackened salmon or teriyaki salmon, yum! 

YUM.  I order this stuffed boneless baby salmon most times we go to our favorite diner BUT now with the pandemic,have not been there for over a year.  Salmon is one of the few healthy foods I eat.Stay well. Stay safe. Covid infection numbers rising here on Long Island and NYC.  Take care.  

Covid numbers rise here daily also. I get my blackened salmon at Sam's Club. 

You be safe and take care as well.

Somehow in all math, I got confused, and whatever you saved, if anything, is beyond me to figure out.  {#bag-on-head.gif}{#bag-on-head.gif}

Buy 1 Get 2 Free seems worth it IF you know somebody you can share the items with.This sale I see on Thomas' English muffins but who needs 3 boxes? Even freezing two boxes, they'd be in our home for months unopened. 

Well, buy 1 get 2 free is a win...but the way I read the original post the 1/2 of one, and so forth was too confusing...for my little head.

YES. Buy 1 get 2 free is a good sale. 

I used to shop at Shoprite when we lived down in Virginia. My favorite sales were their "can can" sales. I could buy entire cartons of canned goods at a sustantial savings so my pantry was always full. 

We have Shoprites here in NY and in the Poconos, Pa. where we have a 2nd home.  The stores are managed better than the Stop & Shops I work in. 

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