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Have You Played Angle Ball?

Added: Saturday, April 22nd 2006 at 3:47pm by MentalHealthRN
Related Tags: hobbies, games

The park is only 3 blocks from my house. We took the golf cart there and let the grandson hit a few golf balls.  The kids from the local college play angle ball every other weekend. Here's a couple of photos.  Have you ever heard of this or played this game?  Reminded me of football.

  Angle Ball
Materials: 3 volley balls, 2 poles (10 foot)
Messy Rating: Clean up/Cool down     Duration: 5-20 minutes    Cost: $0.00

Break group into two teams. At either end of a room place one of the 10 foot poles with a volleyball balanced on top of it (works best if placed in a corner). Mark off an area around the pole that is off limits using cones or another marker (10-15 feet is a good distance). No youth is allowed into this area. Decide who will get the play ball first via flipping a coin or a jump ball.

The object of the game is to knock the balanced ball off of the pole without hitting the pole. Youth may dribble the ball as in basketball, pass the ball, or take three steps with the ball if they are not dribbling. If a shot is taken at the ball on the pole and the pole is hit the team shooting is "polarized". The ball is replaced on the pole and the game resumes with the opposing team getting the ball. If a ball is shot and stays in the "off limits" area the opposing team gets the ball. Also if anyone steps in the off limits area, the opposing team gets the ball.

**Be sure there is nothing breakable behind the pole, many shots may be taken after a rebound off of the wall behind the pole, and depending on the players they are often hard throws.

User Comments

Unusual game. I haven't hear of it before. [COOL]
appears to be a very physical game...
nope, never heard of it. i would rather drive around in the golf cart with the red headed grandson!
Yep sounds good to me too.[HEART][ROLLEYES][SMILE]
I have a golf buddy who tees his ball nearly that high.
So if I smack the ball of said pole, do I get a wonderful prize or just bragging rights? HA! Knowing me...that ball is safe from harm![LOL][HEART]
Never heard of it. [HEART]
An advanced version of stick ball.
Never heard of it but then, I'm not very sports oriented.[TONGUE]
these college kids have been playing since my son was small, so I guess about 10 + years..... they have a blast.. very physical though..

The first angleball game was played  between Corry High School football team coached by Lou Hanna, and the Titusville High School team in the late 1960's. Angelball is said to have been started by Penn State Footballl Coach, Rip Engle.  Lou Hanna was my Father

yeah, we play it in gym class at my highschool

This game is awesome! It's really getting big! You can watch a video of the game in action here: www.americanangleball.com

Angleball is an awesome game! We play it every weekend! You can learn more about angleball at this website:  http://www.angleball.net

Sorry, here is the link:  http://www.angleball.net

I play this all the time!!!:)

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