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Added: Saturday, June 9th 2007 at 7:49pm by MentalHealthRN
Related Tags: events, life, relationship

I've been working out every day since the first of the month. The equipment at the hospital has your personal info entered and you key in your password then it pulls up your routine. You can not cheat as it beeps if you don't reach your upper marks.

Then it is off to the "devil"  machine, minimum of 20 minutes, as I watch TV  with headphones blasting  "Ellen" or "Dr. Phil" into my ears , depending on what time I go.

I finish with laps. I have added 2 additional laps a day.  The more I feel my muscles ache, the more I want to push myself.  I have challenged myself. Not a good idea as I am pretty hard headed.....

Friday I was trying to decide if I should add another 2 laps instead of 4.  I had noticed an elderly lady alone in the rehab pool next to me~ I had seen her before. She has a small tremor of her head and I  have wondered if she has Parkinson's disease.  I decided I would spend my last 10 minutes in the smaller pool, talking to her since she was alone.

What a blessing it was! We began to talk and laugh and I ended up staying 30 minutes instead of the 10 minutes as I had originally planned. 

Here's the amazing part..... at first as she spoke, it was hard  not to focus on her tremors~ as we left the pool together all I saw was a wonderful lady with a kind, loving spirit....  her faith in the Lord was evident. 

I have a new friend. She is 70 years old. Her name is Maria.  We hope to talk again on the afternoons we make it to the gym at the same time.

Sometimes we think we are giving to others and instead, we are the ones blessed.

User Comments

good for youQQ[THUMBUP]
thats lovely sick or not we are human beings with feelings and love im so glad u spoke to her cindy it prob made her day and i bet she cant wait till next time keep up the routine kid sounds like ur doing well [HEART][THUMBUP]
verah cool, Cin. yer such a good person. Maria sounds like a peach as well.

yer dedicated pal
Great story, Cindy.[THUMBUP]

You go girl!!! What a lovely way to make a new friend. You have a heart of GOLD! Have a great day!
comment by sumkindabich on June 10, 2007 4:09 AM (PST)

I agree with sumkindabich. You really do have a heart of gold. [HEART][HEART][HEART]

That was very nice.
Wow! You are really dedicated to the routine.
AJ, I want to look good at my sons wedding. I don't expect to look skinny and buff, but healthy and pink, not pasty and pudgy.. I do better under pressure. I had told myself that if I had not gotten started by June 1st, I would start going once a day, then twice a day. It's bad to make a bet with yourself.[BLUSH][WINK][HEART]
awww, what a sweet story! [HEART][HEART]
Is that wonderful how caring for others feeds us as well? [HEART][THUMBUP]
Applause applause for your workout dedication, commitment and motivation! Way to go!
Such a lovely post. Really. I had a friend who was born with severely malformed facial features. He had to have plastic surgery so that an ear could be built, and he had to have several more facial reconstruction surgeries. The first time I met him, I noticed that he'd been born with differences, but like you said, the longer I knew him, the less I even noticed anything "different" about him. Wonderful guy. Even though he was born with only one ear, he went on to study vocal music and performed in the Phantom of the Opera in Nashville.[SMILE][HEART]
How nice that you can work out there everyday.[THUMBUP][THUMBUP][HEART] That water looks so inviting!![THUMBUP][THUMBUP]

Jenn, several ladies we in there working on the knee machine, having ablast.About 3 of them. Then they left poor Maria alone, so I went over there to chitchat.
better go back to bed, 'll nevermake it to church on time.[ROLLEYES][HEART]
That was so sweet of you. Sounds great!!! I hope that you got some sleep Cindy. You sound like me.[OHMY][HEART] Although, I was the first one in bed last night and slept like a baby.[THUMBUP][THUMBUP][HEART]
That is the best part about life.... making new friends and making a difference in someone's life.[THUMBUP][THUMBUP][HEART]
You go girl!!! What a lovely way to make a new friend. You have a heart of GOLD! Have a great day![THUMBUP][HEART]
Ahhhh...just a couple of mermaids chatting away! What a lovely image![THUMBUP][WINK]
she is an angel mermaid I think[BLUSH][WINK][HEART]
sorry about the qq typo LOL
Very awesome.[HEART]
What an inspiring and beautiful story. You are so right. It's those angels unaware that are all around us.[HEART][HEART][HEART]
Glad you have a new friend.. [SMILE][HEART]
It's not the candy wrapper that tastes good... its what's inside. Same with people... of all ages. Good luck with the exercise program. It seems a little ill-advised to add laps every day. According to sports trainers muscle groups (particularly the majors) need growth and recovery time. It is recommended that you alternate resistance one day and aerobic the next, etc. FYI [SMILE]
That sounds like a wonderful way to round off a work out! It is amazing how we find companionship where we least expect it. I bet Maria felt good about it too. [SMILE]

I need to get back into the gym or something. Like you I feel the need to do that "one more lap" etc. I love that feeling your muscles get when they have been well and trully worked out - not over worked or painfully though!
[THUMBUP][THUMBUP][HEART][HEART][HEART] You are such a sweetie, Cindy!![HEART][HEART]
We'd all be amazed at the wonderful people we could meet if we just took the time, like you did!!!!!!!!!![THUMBUP][THUMBUP][HEART]
I have really developed a love of older people as I get older. I'd like to be in a pool that size, but as soon as July comes, I'll start my double laps of my pool.[SMILE]

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