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Added: Friday, May 28th 2010 at 11:36am by meditationbyeric

How do I learn meditaion?

The best thing to do is to learn from a qulified teacher. Someone you feel right with. IF a teacher in not there DVDs and books and internet can be a good source. Though some are not. I'll tell you though even a slight touch from a teacher to fix your posture can have a great impact.Some say when there is no teacher he she or it may come when it is time. namaste

User Comments

I started by taking a class about 20 years ago...one of the most essential elements in mediation for me is aroma; I need to have  a certain incense burning when I meditate to reach my proper state of mind. Is that common?

This is a great statement. Our First Chakra( the root) is related to the sence gate of smell. It is linked to our very servial. That's how important smell is. just using our imagination we can smell our girl friends perfume or our husbands calone. It can bring back so many wonderful thoughts. Now a pleasing sent can grab a part of the brain and make one react.

We may become conditioned by our past experiences and the body and mind has a chain reaction through Prana or chi which is energy. With the conditioning yes it is common and eveny with out the conditioning because we just find thins pleasing and that changes  the state of mind.


Eric Freeman C.M.T.

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