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Ever Seen "American Pickers"?

Added: Monday, May 6th 2013 at 4:35am by meatloafpriest
Related Tags: travel, antiques, iowa

The show American Pickers is based on the work of a guy named Mike Wolf along with his buddy/partner Frank Fritz from their base in LeClair, Iowa.  They roam around the country looking for "stuff" - old junk that someone else might treasure.

I guess they're pretty good at it.

They just opened a second store in Nashville, Tennessee.

I had the time yesterday following a shoot over in that part of the state to go see their store called Antique Archeology.


I was beyond unimpressed and disappointed.  I wonder if they've moved all their "for sale" stuff to Nashville, because the only "stuff" for sale at the garage/warehouse in LeClair were a stack of old trunks, a few knickknacky things - and that's it.  The place was packed with OTHER stuff - none of it for sale.  Lots of old motorcycle stuff, mainly.

I mean, seriously - they're using the place as a warehouse for the stuff they want to keep, but don't want in or around their own home?

The only quantity of stuff for sale was stuff related to the TV show .

And the saddest part of this - there are at least 4 other stores with antiques and such for sale within a 2 block area.  This place - packed.  Hard to move around.  The other stores - empty.

Part of the reason for this 3 hour side trip was to get something unique for K for her upcoming birthday.  Mission accomplished.  At one of those other stores.

I was excited when I saw this place. 

Sadly, someone must have missed their alarm clock because it wasn't open despite what the sign said.

More scenes from LeClair

User Comments

I actaully love that show. Havent seen it in months. I like the stories behind thr antiques. Too bad there was some disappointment in the trip.

Well, yeah.  It wasn't what I expected, not by a long shot.  Not with shelves with merchandise filled with advertising for the store - and not antique goodies.


am thinking everybody missed the alarm....  but I love your capture of empty streets and interesting buildings!  glad the trip was a sucess!

LOVE those two street scene shots!  I also like the wooden tin man!

I don't 'follow' it but I think the show is interesting. I like the three storey building with the balconies the best.

One of my childhood homes was by the roundhouse. That old building with the balcony and tracks in front of it sure brings a whiff of nostalgia with it.

I've never seeen the show, although everyone tells us my husband should watch it. I wish someone would come "pick" our cellar!

Whatcha got?

Antique tools, bottles, glassware, radios... wooden crates, sleds, skis... collectible toys, games, cars.... doors, beds, windows.... tires and rims that fit nothing we own... 3 safes, 2 desks, assorted chairs, old telephones, steamer trunks, fishing tackle, baseball bats and balls, vintage lawn mowers, sprinklers, rakes and tillers, empty frames, postcards, stamps, magazines, newspapers, uniforms, wood stoves, shelves, scales, cash registers.....etc etc etc.

Steamer trunks???

At least 3....

I was there before they gained noteriety and they had to work the sale of goods in the store.  Then last fall wehn I was staying with friends in Nashville we decided to go to their store there..... it was all T shirts and a book for sale and one old motorcycle NOT for sale.  Hollywood got to 'em.


And darnit we could have met up for a tea or something whilst you were there MLP.


What did you find to give to the BirthdayGirl?

Shhhhhhhhh... still 2 weeks to go

I've seen American Pickers several times. Hubs likes the show. I find it utterly boring. I prefer Hardcore Pawn  : P

Great pics, my faves are the last 3

We have Auction Kings and Auction Hunters here, both American programs. Interesting the things you find over there that we don't have here.

Some great pics, love the details in some of the architecture. Glad you found something for the birthday girl.

I never miss it...  Love your pictures.

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