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Ed Snowden Vs Blogster Haters

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, November 9th 2019 at 5:32am by MaxLiberty

Some of the more disturbing comments I've seen about Snowden have come from this site. I'd rather see their heads on spikes than his and I'm not joking. Those who want Snowden dead are traitors. Your allegiance is to criminals, not America.

Anyway, I've read Snowden's book "Permanent Record" and it was everything I expected and more. It should be MANDATORY READING in High School so that we may prevent more ignorant statists like we have here calling for Snowden's death. His critics on this site care nothing for accountability in Government or the Bill of Rights. All of their criticisms over the years have been talking points provided by the very criminals he exposed. This is how I know they're full of shit haters.

Even as much I as loved the book, it was my viewing of his totally uncensored or edited interview with Joe Rogan which now has 10 million + views that brings it all home. He lets Snowden speak so freely that you'll forget Rogan is there.

It had 4 million views in a day but was never trending on Youtube... as someone pointed out. What a joke!

But I loved this interview...  because being able to see Snowden speak, and watch his expressions and pauses just confirmed for me what a tremendous patriot he is. He explains things so well it left me speechless. It made me wanna throw away my phone and get rid of Wifi.

If you have not watched, I highly recommend it... Do not waste your time with mainstream bullshit unless you just wanna compare what they showed you he said with what you'll see on the Rogan podcast. If that alone doesn't open your eyes to the lies of MSM, nothing ever will...

And when you're done, please come back and tell me why you'd rather see his head on a spike more than these disgusting fucks on this site?

He's a HERO to their fucking ZERO...

Snowden at the end when asked by Rogan what he'd be doing if he hadn't given it all up to do this....  he said... "I'd probably still be in Hawaii making good money and spying on all of you"... 

No asshole around here has the courage to sacrifice it all (on behalf of America) as he did...




User Comments

Max thanks for sharing this. I could always count on you for unique content. I just looked at it. I subscribe to Joe Rogen, but didn't even see this. I totally enjoyed it.  

You're welcome Writer..  It's a great and very informative interview. Snowden makes so many good points. I like to think of myself as having a pretty good understanding of data collection and stuff... but then I listen to him and realize how much I'm not even considering. Things are worse than I think...

Crazy stuff he was explaining with regard to being charged with the espionage act. All that about not even being able to speak the truth about Government wrongdoing is FUCKED UP. I did not know that's how it worked. Why even have a trial? If I was Snowden, I would never come back unless that changes.

He is very likable and a joy to listen to. I like when he said, "You can't wake someone who is pretending to be asleep. He explained so many things in details like how presidents are forced to compromise with the Shadow Government. I wish Rogen had read his book before the interview. As an author, it kind of hurt my feelings, but I am glad he let him talk without interruptions.

I agree with you. I think he should have read the book before having him on. I know Joe is a very very busy guy...  but everyone knew this was gonna be one of his biggest interviews ever and he could have read the book. He did let him speak without interruption which was nice tho...

Yeah, I liked those two things he spoke about as well. I've said that about pretending to be asleep many times right here on Blogster. I 100% (when people were here) believe there were always people pretending to not know, and those who are truly sleeping. We still have two here that pretend all the time and I'm blocked by both... wonder why? lol

I liked when he spoke about the cell towers and the spy button on the phones. What he said about us not owning them I think is true. And I totally believe when he said they simply don't think we're capable of making the right choice, which was to let them spy on us... so they took away our option to stop it. That is absolute bullshit and proves we don't own our devices...

That was scary knowing that we are constantly watched and there is nothing we can do about it because you have Apps watching, phone watching, and cell towers knowing your location. The thing that struck me the most is that they have every statement we posted from years aback. It doesn't even consider that people change, or they make insensitive jokes, it makes us look like we are stuck in time and we are just mere robots to their system.

Yes, and that whole part of "retroactive prosecution" was disturbing. I think this is exactly what they wanna be able to do to control people. If we no longer have protections, we can be sure that what we say can and will be used against us by the state in the future. And most likely, along partisan lines... If that doesn't wake people up nothing will... because we're already seeing people destroyed because of their history.

Right now it's admitted they collect everything just as Snowden said... and tomorrow (if not already) information will be used by the state to ruin or blackmail people - or worse.

This is very serious stuff and because Americans just foolishly gave up their 4th Amendment, we are screwed imo. I've been screaming about the 4th on here since day 1 and nobody cared but a select few. The only time partisans care about the 4th is when it's their political opposition violating. None on either side of aisle give a shit about our 4th.

Our bill of rights is being replaced by "End User Agreement" and if you remember what Snowden said about the 4th, then you know why that's a nightmare. Like he said, nobody, NOBODY would ever agree to 600 pages of lawyer language bullshit in these things we click "I agree" on...  He's right when he says, nobody would consent to that if they understood it - which is why they make it so we can't understand it.

Exactly. I never understood how they can hold it against with those bogus agreements which you have no other option but to agree to because you need the service. The other day, I was talking to my wife and she was on speaker phone and just like that Siri joined into our conversation. All I can tell you is that Judgment Day has come. There are certain jobs I wouldn't even dream of applying for because I've convinced myself that certain things I've said in the past will pop up. I prefer to live with my freedom than to fall for these intimidating tactics following the authorities like sheep in a barn.

I prefer to live with my freedom than to fall for these intimidating tactics following the authorities like sheep in a barn.

Right on! And thanks for engaging on this very important subject. People like you give me hope. We are a lot alike I think in the way we process information. You're not afraid to speak about the future in meaningful and substantive ways before it's the present - and too late.

Maybe it already is? But like I'm always saying...  some people are ahead of the curve (by effort), and others are behind the curve due to complacency. I think you're the former, Writer. :)

Thanks Max.

Watching right now and had to make a quick comment about "Lassie barks." That's a keeper! He's very animated. Back to the video and thanks for posting it. 


Enjoy the rest of the interview and let me know what you think if you want :)

I'll have to come back and watch that video, thanks for posting it..

I had to watch in three sitting sessions... but it's a MUST watch.

Read the book, watched the interview too.  Snowden is a keeper. Too bad Putin is the one who's keeping him.  What a loss to America.


Snowden doesn't seem too worried about wearing out his welcome, despite being critical of the Gov. I think I'd just keep quiet on that one.

A big loss for sure Sabrina. I'd love to see him pardoned and returned home with a heroes welcome. We celebrate far less deserving people every day.

I will watch tonight.

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