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Travel tips to Marseille France

Added: Monday, April 10th 2017 at 6:06pm by MarseilleFrance
Related Tags: travel, france

Marseille could be seen as undiscovered gold in the heart of France’s Mediterranean coastline. Hard Provençal Mountain hills which can be traced down to the old port and many boats and which is placed in its clean, good waters.
Artist and also painters have all been so amazed at the warm weather as well as the busy nature of the city. The second city in France has all that you can get from nature such as beautiful beaches, old houses, flourishing arts, and many and good nigh hangout.

Hostel rates- Marseille has many hostels you can get some good beds rating from 20-30 EUR for a night in the city. There also good private rooms at the rate of 45 EUR.

Budget hotel price- double room apartment in a two-star hotel is about 55 EUR, for Airbnb, you can get shared rooms at the rate of 26 EUR for a night.

The cost of food- it is paramount to buy ingredients at one of the best cheese, bread, and meat supermarkets, and experience a good outing in the park. If you decide to prepare your meal a week of going to the supermarket will cost you 45 EUR, It will be cheaper if you buy them at a discount rate. Eating already prepared sandwiches and eatery food will cost around 5-7 EUR each time you buy. An eatery dinner will cost you 27 EUR plus a glass of wine.

Transport rates- there are excellent transportation services in Marseille France such as buses, trams, and metro, you can buy your ticket from any authorized cafés, at the central stations, or inside the bus. It is good to purchase a bulk ticket at 4 EUR to save some money. Most public transportation stop operation from 9 p.m., it best to board an uber or best still a tax. If you are that kind of personality that finds it hard to get some location, then you can make use of App BlaBlaCar. It a good method to travel around France and Europe on a budget.

 Daily budget- your daily budget should be around 45-55 EUR and 46-58 EUR. This is just a suggested estimations assuming you decide to stay in a hostel, eating outside, preparing your meals, and boarding local transportation.

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