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some key points on Advertising from the book

Added: Thursday, May 15th 2008 at 6:45am by marketingedu
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Advertising  Notes


Creating the advertising Message


Breaking through clutter:


Clutter is a challenge for an advertiser message to get through. There are countless advertising messages that it is hard to stand out in the crowd.


Today people are tired of ad bombardment during their favorite programs and have started using devices to get rid of it. .


Recording the program and changing the channel etc have become quite common to avoid commercial breaks. Therefore, advertising message must be very creative, imaginative and well planned. 


Controversial ads are intentionally created by some advertiser to gain attention.



Message Strategy:


First thing is to decide what general message will be communicated. Effective advertising message identifies customer benefit (ad appeal). The advertising message is broadly from company’s positioning strategy. Message strategy statement should be plain, straightforward outline of benefits and positioning point that is to be stressed. Next thing is to develop a creative concept/big idea that will bring the message strategy to life in most distinctive and memorable way possible. Copywriter and art director generate many creative concepts and choose one out of them.


Advertising appeal must be believable ,meaningful and distinctive.


Swatch (style and fashion)              Rolex ( luxury and status)



Message Execution:


Musical:  singing about the product

Slice of life: people using the product are shown.

Personality symbol:  character representing the product (such as animated character).

Testimonial evidence / endorsement :

Scientific evidence :





Tone positive or negative

Memorable attention-grabbing words such as

BMW : “the ultimate driving machine”

Haagan-Dazs“Our passport to indulgence: passion in touch,perfection in a cup, summer in a spoon,one perfect moment.”


Format : illustration should be strong enough to get attention. Headline enticing. Copy main text in the ad simple but strong and convincing.



Selecting advertising media


Reach:”measure of percentage of people in the target audience who are exposed to the ad campaign during a given period of time.(eg reaching 50 % of target audience in the first month.)

Frequency:  how many times a person exposed to ad in a given target audience.


Impact (of media):   TV vs  Radio etc





Evaluating Advertising


Communication and sales effects should be evaluated. Copy be tested before ad is launched. Recall and attitude changes be measured.



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