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Trusting Jesus

Added: Thursday, March 30th 2023 at 4:05pm by MarissaG

I'm trying to pull together some money because my brother and sister are handing all the household bills over to me. I tried selling things with no luck. I don't know what I'm going to do.

Working a regular job in Cleveland never works out for me.

User Comments

Are you on or eligible for social security?


Or are you able for Disablity. And who actually is the one that really owns the house.? Bro. Doc

No comment

Can you not get your brother and sister to help you ?   Are there any benefits you could claim ?

I really don't know.

What were you trying to sell? Some things are more popular than others. For example, holiday stuff is more popular when the holiday is near. Not so much when it isn't. Nobody wants Christmas ornaments in March, June or July. 

Household items can usually be sold for a fair price if they are in new or like new condition. But books may take forever. And the more unusual an item is, the more likely you are to get a good price for it. 

Any kind of job would be great if you can get one. Have you ever tried telemarketing? I have a friend who made money doing that for a number of years. And the plus side was she never had to leave her house. 

I was trying to sell collectibles. 

Those are good pointer. I will save the holiday things until next Christmas. 

Collectibles are always a good bet but you have to remember most people will be looking for a bargain. They will also be looking for items in new or in like new condtion. I save Funko Pop figures but I refuse to pay a fortune for them. If somebody has one brand new for $100 and somebody else has the same item without a box for $10, which one do you think I will buy? The more rare an item is, the more apt I am to buy one that doesn't have a box. 

IMO, and, the Bible's too, there's no problem in our human reality that, at it's foundation, is not about disobeying God,is not about refusing to "love" as God rightly demands.


Yes! Jesus is the ONLY answer to EVERY problem that has even a tinge of evil attached.

Love yourself and love your brothers/sisters who abuse you ...by praying for God to SOMEhow get them properly reconciled to HIS desires for every human.

Good advice. 

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