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Today's Purchases

Added: Thursday, December 1st 2022 at 12:02am by MarissaG

Today was the last day for cyber monday deals, for many sites. So, I was able to get some very good deals. I know I should save my money, but I had more than enough to buy a pug. If I kept the money, I probably would have purchased one. 

Today, I purchased a lot of accessories for my kitchenaid stand mixer. A Ninja Foodi oven, and a some pants. I have wanted the Kitchenaid accessories for a long time. I'm happy. I am also going to be on the second floor soon, so the food will really come in handy.

User Comments

It was nice Marissa, that you got what youy wanted or needed. Take care. Bro. Doc

It was nice.

That is great. Bro. Doc

What accessories did you get for your kitchenaid?

A pack containing a new bowl, a pastry paddle and a few other paddles. I can't remember. A food slicer with the inserts. A stainless steel dough hook. 

Sounds great!

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