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This weekend

Added: Sunday, October 6th 2019 at 7:26pm by MarissaG

There are traffic cameras in a very small community named Lindale. They're there to catch people who speed. I got a ticket in the mail today from the cameras. It's 125.00. I am so upset.


On Friday morning my mother fell. She was crying. She bruised her palms, scraped a knee and hurt her left arm. I called to see if her doctor could see her, but I couldn't make a same day appointment. They scheduled her for tomorrow at 8:00 am. 

I spoke to an advice nurse who told me to take her to the emergency room. Yeah, they always tell people to do that. My brother and sister said to wait a day to see if her arm feels better. If it didn't,  I would've taken her to urgent care. 

She is much better now, but I'm still taking her to see her doctor tomorrow just to be on the safe side.


I met up with F. Today and we had a good time. First we met at Dunkins and chatted for a good while. Then we went to the mall and went window shopping. Then we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Then we went for a nice long walk.  I'm  kind of a quiet person, but he really did a good job of keeping the conversation going. 

We said we'd meet again.



User Comments

You must have been going rather fast to get that kind of ticket Marissa. Hope your Mom will be fine. Bro. Doc

She fractured her elbow.

Sorry too read that. Will pray for her. Bro. Doc

We used to have traffic cameras here, but they have all beenremoved.  I don't know why, but I'm glad they are.  $125, ugh!

Oh brother, I hit send before I was finished.  I hope your mother will be okay, and nothing is too serious. I'm also excited for you   since you've met F. Do you think that you and he will develop a relationship as it goes? If it's what you want I hope that everything turns out okay and you and he can become serious. When,s the next meet?

I know it is a fortune for someone like me. 

My mother fractured her elbow. 

I am not sure how things will go with F. I am meeting one other guy tomorrow. I was thinking about it and I thought it couldn't hurt to just meet him for coffee.. I don't know though since I am really a one guy at a time kind of person. This guy says he is separated. I figured I could always tell him to look me up when he is fully divorced ad that would give me time to see how things go with F.

I'm so sorry about your mother, Marissa. And yes, it wouldn't be bad to meet this other guy, just to get a feel of what his character and mannerisms are.  Meeting as friends, is perfectly fine.  You can never have too many friends IMO.  But...I hope the thing with F continues if you both want it to happen.  Continued good luck, girl.

If you are meeting another for coffee, then F is not "the" one:( You would be satisifed with F and not going with another.

If the citizens complain enough and vandalize the cameras, they'll get removed. If people lie down and take it, they stay and everyone gets screwed (or improves their driving)

Mom - ow! Well I'm sure you looked her over well. Keep a special eye on her

They had cameras in Cleveland, but they were removed. This place keeps them because they have a booth and no one can tell if there is someone there. YOu see, they could only keep them if there was an officer on the scene. 

She fractured her elbow.


Sad about your mums fall,,,,,,,,,,BUT, really happy about your date with F. waiting for chapter 3.....{#giveflowers.gif}

My mother fractured her elbow. I will see how it goes with F.

sometimes I think those traffic cameras are more a revenue raker than anything else but then people who purposely speed just to be silly on the roads need to be deterred as well. I've seen people in loud souped up cars treating roads like a race track and it makes me angry, they could kill somebody!!!  Sorry your fine was so steep though, I'm sure you are not one of THOSE that needs to be caught.

Sorry about your mom too, I hope she's not too badly hurt.

Your dates sounds like it went quite well, certainly a nice way to spend time together...{#basic-laugh.gif}

Those cameras need to be outlawed. I am certainly not one of those people It did go well and I am happy.

I'm glad I am so rural I guess. Maybe on our roads we'd catch a errant beef cow on camera and probably some idiots who drive too fast for our curved roads...but dang I know some places have cameras! Hmm.

Watch the fall risks and see what you can do to keep mom safe. I know you are doing all you can. Falling is the number one reason our elderly are admitted to a nursing facility. My MIL is not allowed to walk on her own as she is a huge fall risk, she has to stay in a wheelchair now.

Glad your date went okay.



I wish all cameras were outlawed. and funny about the beef cow.

I hope my mother doesn't start falling regularly. I would hate to put her in a nursing home already.

I am glad too. Thanks.

oh those cameras are a nuisance,,,!

hope youre mum is soon fixed up ,,poor thing..she must be shocked xx  get well soon

glad the date went well  xx{#basic-laugh.gif}

I hate those cameras.

She fractured her elbow.

I am also glad it went well.

Bummer on the ticket... and your Mother's fall.  I hope she's ok. 

At least your date went well!  Yay!

It is all a bummer. I have such a huge fine and my mother fractured her elbow.

At least the date went well is true.

Glad you were able to have a second date with the guy, hope it continues going well. I hope your mom gets better.

It is going well. we are going to meet again.

My mother fractured her elbow.

hope yur mum soon recovers...glad all well with boy fririend xx

In Lake County the shake-down goes like this--you are speeding maybe 5mph over the limit, they pull you over, tell you they're gonna cut you some slack on the speeding but then write you a nice expensive ticket for seatbelt violations.



I am so short and the truck I drive is too big for me and the seatbelt cuts across my neck at the external jugular vein.  I can literally feel it blacking me out!  So I wear the lap portion properly and even use the chest restraint but put my left arm over the top of it once fastened, just to keep it from pressing on my jugular vein.

"Improper use of seatbelt" is the ticket I always get, and it's always a goodly amount over $100, plus court costs even if you waive the ticket and don't go to court.

It's a shakedown, legal robbery as far as I'm concerned.  Fine me for not 'properly protecting myself ?'   I am doing exactly that!  Who wants to lose consciousness while driving?



Hahah, you got me going, Marissa.  I don't mind a fairly written ticket if I am fairly caught breaking a reasonable law or committing an infraction which might have put others at risk.  But for "improper use" of the seatbelt?



And I thought those cameras had been outlawed in our state...????

You poor thing. I would hate it if the seat belt hit me across the neck and I would probably do what you do. Good luck not getting another ticket. Sometimes law enforcement sucks.

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