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Added: Monday, September 9th 2019 at 8:59am by MarissaG

I thought I would sign up for the Y with my mother since my brother and sister already did. Well, my mother qualifies for a free membership with Silver Sneakers.

I can't sign up on my brother and sister's family plan, but the joiner fee is waived during the month of September.

I signed my mother up and thought I would go as her visitor a couple of times just to be sure I wanted to pay the membership fee. The Y is pricey. 

I was not impressed by the Y in my neighborhood.  It's a dump. My brother told me that other YMCAs are nicer and to go to another one. He said I would like the others.

I don't know.  I kind of wanted the convenience and a few other things that I'll mention in my next text. 


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It made me think if we have a Y here.  If we do, I'm not aware of it.  How is your sister doing, Marissa?  Still adapting with her leg?

Let's hope, if you had a Y, it's not a dump.  My sister is doing well.  She is mostly waking without crutches now. 

That's wonderful.  I'm so happy for her!

My mother really enjoys adult day care. The people are really sweet and she is always happy when I pick her up. 

Oh Marissa, thats great news!  Your mom and sister seem to be doing so well.  What about you, are you happy too?

Well, I didn't get that job, but I truly believe that things will work out. I already found another job to apply to that pays just as much, is less hours and offers great benefits.  Fingers crossed. 

I will pray for you, that you get the job.  ♡

Thank you

A lot of Y's are run down here too. Doesn't seem to be much upkeep.

They charge way too much to be as dumpy as they are. 

We  dont have one here either. We used to but  for some reason, it isnt here now.

They were probably so run down that they had to close. 

I think it depends where you live the price to belong. Bro. Doc


In Eugene where I live price to join The Y is 100 a year. That entitles you to use the gym, the pool, the workout room, and then classes are priced according to what you take. But still the Y is worth the price unless it is way over ones head for the budget they have. I use to belong long ago. But didn't have the time so way back in 88 I stopped. Now I am 17 miles one way from the Y. Bro. Doc

Oh, interesting 

Did you hear back Marissa on your writing that you had to resubmit the paper for? Are you going to get more work? Hope so. Bro. Doc

Unfortunately,  I didn't get the job.

I am sorry to hear that Marissa. Bro. Doc

{#basic-undecided.gif} OK Marissa what is Y care please, I am from Down Under remember...lol

YMCA stands for young man's Christian association. I think. It was made famous by the Village People's song The YMCA.  people used to be able to stay at them but now they are mainly workout facilities. 

LOL, yes I did know what  YMCA stood for but I wasn't sure if Y was something different...lol

Glad your mom gets the free membership. 
O' yes different YMCA's are different for sure. Ours got remodeled but still isn't as nice as other ones south of us. (where more "rich" neighborhoods are)
It sure can be pricey. 
Some YMCA's have a scholarship you can apply for (anyone can apply) and you submit your income & if they approve you can get a discount on the price each month with a 1 year contract to join & the membership join fee is also usually waived. So many check that to see if yours has it. 

From what I hear,  the Ys in the better neighborhoods here are definitely nicer. It sucks. 

I did sign up for a scholarship and they offered me half of the price of membership.  I don't know though. I am not impressed,  plus I can't stand the fact that they have the pool all scheduled out.

Totally understand pool situation. I don't like it's scheduled either. I had to go 5-11 a.m. or  nothing. Classes, laps, free time. Otherwise I don't get to swim. Kids run the show after that (schools, swim teams etc...)

To pay the cost you really have to be willing to work around their schedules. Some of the classes were fun (Zumba, resistance ball, etc...) and they change out. Some were just to darn hard for me (like biking & extreme step class) UGH no way! 

Hope you find something that you can enjoy that is in your budget. The Y isn't for everyone. Maybe check out other gyms in your area. Some have sales on memberships & might fit what you want better. 

I am so happy your blog is open, I have been reading your story and you are your mother's caregiver. https://blog.caregiverhomes.com/how-to-become-a-paid-caregiver-for-a-family-member-6-steps-to-uncovering-financial-assistance-options-for-family-caregivers and https://blog.caregiverhomes.com/topic/dementia-alzheimers-care

I did google caregivers salary in the state of Ohio. If that is not your state then use your state. I sure hope you can get compensated for caring for mom, you should be, it's the hardest job I know of and your so compassionate to do this. I will check in next week to see if you can find info you need for this. Good luck Marissa, I sure hope it works.

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I didn't even know that anonymous comments were blocked until I checked my settings last week. 

I will follow your links, but I have already checked and I can't find anyone to compensate me for being a caregiver to my mother except the ODS.  I have to pay for training and to get certification.  And then I don't know how to get my mother qualified for them to pay me for taking care of her.

I'll let you know if your links turn up something different. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and I'm glad you can finally comment. 

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